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My elder brother wants me to have sex with his wife.

asked Oct 24, 2016 in Questions by vipulj (130 points)
My elder brother, who is 6 years elder to me, wants me to have sex with his wife.

I think my sister in law (bhabhi) does not know about it. Should I inform to her about the intentions of my brother?

 My brother often see online porn like "sharing my wife with my brother" or "sex with brother in law".

What should I do?

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7 Answers

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It doesn't matter what your brother wants, what matter is what his wife wants. Ask your brother to sort it out.If she is OK she will come to you, if not she won't.  Don't get encouraged by your brother to 'seduce' her. Seducing a married woman in connivance with her husband is a crooked attempt at having sex. And tell your brother that online porn is pretty unreal.
answered Oct 24, 2016 by steppen (260 points)
commented Oct 25, 2016 by vipulj (130 points)
I told my bro to ask to my sister in law if she wants to have it with me. She says she is ready but tells me to take the first step. I told them indirectly to stop watching porn as i have noticed many times, they both sit and watch incest porn together.
commented Oct 25, 2016 by steppen (260 points)
Look its better to have your independent life / girlfriend etc. These kind of relationships have complexities that are best avoided. However if u feel really excited , don't have or feel confident about having a girlfriend soon and find your brother"s wife hot go ahead. Just tell your brother to stay out of home and approach her with a light kiss on the neck , her response will give you a sense of how to proceed
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How your elder brother approached you to fuck his wife.Please tell me details to judge the nature of seriousness.Is his penis is smaller and unable to satisfy his wife.Don't jump on his wife.Tell him that you respect your sister in law and you can't oblige him.Don't inform your sister in law about intentions of your brother,unless you are genuinely interested to do sex with her.
answered Oct 24, 2016 by Motilal (9,680 points)
commented Oct 25, 2016 by vipulj (130 points)
I dnt kno any personal things abt their relation. They both see incest together in computer. Dnt kno if its because of seeing too much porn or if there is any medical problem with my brother. But he wants me to take the first step saying she is too shy
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Just because people see all of these porno films and MMS clips suggesting women having sex with a young brother-in-law, or nephews having sex with auntie's, and all that stuff, remember, this is porno, not reality. I'm not saying it doesn't happen, because it happens all the time, but most porn is faked in one way or another. You might see a lot of porn to claims to be incest porn, but frequently, those involved are actors, pretending to be brother and sister, auntie and nephew, or whatever.

Your brother watches this stuff, and no doubt so you. Just because you say on your computer screen, doesn't mean to say that you have to copy. Elsewhere in this forum, I have today given advice to a couple about swinging. I will give you similar advice.

Think about the consequences of getting involved in such activities. Think about the harm it could do to your brother's marriage, think about the harm it could do to your relationship with your sister-in-law, think about what would happen if any of the rest of your family got to know what you were doing, and consider what the long-term consequences could be, particularly if your sister-in-law starts developing an attachment to you which surpasses that which she has with her husband stop and before you say that these things can't happen, they happen all the time. If you are a younger and more fit and attractive looking guy then your older brother, your sister-in-law might well look at you and think 'is maybe this is the one I should have married'

You haven't told us how you feel about this. He may be your older brother, but he does not own your soul, nor can he tell you what to do, particularly not in the circumstances. If your sister-in-law has given no indications of sexual interest in you, then in all likelihood, she would object to her husband's suggestions most strongly. As far as I'm concerned, he's showing her great dishonour in even considering such things.

On the other hand, if you are brother and his wife have been discussing this, and they are both enthusiastic about inviting you into the bedroom with them, you could go ahead, though I would still expect you to think long and hard before getting involved; but it sounds to me like she is the innocent party here, and he is attempting to manipulate both of you for his own sexual fantasies. In the first place, I would say nothing to your sister-in-law about this, but I would have some very strong words to say to your brother. Asking him why he shows such little respect for his wife, and tell him to behave himself.

answered Oct 25, 2016 by sexysalma (15,020 points)
commented Oct 25, 2016 by vipulj (130 points)
I dont know how their sexual relationship is going on, but I can say that they do watch incest porn together. I dont know if my sister in law also wants to have sex with me or not but, I never ever had any intentions to have sex with her. I always saw her as my sister in law and respected her, i accept that i too watch porn but I never see incest or never had any intentions to share bed with her.
I indirectly even tried to tell them not to see too much porn as I came to know that they see incest porn almost daily night (from history of google chrome), she always use to tell me that my brother is not giving enough time to her as we are from business background, I told them not to spend too much time on computer for which she told that, its jus for time pass they use computer. I told them instead of using computer @ night, they can spend that time with each other.
I am also afraid that if they pull me into this then may be after my marriage(which will happen within a year) they would slowly pull in my wife also into this. I always control myself thinking that once i enter into this I cant come out and maybe it can spoil my entire life.
Should I openly tell them to stop watching incest as it can be harmful for their marriage and our family but since i am younger to them i feel awkward to openly talk about sex to them or should I just talk to my sister in law to control my brother from such addiction as it was my brother who first showed me his interest to share their bed with me.
PS: I do watch porn but i never had any intentions for my bhabhi, I just watch some videos and mastrubate n start my work as I am single as of now.
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You may be surprised to know at some time in the future, that your sister in law had no idea what her husband was thinking and involving her in an incestuous relationship.

Many men imagine their wives sleeping with other men but rarely have the courage to talk to their wives about it fearing a backlash and contempt.

You seemed to be to concerned about your brother and his wife watching incest porn. It is no concern of yours. As adults they are free to watch whatever they want. Stop interfering. It seems you are as excited about incest as your brother is and just trying to put the blame on him.

It is nice to read in your comments about the respect you have for your bhabi. Keep it that way. Don't fall for the foolish ideas of your brother.  Let him find someone else to sleep with his wife if he has the courage to want this. I can definitely say he does not have the courage as he is asking you to make the first move.

Your fear about him demanding to sleep with your wife in future is genuine. It is possible that he has seen your future wife and hasee some dirty ideas in his head.

It is never easy to stop once started so nip the temptation in the bud itself. This is a test of your will power and your intentions. Let us know if you have been able to tell your brother off or have fallen for the forbidden fruit.

answered Oct 25, 2016 by longhands1 (93,375 points)
edited Oct 29, 2016 by longhands1
commented Oct 25, 2016 by vipulj (130 points)
Thank you for ur positive words for me, I never wanted to interfere in their personal life but I think since they are watching too much of incest videos they got this idea of adding me to their bed so I was trying to interfere them.
I knew they watch porn regularly as we have nly one laptop in home which I also use nd they use at night but I never tried to interfere into their activities but now I thought it would be better if i tell them not to see too much of incest.
Do you have any other solution for this as I would not like them to bring in some strangers to their bed, which may cause some more trouble into their relationships as already my bhabhi is complaining that my brother is not giving much time to her.
commented Oct 26, 2016 by longhands1 (93,375 points)
edited Oct 29, 2016 by longhands1


Your bhabi's complaint that your brother is not spending enough time with her is a common complaint of many women, so you should not take it that that she means he is not keeping her happy im bed.

You have said that your brother is busy in His business. By the way, what do you do?

The fact that you are worried that they may have a bed partner other than you, reveals your true mind. You would rather be the third person and keep it a family affair.

If you want to save the family honour by sleeping with your bhabhi, then talk to your bhabhi in the presence of your brother and tell her you want to protect your family's honour by sleeping with her.

commented Oct 26, 2016 by vipulj (130 points)
I also help my brother in our business, but being younger my brother doesnt want me to take the burden and always allow me to have fun, he never force me into work. I dont want to sleep with them but I get feared by thinking what if I say no and they plan in to bring some other person into their night life, I just dont want them to be in any sort of trouble.
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Do you want to have sex with her or not? If you are against the idea of your brother then you should first let your brother know that you do not want to have sex with his wife and let him firmly know. No one has a right to make you do what you do not want to do.

If it does not work then you should let your bhabhi know her husband’s intention. It might be possible that they both have planned it and your brother has a responsibility to make you ready. If you want a vagina then your brother is offering you so first decide what you want and then take a decision accordingly. If you want to fuck your bhabhi only if she willingly wants to share a bed with you then ask your brother to make his wife ready first.

You have not told us know what you want to do.

answered Oct 26, 2016 by alpesh kapdi (28,935 points)
commented Oct 26, 2016 by vipulj (130 points)
Firstly I dont want to enter into their bed. But i get feared of thinking they bringing some other guy into their bed and then being into trouble. I dont want them to bring any guy into their bed including me, but if they are 100% sure of bringing some guy for sex then as I said I dont want them to be in trouble by bringing some third guy. I tried to speak with my bhabhi but you know its very difficult to talk about such topic with her. I have never discussed about sex with them but I think they know that I do watch porn (as most people now a days do watch).
Knowing the fact that they know I watch porn makes more difficult for me to speak to them as I feel they would tell me that "yeah we know how good you are, even you watch porn and stuffs and mastrubate etc etc".
So finally abt my opinion it's better if they dont involve any third person, but if tey want to then my mind comes into a doubt 51% i think its better if i be that 3rd person instead of some one else but I also feel uncomfortable when I think how will I able to face her from the next day. And as I have mentioned earlier I also dont want them make me to bring in my wife after my marriage into this. I also dont know if this would be a one night thing or they want me to go them regularly.
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Dear V,

You are helping your brother in his business is good. You have mentioned that your brother don’t giving timing to your bhabi, it means if she will get more time then she may not want for another person as substitute to fulfill her desire. In this case you have to take over the charge of the business and allow him to spend more time with her wife so that the disturbed relationship may come to track.

If she has sexual weakness then consults doctor for proper treatment. Studies revealed that sex and stress are closely associated. The more stress, the less sex. You did not mention about your present relationship with your Bhabi. Number of questions in this forum seeking help to come closer to their bhabi. Discuss with her about the real problem and act accordingly. Sex with family members are always bring problem in future. To be secure and safe you should take step carefully.

answered Oct 30, 2016 by bubu_002 (2,795 points)
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Truely speaking you are a very lucky person,,,  but  before going ahead please ensure if your sis-in-law is ok with it
answered Dec 26, 2016 by honey uncle (105 points)

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