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How to take my cousin's help to have sex with my sister?

asked Nov 24, 2016 in Questions by manikandantpr (120 points)
reshown Nov 26, 2016 by longhands1

Hi to everyone,

My name is Raja. I am 25 years old from South India. I have 2 sisters named Karthika and Yamuna (Name changed). Karthika is 23 years old and Yamuna is 21 Years old. Both of them are fair looking girls with curvy shapes.

I have a best buddy in my life who is my cousin Mani. He is 3 years older than me. We are sexually active from our school days. We are homosexuals and fuck each other, We have kept this as a secret. I have helped him to fuck my cousin sister Arthi,, (name changed). He fucked her many times in his house and told me everything about how he enjoys with her. I really loved it.

I know he had the sexual intention towards my sisters but I didn’t allow him to fuck my own sisters, but he never listened to my words. Once I caught him when he wass licking Karthika's pussy in her sleep. I didn’t stop him, but the next morning I scolded him a lot and he promised me he would never touch my sisters again.

After some months, I went to hostel for higher studies and he went to another city for his career with his family. We lost communication and didn’t talk to each other for 8 years till now, but three years back I heard that he is staying in my house for two months due to his project work.

After hearing this news, I had a fear that he may do something wrong with my sisters, so I daily dialled my sisters in the midnight and wass speaking with them. For the first 10 days, they picked up the call and answered me but after that on some days they didn’t attend my call and switch off their mobile for 2 to 3 hours. On those days, I never got sleep. I thought he is fucking my sisters and he must be enjoying with both of them.

I came back home after two years. I was really shocked on seeing my sisters. The both have sexy curves on their bodies and they look like models. Last month, I accidentally saw my sister Yamuna nude when she was having a bath and I really loved her figure. From that day onwards, I wanted to fuck my sister. Later I found she is also interested in me but I’m do not dare to approach her directly.

Can I ask my cousin for help? I also want to know if he really fucked my sisters? Problem is that for 8 years, cousin and I have not spoken to each other and so am wondering how to start the relationship with him again. He is now married and lives with his pregnant wife.

All your advice would be welocme and is awaited.

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featued question
commented Nov 26, 2016 by longhands1 (80,430 points)


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2 Answers

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All I want to say is spare your own sisters and stay away from them as it is morally wrong of you to even think about then in this regard. There are plenty of girls outside the world so go for them but do not ruin their life by fucking them. As far as your cousin with whom you had sexual relationships years back concerned, stay away from him too as I do not think it would be a good idea to take his help to screw your own sisters.

I am wondering after reading your question that where is the morally these days in human life. We are living in a society where you should follow certain rules to maintain the virtue of the society. Be a real brother rather than a street pervert boy, who looks for sex always. It shows your cowardly side too as it sounds that you are unable to find a girlfriend thus you start keeping your eyes on your sisters. You are on the way spoiling your own sister’s life which you do not have a right to do so, therefore, do not make them suffer on your account. 

answered Nov 25, 2016 by alpesh kapdi (23,885 points)
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Brother and sister relationship is most pious,it is next to mother and son relationship.It should not be polluted by lustful thinkings.Never spread your network to fuck them.You may be getting a momentary pleasure in putting your semen in their cunt.But you will loose many things,for which you will repent.You are involved with your cousin brother in homosexual activities and fucking each other and he is fucking your sisters.You helped him to fuck your cousin sister.Why you have stopped conversation with that buddy....with whom you were so intimate.I am interested to know the size of his penis,which your sisters took inside.
What is this going on,please stop these activities and save yourself from destruction.
answered Nov 25, 2016 by Motilal (7,010 points)
edited Nov 25, 2016 by Motilal
commented Nov 26, 2016 by sam_2016 (155 points)


I have read your query.. firstly, not sure how much of this is fact, as I know many fake on these things just for the joy some get... but let me take this as 100 % truth and answer.

I am 30 yr single tamil guy from taminadu. very decent guy from outlook and I am as far know myself, am helping in nature and respect people in general. I never had a gf yet, though i look quite good and physique and all. Its my lack of boldness and guts which made me miss so many chacnes, but i  have had few sexual experiences, both with women, men and bi sex, 3sum, thanks to few friends i got via yahoo.

But coming to ur point.. to be honest, incest desires i believ many have in their life time. just that only few come out and say this.. even i also sued to shag mutually with my cousin whe ni wa in 10-12 , we used to see pics in kumudum magazie and other actress stils,  street aunties and cum.

i always had lust on built babes and woman with decent height... lust lot on hotchicksand   milfs..  this brought me to lust on own reltive members in the last 5 yrs since i came to tamilnadu.

iniialy i felt odd, but later i started enjoying lot..i lust lot and fap on my own aunts, cousin girls, and honeslty have fapped on own MOM stlls also lot. yes. i nw am PERVERT, and the haveing good bodies....and the kind of contacts i got in net, i slipped into this and enhoy dicussing.. i have also met few guys i their room and we shag muutaly lot seeing pics..

i wud say, as long as its just we fapping on their pics or imaignng its fine. but i dont think its ever right idea to think of trying to have sex with own family memebrs.cousins is okay, but wud say if they r close cousins then better stay off. the thing is it wont help in the long run..  for momentaliry pleasure, theoutcome  in future can be big mess !

ping me if u want to dicuss, but i wish u have healthy life ahead.

commented Nov 29, 2016 by ramanravi (185 points)
good and appreciable to come out nicely n explaining the on going trend
try to secure your life also in carrier health and wealth, i request to ping me pl
need your advice indeed

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