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How to SEARCH for A Topic on AA

asked Oct 30, 2016 in Announcements by longhands1 (80,485 points)

Many Users ask Questions which have been asked earlier. It is boring to answer the same question on Masturbation, Erectile Dysfunction, Depression etc. again and again.

I suggest that you first SEARCH for old Answers. You can do this by typing words like Masturbation, masturbation addiction, ED, Fantasy, Fetish, etc in the Start Searching Box, that you see on the Right Side.

You can also Search and View all our regular Articles. Just type:

Fun Corner  or  Sports corner   or  Bull Corner  or  Weekend Crazy Feature  or   Daily Sex News  or DSN  or Daily Photo Feature   or Bollywood Gossip  or  Women’s Feature  or Articles.

This will give you a List of all those Topics.     



commented Oct 30, 2016 by InfoSeeker (130 points)
edited Oct 31, 2016 by longhands1
Until and unless we restructure some policies on the AA Forum, the same problem will continue in future too. I am following this Site from almost three years and you keep reminding every user same but there is no change. If we try to share our suggestions, you simply restrict us by saying "we are very happy if you not tell us how to run the Site"

Since Management is not ready to take inputs from Users, the problems remain even after a number of notices to the Users.

I am following this Site from three years but recently opened my Account to share my inputs.

commented Oct 31, 2016 by longhands1 (80,485 points)


You have been our Member for 3 years, which is good. But in that long period, your participation on the Site has been One Question and Two Answers, which is not so good.

The suggestions you have made are about changing the structure of AA. Changing Code in the Programme, requires money and as explained to you in PM, this Site does not make money. The only reason the Owners, allow us to run this Site is due to our dedication and since it involves spreading of Knowledge and removing Sex dogmas.

It is easy to recommend changes when money is not going from your pocket.

We work within the framework of AA and while Inputs are welcome and discussed and studied, we do not take kindly to be told how to run this Site.   



commented Oct 31, 2016 by InfoSeeker (130 points)
moved Oct 31, 2016 by prashant69
Dear longhands,
I have made it very clear that i am just following this site from three years and i thought it will be fine to start my activity in aa forum thats why very recently opened account and started posting my question.. but i came to yoir weak policy that we are forced to choose best answer from existing only one answer.. its very weak policy that choosing best from only one i wad not confortable in that so stopped my activity.

and you also not ready to take inputs so i felt there is no use in wasting my time here hemce i stopped.

I too understand that aa forum is not making money.. but still there is nothing wromg to make this site transparency and more flexible to users. Please dont say like " It is easy to recommend changes when money is not going from your pocket" evem o am also running some forums amd blogs from last five years. i too know how much efforts needed in making a blog clear and neat. With my interest in running my blogs i showed some interest in giving my inputs in which you people are not ready to consider so i left it tp you and stopped my activity.

But after reading this post i again wanted to bring it your notice but still your are in the same platform.. so your wish guys good luck..

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