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Why did my girlfriend do this?

asked Nov 3, 2016 in Questions by Svkhanna (145 points)
edited Nov 3, 2016 by longhands1
I have a girlfriend. She loves me a lot and even I love her very much. We cant live without each other. But yesterday, she told me her truth. She told me that she had a boyfriend in the past and they also had sex.

She told me that she has forgotten him completely.

This news has shattered me and I am in shock. I am weeping a lot. I cant forget what she told me.

Why did she do that?

Many negative thoughts come to my mind. Since she had earlier had sex, maybe she has got vaginal infection. I wanted a virgin girl, who had never had sex before. I myself have never had sex. How will I be able to give her proper sex satisfaction?

Someone please tell me what should I do now?
commented Nov 4, 2016 by Svkhanna (145 points)
i want to clear some Question,
I want to know clearly that is there any infection in her viginal...
commented Nov 4, 2016 by Svkhanna (145 points)
Sir if she didn't use condom...and also not take sperm inside then any problem

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3 Answers

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You should decide what is more important to you, virginity or she as a person. You should appreciate that she told you the truth otherwise you won’t be able to find it out ever if she decided to keep it secret. It shows that she respects you and believes that truth is the foundation of any relationship.

Do you want to punish her for her honesty? It sounds that you are unable to digest the fact that she had sex with someone else but you should remember that what she did was her past and you were not part of her life then so you have no right to judge her based on her past deeds.

Whether she is virgin or not has nothing to do with her love for you so do not over analyze it. However, let her know that you are hurt by the fact that she is not virgin and you need some time to overcome of the fact. Take your own time to deal with the issue and at the end if you are able to accept her fully with her past then you should continue with her otherwise, break up with her in order to not resent yourself on a long run for compromising on something you never wanted to compromise.

If I were in your place then the truth, she revealed would not matter to me as far as she loves me and wants to spend her rest of life with me. I feel myself very lucky that I am close enough to her that she chose me to tell her deepest secret. Don’t you think that she deserves respect for that?

When you truly love someone, you don’t judge them by their past. You leave it there. Just be happy that their future belongs to you. 

answered Nov 3, 2016 by alpesh kapdi (23,920 points)
selected Nov 3, 2016 by Svkhanna
commented Nov 3, 2016 by alpesh kapdi (23,920 points)

Thanx for selecting my answer as a best answer.

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Hey Svkhanna first you tell the age of you and your gf and yes if you love  her from bottom of your heart just leave all about her past ...make sure you love her  more than anyone else . AND YOU SHOULD BE PROUD THAT SHE REVEALED HER PAST SECRETS TO YOU,  it shows the signs that how much she loved you. And in this modern world it's very hard to find a virgin make your relationship strong and be happy what you get or else many are waitingto grab your girl be careful
answered Nov 3, 2016 by REHAN1NAEEEM (360 points)
commented Nov 3, 2016 by Svkhanna (145 points)
Maam my age is 17/½ and she is 18 now she do that in the past.....every day i weeping a lot why she do that why know due to weeping i have 105° fever  i think you can feel my situation how much i love her but why she do that why why whyyy...
commented Nov 3, 2016 by Svkhanna (145 points)
maam helpp mee....i can't foret that love is in with other in past with naked how can i forget how how ...........
commented Nov 3, 2016 by Svkhanna (145 points)
i want to marraige with her she also but how i forget that howw
commented Nov 3, 2016 by Svkhanna (145 points)
maan i love her very much
....and i can't forget her in any manner beco she love me most..

maan she is studying and also working in hospital (learning of medical) is it is right to tell her to test you virgin ....i think she knows all...

what i do maan..

it is hurting me very is very hard for me..
and maan i love her very much bit sone friend teasing me that she is older than i do..

i love her most...
even she is ill she have periods and lot of bleeding form virgin she told me all her secrets...happily....
so she is in the hospital for check-up ...
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You are too young to think of a long term relationship just now. I know you will not agree with me, but believe me, I know. You are in love and so are very emotional just now. Crying will not help. Think rationally.

She did not have an affair, after you got to know her. This happened in the past. If she is 18 now, and this happened earlier, she was too young to even know the consequences of having sex. Yes, you are a virgin and always dreamt of having a wife who is a virgin. If you truly love her, you will forgive her for what she had done in the past.

Your worry about her having contracted a veneral disease due to sex, is genuine. Did she have sex using a condom? Then the chances of any STD are less but you can always rake her to the doctor to get a test done. You said you love her and this is a test of your love. Accompany her to the doctor. Do you have the courage to stand by her? If not, then let her go.

Life is never a bed of roses, though it may seem so when you are young, living on fresh air and your parents money and are in love. Stop pitying yourself. Look for a solution to the problem. If you cannot think of a solution, then let the problem go.  

answered Nov 3, 2016 by longhands1 (80,560 points)
commented Nov 3, 2016 by Svkhanna (145 points)
ok maam i'm trying to forget this if i will marraige to

if we planning for child and doing sex is there any cause for me any infections like HIV...etc...without condom..
commented Nov 3, 2016 by sexysalma (14,995 points)
Since you were in such a hurry to select an answer, you have effectively closed your question to further posts. However, I can at least add my comment to the end of yours.

Life is not like a Bollywood movie. In this day and age, people often experiment with sex before they settle down. Your girlfriend is no exception. What really matters here is that she loves you, and she obviously felt secure enough in the love you have expressed to her, that she could tell you the truth about her past.

She obviously cares enough about you to be honest. She doesn't want a relationship based on lies, so she has told you that she is not a virgin, and has had sex before. What is wrong with you? Would you rather she didn't tell you? Would you rather she lied if you are still a question? So what if she isn't a virgin? What difference does it make to how you feel about her?

If you want to marry a virgin, I suggest you ask mummy and daddy to find some little innocent village girl for you to get married to, but believe me, many of the girls who look innocent and shy have their own little secrets. This is the 21st-century, and the television, social media, the Internet, et cetera, are all screaming out to everyone to go out and have fun. Your girlfriend has no doubt followed the trend, and has experimented, and probably enjoyed having sex. It doesn't mean she knows you any less, and it shouldn't make any difference to the way you feel about her, so grow up, and accept that all of us have a life before we settle down.

commented Nov 3, 2016 by Svkhanna (145 points)
ok maam thank you veryyy muchh..I'm greatly thankful to you and your team to overcome me from this situtaion ....i'm really happyyy...
commented Nov 3, 2016 by Svkhanna (145 points)
After lot of thinking i decided that i forget her past but not forget her.
I'm lucky that she comes to my life and loves me very much she has the true and pure heart..
So i decided i can't leave her ....
we live together
thank you very much ..everyone..

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