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My 52 Year old uncle licks me underneath. Why do I enjoy this?

asked Oct 2, 2016 in Questions by champi (125 points)
edited Oct 3, 2016 by longhands1

Hi friends,

I am 28 years old, married lady and I have a 2 year old baby. My husband has to attend a project for three months and as a result of that he had to ask his relative, uncle and aunt to stay with me until he came back.

This couple came to stay with us two weeks back. Uncle is around 50 years old and aunty is older than him by 5 years. Anyway aunty is a patient (actually she has many health issues and is often in bed).
Uncle is very healthy and presentable. From the first day itself, he shows too much love to me and my baby. He helps in garden work and even helps in cooking. He often touches my head and put his hand over my shoulder, telling me you are the best niece and he likes me lot.

I hadn’t any hesitation about him and we were more like good friends than relatives. One day, we two we were watching TV. My aunt had gone to sleep early. My baby was also with me. Suddenly, my baby wanted me to breastfeed him. Since he is 2 years old I do not regularly breastfeed him, since I don’t have milk now, but when he sucks my nipples, a small amount of milk comes. I had worn a shirt blouse and bottom without under garment since it was night time. I took him on my lap and breastfed him. After sometime the baby stopped sucking and went to sleep. I took him in my hands and tried to cover my boob.

Suddenly uncle said “Wait.. Wait.. See what has happened”. I was confused. Then he took my nipple in his fingers and said see your nipple has turned reddish and is swollen. I won’t say that I am very pretty but I have fair skin. I could not cover my boob as I had my baby in my both hands. I told him that it is normal because the baby sucks them. He took this advantage and suddenly opened the other boob and said, you have pink nipples. He held my nipple in his hand. Actually, I was getting excited, but did not want to show him. I got up and he followed me, but didn’t stop touching me and came to the room following me. When I put my baby to bed, he dragged me back and tried to remove my blouse. I pushed him away and told him that I will tell this to Aunty. He asked me to go TV room as he wants to talk to me.

Honestly, I felt some hot feeling down there. I agreed to hear him and moved to the TV room. He said that he did not have any harmful thought about me. But he couldn’t resist when he sees me breastfeeding.  I told him that I was breastfeeding for more than two years in front of my friends and relatives, but nobody behaved like this. Then he told me he loves me like a niece, but my breast is very beautiful and he has seen such a big nipple after long time. I said that since I’m breastfeeding my nipples have grown like that. He begged me “ Please allow me to breastfeed from you. I won’t do anything to you more than that and if I did anything more you can shout”

I was also getting excited and when he touched me again over the blouse, I kept silent. I told him that I can’t allow breastfeed, but only this time you can continue what you are doing and don’t ask again.
He enjoyed massaging my boobs from outside and then tried to open my blouse. I told him I am feeling shy and I want to go to sleep. He said, please I already seen and touched your boobs, so please let me open your blouse. I said no and went to my room. He came there and told me he has a gift for me.

I asked him what it was. He told me to close my eyes. I did, but covered my boobs with my hand. Suddenly, he pulled my pant down and since I was not wearing any underwear, he began kissing me down there. He was on his knees and I must admit I was already wet due to all the excitement.

This is my most favorite thing, which I had with my boyfriend, when I was 16 years old. My husband does not lick me there. I couldn’t control myself. He continued doing this for around 10 minutes. He took out his tool, but it was very small. Then he told me not to worry, I will not put my tool in your thing , but only lick you. He smiled and asked, Shall I breastfeed now? So finally he won.

Now I have some serious questions. Please share your opinions. I would like women Members to also give their advice.

1. He asks me not to wear a bra at home and wants to enjoy even in the daytime when nobody is around us. Should I agree or will this create a problem?
2. Since last five days, we enjoyed after everyone is asleep. He is very addicted to nipple sucking, and again, I feel milk comes out more and more. Do you know how to stop milk producing?
3. He licks me underneath even in mid-night. I can’t control myself during this action and I was cumming more than ten times some nights. Will this become a habit for me and it will be a health issue one day in future?
4 . Last night he did a very bad thing and I shouted at him. One teenage boy came to collect money for some school fund. I was topless with him as usual in the TV room. Main door is next to this room. When the doorbell rang, he went the door and came back to me. He said he wanted to give this money from my hand as a topless girl. He wanted me to be seen naked by that boy.

I refused it and told him not to make a joke. He said okay and go back. After five minutes there is a silence, I turned back, he took this boy to the TV room behind me and he fills the form for fund raising. The boy was looking at my naked boob. I didn’t have anything to cover myself. But I wore a bra. Now he wants me to go bra less whenever anyone visits.  

This man can really make me hot and excited. He now wants me to fuck with other guy. I have fear that he will blackmail me. Is that possible?
5. Even though his tool is very small, he wants to touch it against my back side. Many time in standing position he does this like men enjoy in the bus and train. Sometimes, he releases his semen on my back side. He doesn’t use back hole but when we are in the kitchen he always does this many times. Is there a risk of pregnancy?

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featued question

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6 Answers

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Best answer
Hello Champi,

You are really in the driving seat here. Your uncle is always going to be worried that you will tell his wife about him molesting you if he takes things too far. What you allow him to do is really up to you.

Your husband will come home at some point, and you have to consider what will happen once this takes place. Will your uncle and auntie remain living at your place, or will they return to wherever they came from?

As things stand, you are enjoying yourself. If your uncle is able to give you up to 10 orgasms in a session, then I think there can be no doubt that you are very happy with this activity. I think that the thrill of doing something so naughty at a huge amount of enjoyment for you. You also very fondly remember your boyfriend giving you oral sex regularly, and since your husband doesn't like doing this (what's wrong with him???), You have been missing out on something that you find extremely pleasant. Now the uncle is giving you something that you wanted, you find the whole thing irresistible. I think you also derive a considerable amount of pleasure from having your nipples sucked. My girlfriend has continued breastfeeding our daughter for the past five years, because she enjoys the feelings that she gets from it. I enjoy sucking her nipples as well, and I love the taste of her sweet milk. But inducing lactation is a long and laborious process, and not all women are able to do this.

You say that your milk flow has started to increase again, but this is natural, as your body responds to demand. The more milk is drawn from your breasts, either by a pump, or by circling, the more your breasts will produce. If you want to stop producing milk (and why would you want to do that, given that you are enjoying breastfeeding, and your uncle is enjoying feeding from you), then you must stop feeding completely, and your milk will dry up. This may take a couple of weeks, or maybe a bit longer, it really depends on you as an individual. When the nipples sucked, prolactin is produced. This is the main hormone which triggers milk production. If your nipples aren't sucked any further, prolactin production ceases, and then milk production ceases as a consequence.

Now to answer your questions. I will try to do this in the order you ask them.

1.   He wants you to go without a bra so that he can play with your breasts and suck your nipples whenever the opportunity arises, even during the daytime. There's no reason why you shouldn't do this if you so desire. If you enjoy the feeling of walking without a bra while in the house, and you are happy for him to start sucking your breasts when no one is around, then why not enjoy it? It will do you no harm, and it will certainly do him no harm. Apart from anything else, your breastmilk is extremely nutritious. Consider this: your breastmilk is all the baby needs to grow up healthy and resistant to germs and infections, so why would it not be equally healthy for an adult?

2.  As I said above, the only way to stop milk production is to stop your nipples being sucked or pumped. If he really enjoys sucking your milk, I would suggest you let him continue to do so. It feels nice to you, and he obviously enjoys doing it. As long as the two of you are discreet, and nobody discovers, then there's no reason not to enjoy this.

3.  Your uncle loves licking your vagina, and you get a huge amount of pleasure from it yourself. If you are experiencing up to 10 orgasms in a session, why would you want to stop this??? We are not rationed in the amount of orgasms we can have in life, so you can continue to enjoy as frequently as you can get away with. It will cause no problems for your health whatsoever. Now think for a second, who isn't addicted to having an orgasm? I know when my girlfriend licks my vagina, I don't want her to stop, and I love to do the same to her. When my husband licks either of us, we just wanted to go on and on and on. So I guess you could call us addicted, but I just call it sharing the most delightful of pleasures, and what's wrong with that?

4.  You need to keep control of your situation. Make sure that he realises the rules of the game. If you don't want to be exposed to other men, tell him that everything will stop if he doesn't behave himself. If on the other hand, you are excited by the thought of having sex with other men, then it's really up to you. I understand that you are discovering new things about your own sexuality, perhaps you had never hitherto thought about these things, or maybe they had just lying dormant in your mind, but now your uncle is awakening you to all kinds of sexual activities. You have to think about the consequences of anything you do. As far as blackmail is concerned, I don't think that this is something you have to worry about. He has just as much to lose as you, if the things the two of you are doing get discovered. If you did decide to have sex with other men, you have to be conscious of the risks of pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections.

5.  Many men absolutely adore anal sex. Your uncle obviously likes your bottom, and finds it sexy. My husband loves my bottom, and we engage in anal sex as an essential part of our lovemaking. I husband's penis is rather large, so it has taken me some time to become easily accustomed to it. But I enjoy it immensely. If your uncle wanted to do this, at least you say his penis is quite small, and therefore, as long as you are relaxed and well lubricated, you could enjoy this particular form anal sex carries zero risk of pregnancy; it is very popular as a method of premarital sex for girls in countries like Greece, Turkey, Italy, Spain, and so on. Anal sex is considered quite normal in Europe and North America, and is enjoying by a huge number of women.

I think that answers the questions you have asked. I don't doubt some people will attempt to make moral pronouncements and judge you for what is going on. There will also be those who will dismiss your post is a fantasy. As far as I'm concerned, I try to treat each post seriously, and as far as making moral pronouncements is concerned, I am not interested in the slightest. Would you wish to do is up to you. I am only concerned with doing my best to answer your questions honestly and accurately. If you feel like your situation is getting out of control, then you should either stop what you're doing, or lay down some strict rules of behaviour on your uncles part. You also have to consider what happens when your husband returns. Will you wish to carry on with your activities illicitly, or will you even have the opportunity to do so? Be aware of the consequences that would occur if your activities are discovered. Whatever else you decide on, let discretion be your guiding principle.


answered Oct 3, 2016 by sexysalma (14,995 points)
selected Jan 31, 2017 by champi
commented Oct 3, 2016 by champi (125 points)
edited Oct 4, 2016 by longhands1

Thanks a lot for writing to me. I can understand everything you advised. I am not a bad woman, and had only two BF. I think that close company with a BF is not a bad thing. I spent good peaceful time till this uncle came into my life.

Even in the first two weeks there was no sign of sex from him. I am an educated girl, but this man know how to please a woman. At the first time he took my nipple into his fingers without any fear. He fondled both my nipples when my baby was in my arm and I was fully wet.

His licking my vagina makes me unconscious every time and I let him do anything after that. Within 6 days he killed my shyness and I’m in his control now. If I have any chance to control him only that is his sick wife.

Thanks for your advice and I can understand that I can continue this activity till my hubby comes back. There are two months and one-week for that.

The big problem is his crazy fantasy to see me having sex with another person in front of him. He has tried to show my naked boob to that young boy. I have rejected all his requests so far. He asked me for one chance to satisfy his dream. He suggested that he has a very close friend who knows all his secrets from childhood and he will invite him to visit our house one evening. Then he can introduce me as his niece. 

He wants me to allow his friend to touch my body in front of him. Now the problem is how do these things in the house. If the aunt comes there will be a bigger issue. He has told me that he can arrange a place to chat in a garden .

I am confused now. At least if I can control his lust to show me others I can continue this. Unfortunately, he is very experienced every time he fulfils his fantasy by molesting me step by step. First time, I allowed him as he has a small tool. .

If I allow his fantasy will I be able to control him. Do you think it will work?


Please note this is not a Sex Story Site and if you want to write your sexual experience in detail, then please look for another Site. I have edited out aboout 100 lines of detailed Sex that you have written. We are here to provide serious advice and not to cater to lasvicious details. Please treat this as a warning.


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Mam, I have read your post and I do understand your circumstances. Your uncle has won u, u have hand overed everything of urs to him. But I think ur uncle is sick, please control urself, directly ignore him from now. Don't show ur assets or don't let him to touch ur body anymore. This type of sick person keeps very abnormal desires, which may be quite harmful to you, he may start blackmailing you.
answered Oct 3, 2016 by RahGhosh (155 points)
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If it is a fantasy then take it to the next level. Like letting the milkman fuck you while the uncle is sucking your breasts. If it is real, then keep enjoying with uncle but do it at your time and place. Do not let another person in..because secrets like these are very difficult to keep and pleasure becomes a nightmare.
answered Oct 4, 2016 by steppen (260 points)
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Things seem to have been going out of your control.

Talk to your husband,  go to your mom and dads place,  avoid uncle by sending them back.

Good for you and the kid.

Pleasure can be pursued in different ways,  but not at the cost of future of your kid and married life.

Think twice.
answered Oct 4, 2016 by the-judge (135 points)
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Dear champi,
I think your uncle wants you to have sex with another person. And when you do so, he will have advantage over you chance if you happen to tell about ur uncle to his wife, at the same time even your uncle will blame about you to others (like your husband )and get u caught. You are innocent. Stop having sex with some old mentality and think about your husband. Enjoy your sex life with him rather than your uncle. What if the same thing your husband cheated on you ? How would that feel? Sad of your husband. He is working to keep you happy.
There is no way to stop milk production in you.
 It is 100% guaranteed that he is doing this to just blackmail you incase you blackmail him to what he is done to you.
Do you want to have sexual relationship with this man ? You are telling you enjoy this then, what is your problem ? And Cumming regularly won't cause a health issue. It will rather cause pain over time. I am 100% sure ur uncle is doing all this so that he can be in a safer side that's all.
answered Oct 12, 2016 by Darius (625 points)
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I would suggest to limit ur hopes nit because you arw enjoying but because its heading in wring direction the person with whom you are is of preverted mind he will raise his level and can make. you his own personal slave is that what you want?

ans there are chances that your husband will know one day but as long as these things are in limit and in between 2 thats good.
answered Jun 17, 2017 by myselfarun (1,225 points)

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