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Nephew is getting physical with me and am liking it. What should I do?

asked Nov 16, 2016 in Questions by monamibasu74 (120 points)

I am Monami. 42 years old divorced woman living in my parents house. I got divorce two years back and since then am living with my parents and my younger brother and his family. My brother is having a son who started to get physical with me since I moved in. I also saw him sniffing my undergarments. Earlier I was holding myself as he is a minor but later on I gave in to my desires. Since then it's been few times we got physical with each other. Knowing that it's wrong but am unable to stop. I am also having sexual relations with my brother from a very young age and sometimes we still do it. I don't know what to do because I want physical pleasure.

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3 Answers

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If you want a physical satisfaction then keep doing what you have been doing with your nephew without thinking that you are doing something wrong. If certain things are wrong in the eyes of society then it does not mean that they are wrong in your situation too. Sometimes we have to take a decision according to the situation we are in and your situation justifies your act so I would not think what you are doing is morally or socially wrong.

However, you have to be extra careful to keep it secret from everyone otherwise; you will be in a big trouble. If your nephew has crossed the legal age of having sex then you can have sex with him if it is mutual. You do not have a right to compel anyone but if he is willingly wants to share a bed with you then you should do it considering him adult enough to understand what he has been doing.

I would say you are favoring your nephew by giving him your pussy as most of boys want to have sex with mature women and few are lucky enough to get their dream, fulfilled. Do not analyzing too much whether it is right or wrong because you would never able to find the right answer but if you are happy being fucked by him then keep doing it keeping all the moral ethics aside. 

answered Nov 16, 2016 by alpesh kapdi (25,535 points)
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its all about your choise make sure it does not effect your future life because i have seen in many case the young sex partner is always eger to do sex wether you need in future or not
answered Nov 16, 2016 by manthan786 (105 points)
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Keep enjoying yourself, what else ? Just make it a point to not get caught ever else you'll have less time to search for a new home.
In my opinion you have to cut the cord from either of the dad-son duo else when its out in the open, you'll be the only one paying the price. Needless to say both are unaware of each other's rendezvous with you, right ?
answered Nov 16, 2016 by gr8gaur (2,035 points)
edited Nov 16, 2016 by gr8gaur
commented Dec 9, 2016 by Carol25 (110 points)
What's wrong with wanting physical pleasure? If you want it do it.

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