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Night fall every 15 Days is good or bad ?

asked Oct 22, 2016 in Questions by dashu01 (120 points)
Hi ,

I am facing a problem. I suffer from night fall twice or thrice in a month. Is it nomal or do I need to visit any doctor.

Please suggest how to reduce it. I have noticed something that while in night, I eat egg or drink less water ,I have a night fall issue.

Thanks in advance.

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2 Answers

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It is difficult judge to your problem correctly without knowing your age.There is no mention of it anywhere.Night fall is not bad.Curb your fantasy and sex feelings.Your problem will be solved.
answered Oct 22, 2016 by Motilal (8,725 points)
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Dear Dashu,

Your profile is incomplete. The vital information like age, interest are unknown so its difficult to answer you.  

Nightfall is a common problem found among young men. It is more common in youngsters who are not sexually active. In such men semen gets discharged while sleeping. The most common explanation for this given by young men is the occurrence of sexy dreams which finally convert into sexual arousal and ultimately seminal discharge. Though a weekly or monthly nightfall is totally natural but a frequent occurrence may be a sign of some internal weakness or inability to hold semen in the body. It is noted that men who experience heavy nightfall are more prone to develop premature ejaculation in future.  They feel weak, low on energy, complains of body aches serially knee pain and low back ache.

Nightfall is neglected by most of the males. It is taken as a natural way to pas out excess semen. This is true but what would you say if it occurs daily or even twice in a single night. It is surely a serious problem if not treated. People may even get impotence if they continue to get frequent nightfall. Prolonged nightfall may lead to penis weakness, low back ache, psychological demoralization, hair fall and dry skin. The glow on the face is also diminished and the eyes get sunken with dark circles all around. Although there are so many causes of nightfall but one of the most common cause is over masturbation in the early age. This is done to get sexual pleasure in the absence of a partner. This is a mistake committed unknowingly by many teenagers.  According to our experience masturbation is only good in controlled and limited quantity. Masturbation once or twice a week is OK, but beyond that, it can have a negative impact on one’s sexual health, stamina and performance, and also one’s overall health. Therefore, the consequences of over-masturbation are really very bad.

Other than masturbation the other most common cause is increased or uncontrolled sexual desire in young age. The person keeps on thinking about sex all the time. He keeps on making sexual stories and creates unnatural fantasies. Due to this sex is always on his mind. While sleeping the emotions gets accumulated and result in stimulation and discharge. The genitals of the patient suffering from nightfall becomes weak and flaccid. The person faces problem while erection which is hard to maintain. Liquidity or reduced viscosity of the semen is also a cause of nightfall. High viscosity helps in retention of the semen. If the semen gets watery due to undernourishment or masturbation it is more likely to easily pass through and result in nightfall.

answered Oct 23, 2016 by bubu_002 (2,790 points)

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