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Will my sister get pregnant?

asked Sep 28, 2016 in Questions by billavenkat (250 points)
edited Sep 29, 2016 by longhands1

I recently had sex with my sister. She is 19 years old. I did not use a condom, but I came outside her vagina after I took out my penis.

Will she get pregnant. Please help me. My age is 21. My penis was fully inserted in her vagina and made a few strokes in her vagina. Please reply..quickly. If she gets pregnant how to abort it naturally or medically?

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6 Answers

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Best answer
No matter how many times we say, people go on doing stupid things.

If you are going to have sex, either you need to wear protection to prevent against pregnancy, or your partner needs to be using some form of of contraception, either the daily mini pill, a contraceptive implant, or an intrauterine device. This is mandate three, not an option!!!

Abortion should not be considered as just another method of contraception. It isn't. It is the murder of an unborn child, and there are very few reasons why this should even be countenanced. I'm not often disgusted by people's attitudes, but the idea that you can casually have sex with someone, then tell her that she has to have an abortion if she has by some stupid means, got pregnant, shows such a callous disregard for human life that it actually sickens me.

While the chances of you making your sister pregnant are fairly small, you have to understand something about human anatomy, and the reproductive system. If you didn't know this before you started having sex, then you shouldn't be having sex in the first place. The lubricating fluid that is emitted from your penis before ejaculation, commonly known as pre-come, is likely to contain some sperms. It only takes one sperm to make a girl pregnant, but given that the average ejaculate contains anything from 2 million to 20 million individual sperms, and even that number is not always enough to get a girl pregnant, then you have probably avoided hitting the jackpot. But notice I say probably: many an unwanted child has been born because of stupidity, and that stupidity includes people who think that pulling out before ejaculatory is sufficient to prevent pregnancy.

You say you recently had sex with your sister. What do you mean by recently, like yesterday evening, three days ago, two weeks ago? If it was anything more than last night, then the emergency morning after pill is unlikely to be effective if she did get pregnant. You really are a stupid individual, and like most guys, you thought with your cock instead of your brain.

You had better make plenty of offering to your God or gods in the hope that you and your sister have avoided a disastrous and costly mistake, and if you haven't avoided it, and she is pregnant, there's no such thing as a natural abortion, it's something that is done by medically trained professionals. In the early stages, the fetus can be aborted by a cocktail of drugs which are only available through a proper Dr. If she is pregnant, you had better take responsibility for your actions, and at least go with her to the doctor to support her a time when she will feel really emotional and upset. Taking the drugs may have side effects that make her feel weak and nauseous, and she will need somebody to support her. You think you're man enough to have sex, then you'd better be man enough to accept the consequences of it.

If you are lucky enough to find that she is not pregnant, and the two of you wish to continue having sex together, then forgot sake grow up and be sensible. Either go with her so that she can seek proper contraceptive advice, and start using whatever appropriate method she decides upon, or you go out and buy a condom is, and stop having stupid ideas about putting in without protecting her. As I say, if you want to be a man, you have to accept a man's responsibilities!!!

answered Sep 28, 2016 by sexysalma (14,995 points)
selected Oct 12, 2016 by billavenkat
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Hello venkat,

Last year you had told us about the relation between your brother and your step sister, saying that their limits are crossing the line and all like giving lipkisses to each other. Now seems you are tempted by their acts and you involved with physocal relation with your step sister.

You also wanted to see your mom nude while she is bathing. Okay apart from your background, now you are worried due to unprotected sex with your sister. Unfortunately the chances are high that she is pregnant. Prevention is better than cure. You should have used protection but you failed and now worried.

Yes, there may be chances for your sister getting pregnant, even if you ejaculated outside her vagina there may be still chances. Please let us know her menustral cycle. Hard luck this time. Henceforth take necessary precaution by using condom before having fun.

best wishes
Info Seeker
answered Sep 28, 2016 by InfoSeeker (130 points)
commented Sep 28, 2016 by bubu_002 (2,735 points)
Great effort. You have compiled all the questions and its content.
commented Sep 29, 2016 by InfoSeeker (130 points)
Thank you Bubu_002

Thanks for the boosting words. have been following the sites from many years but recently created and account and from yesterday started to share my opinions and acitivity.

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Yes indeed, there are chances for her getting pregnent. I dont knw how to abort it. But what you have done is sheer madness. Fucking your sister without condom is a big, big mistake. Before doing such things you should consider all the consequences.
answered Sep 28, 2016 by kinkyguy007 (540 points)
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You had earlier asked questions about your brother kissing your sister and how upset you were about this. Is this the same sister that you now had sex with?

Having sex without a condom can definitely get your sister pregnant. Just because you did not cum in her vagina, but spilled your beans outside is no guarantee that she may not get pregnant. Before you actually ejaculate, there is a transparent liquid that is secreted called pre-cum and that can have sperms from an earlier episode of masturbating, which can impregnate your sister.

There is no way to abort the fetus naturally and if you think, she eating papayas etc will help, you are sadly mistaken. The only way is to have an abortion in a clinic. Be prepared to tell your parents about this and get her to visit a gynecologist but make sure that you accompany her. After all you had your share of fun, now it is time to face the music.        

But before you jump to conclusions and spend sleepless nights, get her to do the pregnancy test at home. Kits are available in the chemist and this does not require any prescription.

answered Sep 28, 2016 by longhands1 (76,900 points)
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You must not feel proud after fucking your sister,without condom.Did she bleed...allowed you to insert full penis in her cunt.If she becomes pregnant,you shouldn't hesitate to become father of that child.You have enjoyed her,I will never advise you to abort the bye product.
answered Sep 28, 2016 by Motilal (6,460 points)
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Dear B,

As like you some people are doing such mistakes inspite of their knowledge of contraception. You did something which might be incidental or take the advantage of the situation.

In case of the unwanted pregnancy you have to consult the doctor first who can deal the situation in a better way rather to consult unprofessional doctors/quacks. Consumption of self medication has serious impact on her health. So you have to deal the social and health situation in better way so that she should be out of danger. This type of incest relationship have to continue secretly.

You have to pray god that she is got pregnant you have to take care of the contraception method in future. 

answered Sep 29, 2016 by bubu_002 (2,735 points)