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How to convince my Wife about my Cuckold Fantasies?

asked Oct 9, 2016 in Questions by loric (145 points)
edited Oct 9, 2016 by longhands1

Hi Anjali,

We are a happily married couple aged 37 years.

I like to watch my wife flirting with boys while we are at a party. I like when she is teasing an unknown person by showing her panty or going pantyless. I also like to watch her in bed with big dicked smart guys and sometimes she enjoys sometimes not?

How to convince het that I really like to see her enjoying with other guys?

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commented Oct 17, 2016 by longhands1 (77,170 points)
It is surprising that you have not provided feedback in the form of comments to all the answers you have got.


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9 Answers

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Loric, You are walking on a thin ice. Cuckolding requires much more understanding between the couple. Fantasy and reality are two different things. What one imagines in fantasy may  not  be  that enjoyable (necassarily) . Jelousy  could play major role. What if she enjoys it more with other guy or guys than what she enjoys with you?

        It can geoparadise your relationship.  And first of all you have to take her consent for doing it without forcing your wishes or desires on her. If she consents to it full heartedly then only you should proceed. While choosing the guys you should opt for the persons who does not knows you so they would not be able to blackmail you. Because its also about your reputation in the society hence you have to observe utmost care . It is said that think thousand times before  you pray to God for anything because God might listen to your wish and grant it! 

        Only thing i would say it is take an informed decision . Do not go for it thinking how raunchy, spicy it would be. All the best! 

answered Oct 9, 2016 by prashant69 (6,990 points)
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Bring a friend of you at home and ask him to stay at Night.All the three talk about sex and extra marital sex relationship.Both of you praise her.Ask your friend to kiss and embrace his Bhabhi in front of you.A chain reaction will start.It will be impossible for them stop before doing sexual intercourse.
answered Oct 10, 2016 by Motilal (6,505 points)
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I was trying to understand your personality from your previous question, but you have not told us the outcome of your attempt to get a photographer to photograph your wife’s erotic nude pictures. If you were successful, it would mean that your wife is pretty naughty and enjoys risqué action.

This would make it easier for me to answer your present question about having another man in your relationship. Many men fantasize about this but do not even speak to their wives about it and so it is obviously just their fantasy. It would amount to a waste of time trying to give ideas on how to get your wife into a broad minded relationship, if this were the case.

What you consider flirting by your wife could just be a social gesture at a Party. When everyone is having a good time and on the dance floor (often under the influence of liquor), it will follow that your wife too is in the party mood.

You have mentioned her teasing by showing her panty. I am not willing to believe that she would go pantyless. This would take courage and boldness.

You have got the concept of a Bull all wrong. A wife who has a Bull will not need convincing and will take the lead in the relationship. You need to clear your head about a Bull Relationship. Do read my Articles on the Subject. You can Search for them, by typing Bull Corner in the start searching Box and you will get many ideas.

You may like to see her enjoying with other guys, but you need to involve her in this decision.       

answered Oct 10, 2016 by longhands1 (77,170 points)
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I liked the idea of Motilal, in fact, points by 'longhands' are good. I also suggest, First read her mind and act. Let me tell u my story, my wife is open minded, she loves flirting / partying, skin showing dressing (party only). once we came across swapping party concept. I took her once such party without telling her anything. that was our 1st party we did nothing, just introduced to few couples, few drinks, some dance and we moved out. It took some time for me to convinced her, next I tried body massage by male massagur (in goa, just massage).

Don't force her for this, this will spoil everything. Try to convince her to accept this, show u love her.
answered Oct 10, 2016 by SamRin (750 points)
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Talking from my own experience, this is a slow process which demands a lot of communication. Watch interracial/cuckold porn, encourage her to have sex chats on Omegle, ask about how her sex life was with her ex.  It does have risks involved but if you can sort it out, it's pretty fun to do.
answered Oct 11, 2016 by PTP (505 points)
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Dear friend , please go thru my question shall i help to cuckd him?. I think it depends upon the nature and personal values of your wife. If she holds that orthodox indian values then please keep it as a fantazy. If she has a modern approach and has interests in these kinky things then you can talk to her. From the man i met during the train journey i realised that for many it will take years. First of all convincing your wife is the most difficult thing. Secondly finding a bull might takw even more time as its a risky affair. Sometimes you will have to convince the bull ( if he is an ordinary person) about the safety and other things. If she is not getting angry while you tell her about your fantazy then i think you are half done. Nowadays i regularly talk to that lady. She is still tensed but far relaxed than before. First of all present her some revealing dress and see if she is willing to wear those. If she does without any problem take thw next step. After some days show her a cuckold porn accidently and see how ahe reacts to that. Please drop the idea if she is not interested. As one of our friends pointwd out please consider other implications as well. Ita kinky for many i know it because i have seen it but it should not hurt any ladies.
answered Oct 12, 2016 by vimo (285 points)
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You have chances to make her ready for cuckolding since she enjoys sometimes so better to talk to her on the matter in more prominent way and ask her to try it. Do not force her just show your willingness and try to know her concerns. Give her confident that it will not affect your relationship in any case and she has all right to stop it the moment she feels to stop it. Give her enough time to think on this I am sure she will be ready for it. Discuss pros and cons before she sleeps with big dick guy. Take things at the pace she feels comfortable. 

answered Oct 13, 2016 by alpesh kapdi (22,920 points)
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Dear Io,
Not to be obvious, but honesty is the best policy. If you’ve been married a fair amount of time, hopefully you’ve built a relationship with your wife that is based on trust. So share your turn-on with her.
If you occasionally watch adult videos to spice things up, rent one with cuckolding in it. Watch how she responds. If it’s all good, that might be the perfect time to come clean and suggest it to her.
If she needs a little nudging, have a fantasy sex session. While you’re fingering her pussy and sucking her nipples, have her tell you something she fantasizes about. Then when it’s your turn, tell her your turn-on while she sucks your dick. Tell her how you dream of watching some guy spread her legs and pump her pussy till she explodes.
If she needs extra charming go out for a night of role-play. Take her to dinner. Tell her you want to pretend you don’t know each other and whatever character she creates has to be married. Then when you take it back home and you are in bed screwing your brains out, play up the “I think your husband is watching” part of the sexual role play.
This exercise will definitely give you enough information to decide what to do and upto what extent. A spouse taking a lover requires a strong marriage -- that means lots of open communication and honesty. You have to ensure that there would not be any problem in the relationship after this fantasy. 
answered Oct 15, 2016 by bubu_002 (2,735 points)
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Dont do it. U must satisfy her why u married her if u r  not capable.
answered Oct 31, 2016 by Gentlemanadi007 (155 points)

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