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What does my aunt really want ? Is she just toying with me ?

asked Dec 22, 2016 in Questions by Shuvam (205 points)
edited Dec 24, 2016 by longhands1

Hello everyone,

I am shuvam a 19 yrs old male having sexual attraction for my 39 years old aunt. I have been pretty close with my divorcee aunt. Since last two months the closeness and attachment have gone deeper but she resists me whenever I try to make any move downwards.

When I find her alone, I slide my hand inside her nightie and touch and press her boobs. She does not stop me. A few times, I have even unhooked her blouse and had her in bra and petticoat. One day when I was sucking her right boob over her bra she herself opened her bra and pushed my face on her naked breasts.

The problem is she never allows me to touch her pussy or put my hand inside her panty. She never lets me see her fully naked, though I have seen her topless many times. Recently while we weere together I showed her some porn on my mobile. After watching my rod become hard, I requested her to give me a handjob which she gave me.

I have tried many times to have the final move but she never let's me touch her pussy or finger it. I have pressed and rubbed her ass and even slapped her ass she did not mind that. But I don't want to force her or coax her for it.

My question is: that she has gone this far then why is she resisting me for the final move? She feels no shame or hesitation when I go all her body except her pussy. So how can I convince her for having sex with me?

Please answer me.

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featued question

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6 Answers

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Best answer
dear friend, Your aunt is affectionate to you and she does not want to get you disappointed by denying what you do. she enjoys your expression of love too. May be she is having a little moral block to give you full sex. i know a mother who allows her son everything except penetration and i had an elder sis in law who allowed me once almost what you did but did not even touch my penis, nor did she allow me to insert into her "love tunnel". I had to masturbate myself lying in her lap in dark without light. she allowed her boobs to me but she never allowed again in her life although i was not married that time. in your case be patient and ask her a chance to lick her pussy. go to her clit with your tongue and lips and insert your finger in her "love tunnel".   keep the clitoris raised with your finger and lick and suck it. then insert your cock. Never force her. keep on requesting only for a chance to taste her pussy. tell her, you want to taste with your tongue only and you will not insert. but insert before she is fully satisfied. she will appreciate this and will not take it as cheating.  you will get a chance. best wishes and good sex for both of you
answered Dec 27, 2016 by kunjumon57 (425 points)
selected Jan 2, 2017 by Shuvam
commented Dec 28, 2016 by Clore (155 points)
Try condom and do safe sex once and for all.
commented Jan 1, 2017 by Shuvam (205 points)
Respected sir , you are right . Over last two weeks she has become more open to me .like last time I was able to lick and suck her pussy over her panty and slide my hand inside her panty and touch her hair and rub her vagina . That time when I requested her for a blowjob she did not hesitate and gave me a blowjob . Recently while she was sitting on my lap i was able to insert my finger inside  her panty and finger her , rub and turn my fingers inside her pussy . I saw she was shivering and her hand was becoming stiff and her lips biting . What you said is right . She needs time to prepare her mind as she is long out of sex and without any attachment to any men . She is trying to overcome her moral dilemma and physical instinct .
Sir , it has been great on part of you to take time to answer my question . Thank you very much sir .
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Hey Shuvam,
The bond between you and your aunt is really more than usual. She let you touch and suck her boobs and gave you handjob, that means she is totally open to you. But reaching into her pants would take some time. You can do following to increase the chances of ending up having sex with her.
• Praise her. When you are with her don't just use her like a sex toy. Talk to her and tell her some catchy lines like "even in this age you look like a young lady".
• Show your genuine interest into her. No woman wants to be fucked and forgotten. Show her with your talkings that you are interested in getting to the point.
• Convince her. Make her believe that having sex with you is totally safe for her. Ask her lightly why she isn't letting you go further.
• There is some resistance which always exist. Even if she is totally open with you she would resist your big move. You need to try again twice or thrice and chances are that she'd agree to give you pleasure.
• You got a big positive point. Try to excite her by touching her boobs, sucking, kissing, and slightly pressing nipples with your fingers. Once she is ready you'll know the time to make the move. If she resist, ask her politely to let you do it. Try asking once or twice and you'd surely get success.
Remember one thing- don't force her too much. Try getting on when you are alone and she isn't expecting anyone to arrive as interruption.

Good Luck!
answered Dec 24, 2016 by SexExpert (165 points)
commented Jan 1, 2017 by Shuvam (205 points)
Respected sir , first of all thank you for taking time and answering me and sorry for my late reply . I find your suggestion and advice valuable . I am happy to receive your guidance . Thank you very much
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Don't go straight from her boobs to her pussy as the jump is too intense, take it slow, kiss her, feel her body, let her freely touch you and then slowly progress; if you can try to get her to make the first moves to establish a feeling of comfort with you...
Good luck
answered Dec 25, 2016 by Sam_123 (220 points)
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Shuvam,you are a 19 year old guy and your aunt is 39.almost 20 years old.You are new to sex and your aunt is old to it.I think she knows it very well that you are very excited and curious for sex.But actually what happens that a new aged guy immediately rushes' to vagina when ever he get a chance to fuck a lady and this thing scares her a lot because she knows that as you finished your job and get a orgasm you will definitely run away at that moment and will also feel guilty.

She is trying to avoid that situation and just giving you a chance to fulfil some of your desire by just allowing to touch and suck.Try to make her feel that you are not hungry for it.Don't show her porn but talk about any incidents that involves sex in it.Create some fake story like you have seen someone involved in sex and all like that.Keep touching while talking.Ask for permission to touch any part of her.

Ask to allow you to touch her vagina only once from above the clothes and continue for few days.Then ask her touch it directly than to kiss it and consecutively doing all these things will lead to have sex with her.
answered Dec 25, 2016 by rockybaba21 (280 points)
commented Jan 1, 2017 by Shuvam (205 points)
Sir I am very happy to receive your guidance . I am also sorry for my late reply . Recently when I was alone with her she allowed me to remove her bra but resisted me from opening her panty . I decided to provoke her so I started kissing and licking her vagina over her panty .first she was trying to stop me , but a later while I succeeded in inserting my finger inside her panty and touch her pussy . I saw she was getting aroused .I pulled down her panty at back and touched her naked ass. Then I was surprised to see that she herself reached for my dick and put her hand on my dick. I kept on sucking and licking her over her panty and also touched and rubbed her vaginal hair and rubbed her vagina . When I requested her for a blowjob she did not hesitate and took my dick straight in her mouth and gave me a nice blowjob . After this incident when I asked her why she does not allow me full she replied that she had been out of sex for many a days and she is in a mental dilemma thinking over the consequences and possible change in our aunt and nephew relation . I told her she could trust me fully . She told me that she needs time to prepare herself and she said once she begins this she can't turn back . I said ok , she could have her time to decide .
Sir I am grateful to you for your kind and judicious advice . Thank you sir .
commented Jan 1, 2017 by Shuvam (205 points)
To all the persons who have answered my question I want to apologize for flagging their answers . I didnot know how to operate after receiving answers and I misthought to tick the flag mark for every answer.  I am very sorry for mistakingly doing this . My request to them is please do not mind my action and forgive my mistake . Thanks to all
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Hey shuvam similar thing happend to me ...when i was 18 and my teacher was 29 ..she to allowed me to suck her boobs and nipples ...she  could give handjob but never let touch her pussy ...after forcing me she told  ..not every woman likes to get pussy sucked or fucked ...they are not happy in romancing. .and roleplay ...and some women may have been forced for sex in very young age they doesn't like to be get fucked  ...plz don't do any thing forcefull to her. ..may be you could lose her ...don't do the mistake I did ...
answered Dec 27, 2016 by REHAN1NAEEEM (360 points)
commented Jan 1, 2017 by Shuvam (205 points)
Respected sir , it is very kind of you to give me your advice and suggestion . Sir you have rightly pointed out that a little haste may ruin the whole . Sir I will keep your words in my mind . Thank you sir for your answer.
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why don't  you ask her , whenever she resist you to get  down there , you can get the answer , may be she afraid that you only come to her to get there ,she knows the age deference but she just don't  want you to see her toy alone , she wanna a relationship to fullfil her loneliness ,,,
answered Dec 29, 2016 by sam65crazy (110 points)

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