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Is it normal to get wet so often and how to really deal with it?

asked Nov 6, 2016 in Questions by shikha.explore (500 points)
This is something really weird and embarrassing for me. I get wet quite often and even feel heavy in my tits as well and sweat quite a lot too. After becoming a mom especially, I am feeling all sort of changes from last couple of years whether I don't it is more because of bad married sexual life or what but anyhow it troubles me so much.

It is so hard to talk about it to anyone and I wonder if i should consult a doctor about this unusual problem. I spoke to hubby about my problem, but he feels that now we have other priorities and so we must focus on other things.

Do other women also face such a problem? I would like to hear from you all.

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4 Answers

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Hello Shikha,

From what you tell us, your sex life is either very unsatisfactory, or perhaps virtually non-existent? If this is the case, then all you are suffering from is unfulfilled sexual excitement.

Think back to the time when you first started having sex with your husband, and I'm sure you used to get wet with anticipation. It was never an issue, as you are probably naked, and about to engage in sexual intercourse. The trouble is, if you're not getting sex, we spend a lot of time daydreaming and fantasising about it. This will trigger your body to start preparing to have sex, which means that your vagina will flood with a viscous fluid that is designed to facilitate the entry of your partner's penis without discomfort for either of you. If, subsequent to getting excited, your desire for sex remains unfulfilled, those fluids do nothing more than finish up soaking the crutch of your panties.

You are sexually excited, your breasts also swell, which may make them feel more heavy. This is again part of sexual arousal, and is designed to trigger the subconscious desire in a male to want to impregnate you. Larger breasts are a sign of fertility, and on a subconscious level, it makes you more attractive to your partner. It's a shame that your partner doesn't seem to get the message!!!

Finally, perspiration could also be the result of your body temperature changes. Sexual arousal causes a certain level of redirection of blood to the capillaries close to your skin surface. This tends to make your skin flush, which again is part of the sexual attraction mechanism. This will result in making you feel hot, both in a metaphorical and literal sense, and this can trigger perspiration. Other reasons for perspiration can be that you may have gained excessive weight since giving birth to children. Hormonal imbalances can cause this problem as well.

I have to point out that I am not a medical expert, and that none of the other editors on this for medical training either. There are plenty of doctors who read our forum, no self-respecting doctor would ever attempt to diagnose somebody's problems without first seeing them. If you are really concerned, I can appointment to see your doctor, and he or she can give you a check up, I may, nothing is wrong.

In my opinion, these things are you perceived as problems could be solved if your husband was a little bit more attentive and made any effort to give you the pleasures that you have a right to expect. Try talking to him again, try to make him understand your needs. If he tells you the doesn't find you that exciting anymore, think about ways of fanning the flames of passion, and if that still doesn't work, while, but………… You may have to resort to other solutions!!! Personally, and those times and I have felt sexually frustrated, a good-sized vibrator, or even a suitably shaped vegetable has done the trick.


answered Nov 6, 2016 by sexysalma (14,995 points)
selected Apr 4, 2017 by shikha.explore
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Hello Shikha,

Well, it is really embarrassing for one when such problems happens frequently. Wetness causes mainly due to two reasons

1. When woman gets aroused for want of sexual pleasure from her male partner.

2. When there is an some infection in vaginal canal caused by bacteria or so, because vaginal lining maintenance pH balance automatically to withstand further damage, it is a normal and natural body self defense mechanism. The second case associated with itching sensation and urine too discharges with some what burning sensation. You are better to judge, under which situation you are passing through.

Taking about woman's arousal, yes sometimes woman finds herself contained with life, means she feels herself in comfortable position, various reasons contributed for this.

And, when her early life dreams for achieving sexual pleasure, couldn't been satisfied at particular point, then at later stage when she gets such favourable circumstances where these are likely to materialize, woman tends to under went with this situation, she started indulging in thoughts and finding out possibilities for entering into extra marital affairs or looking for having relationship with young males.

Of course there might be several reasons which varies with person to person, but these are common reason.
I noticed wetness in my partner too most of the times, where I saw her panty gets wet considerably, and I she insisted me for satisfying herself at that moment only, no matter whether is day or night. (Now, we are. Separated).


answered Nov 6, 2016 by AjayOne (130 points)
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You have every right to your sexuality as does a man. Why should you feel ashamed about your sexual desire. You seem to have a conservative outlook in sex (going by all your past questions) and the experiences which you have never narrated but assumed we understood.

It seems that after your child was born, your husband either got busier in his business or began neglecting you sexually, which has led to a buildup of lust within you. Your often getting wet is an indication of the naughty thoughts that go through your mind. Just as men have wet dreams, which arise due to penile tension, women also have wet dreams, which are not noticed.

Since your child must also have grown up, you now get more time for yourself, this makes you focus on your sexuality and lust. Sweating has nothing to do with lust and could have a medical reason for it. You should masturbate, if your husband does not indulge in sex when you are in the mood. This will give you some relief. If you can get some sexual toy for yourself, it would help in relieving your sexual tension.

These toys are easily available on the Net and I am sending you a Site through PM that you can access. It would be better to ask your husband to get you one. In your past Posts you have said that your husband was interested in kinky and dirty sex. Use that.

Honestly, seeing a Doctor will not help, as this is not a medical problem. It is sexual in nature. Be bold and tackle the issue. Don’t worry about what others will say. You will find peace if you gave in to your desires and lust.        

answered Nov 6, 2016 by longhands1 (76,960 points)
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The thinking of your husband that now we have other priorities and we should focus on that shows that there is a problem in your sex life and it is his lame excuse to run away from the problem. You should not feel weird for your natural urge of having sex instead your husband should have handled it much better way. If your husband does not want to have sex with you then you can take help of sex toys to satisfy your needs and rely on masturbation.

Keep communicating with your husband about your feelings and needs and ask him to support you to strengthen married life. It would be a good thing for you to consult a marriage counselor for you issue as they are expert in such cases. Your husband might understand the importance of sex life if outsider explains him how sex is important for married life so third party involvement may bring you a desirable reason.

You both should be ready to compromise on certain level as no matter what you can do, you won’t be able to get him to do what you want hundred percent but you both can meet on half way. You cannot ask him to keep having sex with you all the time but you can decide what frequency would be okay for both of you. You should discuss with him in a healthy manner and not in a nagging way otherwise, he would get defensive and would start blaming you for everything. Remember, patience is the key.

answered Nov 7, 2016 by alpesh kapdi (22,870 points)

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