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What will my neighbour think about me after this incident ?

asked Dec 25, 2016 in Questions by donorv (150 points)
I was going to prepare my food, while through my window I suddenly saw my neighbours aunt was cleaning clothes. She was in an old thin Saree, because she was working.

I could see her deep cut blouse revealing her sweaty back. And ofcourse her navel. I started to feel uncomfortable, and curious and so started to stalk her. After some seconds while she finished her work, she spotted that I was looking at her.

I have never met or talked to her even though she was my neighbour. She's married and I am in my 20s. I just want to know what she would think about me after this incident.

I want to know this answer from a woman.

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2 Answers

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Hello Donor,

Not from a women's voice.

Just applying some sense, I think no woman will think anything positive if someone she doesn't even know is staring at her. And moreover women are habituated to such stares since their teenages I guess. So she would just ignore. At max she would have thought, new neighbour. That's it. Unless she's giving you any hints of any sorts, don't start dreaming. Move on.

Sadiq Khan
answered Dec 26, 2016 by sadiq_khan (1,015 points)
selected Dec 27, 2016 by donorv
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Only she can reveal what she is thinking about you after this incident as no one has a power to predict her mind. She might be thinking that you are a pervert boy and wants to have sex with her, she might be thinking it is a normal thing among young boys, she might be thinking nothing out of it and might forgot it already. If you are embarrassed by this incident and do not want to put yourself in this situation again then be careful and avoid looking at her when she is in such a position where you can see her asserts clearly. 

answered Dec 26, 2016 by alpesh kapdi (22,870 points)

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