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Do mothers talk about Bra etc with their Sons?

asked Dec 16, 2016 in Questions by simran1997 (150 points)
edited Dec 16, 2016 by longhands1


I am 19 years old. In my last Post, I had told you about my widowed Mom having sex with my Uncle.

Yesterday, my mom told me that her bra is too tight.and today she said her boob's are getting bigger with age. We both talked in funny tone. I told her ass that her ass is also getting big. I also slightly slapped her on her ass and she just laughed.

Since I have seen her having sex with my Uncle, do you think she wants to have sex with me? I also told her I had seen herr have sex with Uncle and also requested her to have sex with me but she refused.

Do you think she is giving me any signals now? Would any mom talk about such stuff with her son? I always fantasize about her and masturbate. Should I take a step forward? Should I talk with her about her sexual experiences?

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4 Answers

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Generally mothers do not talk about such things with their son so since she is talking about it she must have some plan in her mind and she is executing it well. It sounds that she likes you and wants to be in an intimate relationship with you but something is holding her back to act on it so when you asked her, she refused it but indirectly she is giving you signals about it. I would say keep talking about her in such a manner and let her know that you want to get into her pants at any cost.

I am sure she will surrender herself to you but you should not force her to do anything against her will so you can try for her but you should wait until she gives you a green signal to explore her body. Wait for a few more days I am sure she will do something to provoke you to take further step to have sex with her as she is giving you all the gestures to be intimate with you. Meanwhile, make her laugh, help her in house holding work, take her out for the shopping, take care of her, praise her body and make her remind that she is a beautiful woman and you are dying for her. 

answered Dec 16, 2016 by alpesh kapdi (22,910 points)
selected Dec 16, 2016 by simran1997
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You do not have proof that your Uncle is banging your Mom. It is your presumption. But yes, finding a condom at home, is an indication that your mom is having it out with someone, possibly your Uncle.

Now the crux of the matter. Just because she is parting her legs for her uncle, does not mean that she will do it for you. You have to play it by ear.

I cannot believe that you asked her point blank, that you would like to have sex with her. What did you say “Can I fuck you?” If you did, I would say you are really bold and would not be here, asking us dumb questions. The fact that your mom talks about such intimate matters as her bra (hope you are not imagining this) is an indication that she could get naughty with you.

So, take it further. Ask her if you can buy a proper fitting bra for her? Say you will take the right measurement. There are lots of things you can do, besides just masturbating thinking of her. Think with your head, not with your cock.

answered Dec 16, 2016 by longhands1 (77,020 points)
commented Dec 16, 2016 by simran1997 (150 points)
Yes alpesh but from my point of view she's innocent and I thought she might not be planning something but after I have seen that incident I cannot say anything maybe you are right I should wait for few time
commented Dec 16, 2016 by simran1997 (150 points)

All the things I have said actually happened longhands. Actually what happened exactly is that on Diwali, my cousin called me and said that he's coming to our home. Then I rushed to first floor to tell my mom that they are coming. Usually we don't lock our floor doors unless and until we are not going out. 

I was a little shocked to see the door locked. After 2-3 minutes she opened the door and what I saw was that her hair was messy and uncle was going towards the toilet. My inner mind said that they are having sex, but still I thought at that time that my mom cannot do this. Maybe it's only my assumption. When uncle left home, I went to the toilet and there I saw a condom in the pot with semen in it and also a packet with the condom name. 

I was shocked. I don't know how to deal with it as I had never expected this will happen in real. My mom is very conservative. Two days I kept my mouth shut, but after the incident incest thoughts are coming to my mind very frequently, so I decided to talk with mommy.

At night my mom is watching TV. I said I want to talk with you about something. She said tell beta. Then I told her that day before yesterday in afternoon what were you doing on first floor. She was completely shocked. She said she was doing nothing. But when I said that I want to hear the whole truth and I know what are you were doing in that locked hall, then she started crying.

She said she cannot face me as she feels embarrassed. I said there's nothing wrong in it. You are a single women, and everybody has his/her needs. She was just crying. I said just tell me mom what happened on that afternoon. She was still blank crying and after that she confessed that she knows him from a long time and she trusts him.

She just wanted to change the topic. I put my hands on her back saying that it's OK. Then I tried touching her boob's from behind and then I said that if you can do with him why not with me? She said, No You are my son. Look at the age difference between us. Your uncle is of my age. She then started giving me lectures on morality.

After seeing her crying, I changed my mood and didn't talk about anything after that. The whole situation took 2-3 days to become normal after this mom has not talked to me properly for 2 days. 3 months after that incident, I thought might be she has changed her mind.

She has not bought bras for a long time and now she bought them and they are tight as hell. This is what she said to me yesterday and today. I said mom you are looking fatty. Then she said, Yes I am becoming fatty and she also pointed towards her boobs and said that they are also growing with age and she don't know why.

commented Dec 16, 2016 by longhands1 (77,020 points)


You have repeated what you had told us in your first Post. Your Mom would have been shocked that you her son was asking her to have sex with you. She having sex with an Uncle is not taboo and would be accepted as an affair.

Your request for an incestual relationship is another matter all together. No wonder she was not talking to you for 3 months. But finally her mother's love has prevailed. There is also fear in her mind that you may make a scene with the Uncle and since she has bought property jointly with him, he is like a husband to her. 

You can be more loving towards her and hod her physically more often. It has to progress slowly and it has to be from herr side. Till that time you can masturbate. Let her see you do it. Maybe she may change her mind towards you.

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Sensible mothers never talk about bra and panty with son.You have totally surrendered to sex at this age.Your mind is fully enveloped with sexual thoughts.It is surprising that to fulfill your evil intentions,you have told your mother that uncle is fucking her. This may help you to blackmail your mother.You might have fucked mother in fantasy.Take the chance,when she is alone.She may like your manliness.
answered Dec 16, 2016 by Motilal (6,480 points)
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Women never told you.
This is your job to impress her take conformation for sex.
answered Jun 23, 2017 by nitesh82 (105 points)

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