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Do women cum like the way men do?

asked Dec 12, 2016 in Questions by anonymous
edited Dec 14, 2016 by longhands1


I want to know if a women can cum just by getting groped. I know that women get wet while having sex but can they cum while getting groped in buses and other public places to the extent that their undergarments get wet like the way men cum. Can they cum enough to make them feel sticky and uncomfortable.

I have read it happening in some stories of real sex experiences.

It would be nice if some women also answer this.

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1 Answer

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Women discharge a sticky fluid on arousal.Which felicitate the insertion of male organ during sexual intercourse. The composition and physical appearance of this fluid is entirely different from semen.Semen is ejaculated in spurts with great velocity at young age.Velocity of spurting semen declines with age.Don't believe those stories without head and tail.
answered Dec 12, 2016 by Motilal (8,035 points)

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