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Questions on incest: just how prevalent is it in modern society?

asked Sep 21, 2016 in Questions by sexysalma (14,995 points)
edited Sep 22, 2016 by sexysalma
I have been an editor on this forum for several years, and when I first started editing, there were very few questions regarding incest. Previous moderators may well have deleted questions on this subject, but I have noticed in the last couple of years, we are receiving more and more posts on this subject.

I am aware that a number of these posts may be fantasy rather than fact, but I've always had the opinion that people fantasise about things they actually want to do, so fantasy is often only a frustrated reality; therefore those who imagine incestuous relationships, actually want one, though whether this is converted to reality or not is another matter.

A lot of people get uncomfortable about the very idea of incest, and society, to a large extent, tries to sweep the whole issue under the carpet, rather face up to the reality. With 7 billion people on this planet, there must be millions of people practising incest.

Defining incest is quite difficult in itself. Depending on your culture or religion, you may find that you can have sex with your cousin, or other close blood relation. Also, the law varies from one country to another. In the UK, where I'm from, incest, when discovered, is invariably prosecuted, and can even lead to a custodial sentence for those involved. In other countries, it is supposedly illegal, but a blind eyes turned if those involved are doing so of their own free will. India is another example. While I might criticise some things about Indian law and the way it is applied, I have to say that in this particular instance, it seems to be quite enlightened and sensible. Incest is not illegal in India, as long as those involved are consenting, and have reached the age of 18.

The age of consent is also a tricky subject. I cannot even discover if there is an age of consent in Japan, but I know that for example, in Spain it is 14, and incest between consenting people above the age of consent is not against the law. In Germany the age of consent is 15, as it is in France. Both countries seem to have rather ambiguous rules about incest. In the US, such things appear to be governed by state law, rather than federal law, so both incest and age of consent may vary from one state to another, though if anyone knows the truth about this, I'm quite happy to be corrected. In my own country, England, the age of consent is 16, but young people commonly lose their virginity two or three years before reaching this age.

There are also variations of opinion on what constitutes incest. Some countries apply incest as a label to any kind of sexual activity between close family members, whereas others only apply incest to actual sexual intercourse. This would suggest that in some countries, close relations can perform all manner of sexual acts with each other, as long as they don't practice vaginal penetration!!!

Incest is an activity which covers all cultural and national boundaries, regardless of class, race, religion, or social standing. And if our readers did but realise it, it might be going on in the street where they live, or amongst the people they work with, or socialise with as friends. Amongst all the secrets that people keep from each other, this is probably the biggest one!!!

So, confusing isn't it!!! What I really want to find out is: how prevalent is incest? Given the number of posts we receive, it suggests that many people are either practising it, or fantasise about doing so. I would really like to hear from our readers, about their experiences, or their fantasies if they have never actually done anything. Remember, you choose your own ID, and it is up to you to choose an ID that will not reveal anything about you, as most of you already realise. So even if you are shy, you are not giving anything away by writing into us.

This is a serious question, and while I freely admit that I enjoy reading erotic fiction with as much excitement and pleasure as anybody else, in this particular case, save your more lurid fantasies for other websites that welcome exotic and erotic stories. What I really want to know is how many of our readers find this a topic of interest.

I would request that those of you who are disgusted by this subject, please do not write in on this occasion. It just makes much more work for us editors, sorting out those who are giving us information, and those who are showing their indignation.

So, those of you who are either involved, or find the whole idea exciting, please get in touch. You know that your posts will be treated with confidentiality, so you have nothing to fear.

Hoping to hear from our readers.

commented Dec 22, 2016 by honey uncle (105 points)

Hello Salmaji,

I like your post very much. From childhood, I always have fantasies about having sex with all my cousin sisters and all my aunts. I remember that time my age was around 8, now I am 45. Every day, I used to masturbate  and think about one of my aunts, like chachi, mami, mausi, bua ( fathers sister), my cousins like daughter of my uncle, mama, etc gradually I was addicted to incest sex and started enjoying with them in real life,

My aunt (chachi) is the first lady in my life with whom I enjoyed. That time I was 12 and she was 35,, and after that  we enjoyed so many times. She is my guru who taught me every thing about sex and gave me all sorts of pleasure.

After that one by one I enjoyed with many of my cousins, nieces, sister in law's ( many of my Bhabi's). My future fantasy is to enjoy with my would be Daughter in law, and I will try to seduce her and enjoy with her in real life and I am sure I will succed in seducing her.

My personal view about incest and why it is more erotic :- In fact in sex emotional feeling and love plays a very vital role. where there is no love or emotional feeling between partners one can never enjoy to the fullest  with happy ending,

My experience says .. every one is more attached and has love and emotional feeling with a relative rather than an outsider or stranger.

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25 Answers

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Dear Salma,

The topic is really interesting for the following reasons 1. It is happening in our surroundings 2. People are opting it as easy and safe way to deal with 3. Some well know pair relation popular in the society.

There are incest relationships that are being maintained in secrecy due to non-acceptance in the society. Some adopt it as low risk category of relation that don’t give you burden for long term commitment and quick access to avail the desire. As the family involved from both sides so each side adopt the protective layer for each other.

In modern society sex is gradually being taken as the commodity and available to those who can have the purchasing capability. Previously people are attached with the social relationship and its limitation. In the era of liberalization boys/girls/men/women have access to the materials or knowledge that would helpful to continue the same. The old generation is not in a position to judge such changing among new generation people. I remembered one incident in which my cousin allured me by inviting with signals to have sex but I denied due to society. There are cases are being displayed in newspaper or media.


answered Sep 21, 2016 by bubu_002 (2,760 points)
commented Sep 22, 2016 by sexysalma (14,995 points)
Interesting comments!!!

One thing you don't seem to have considered is love. A number of the people who have contacted me, usually by private message, confess that they actually love their sibling, or their parent with whom they are having a relationship.

In some cases, these people have taken me into their confidence to the extent where they can prove to me that their relationship is genuine. I know of two couples, both mothers having a loving relationship with their son, who have gone to the extent of giving birth. In both cases, the resulting babies have turned out perfectly normal. Such relationships indicate more than just satisfying sexual urge. To commit yourself to the point of giving birth to your incestuous partner's child indicates a very deep and loving relationship.

I have no doubt that many brothers and sisters, and first cousins engage in sexual activities together, purely because they are curious about sex, and the urge to actually do it, rather than think about it becomes too much to resist. But I am also personally acquainted with two couples who everyone assumes are married, yet in both cases they are brother and sister. Both of these couples have children, one couple has to beautiful little girls, and the other has a boy who is now seven years old. As I'm sure you can imagine, they are quite content to let all of their neighbours think that they are married, when in fact they are brother and sister. These couples know each other, and found each other on the Internet, where I guess, these days, if you look hard enough, you can find anything and anyone.

In your particular case, you had the opportunity, but chose not to> I suppose you felt constrained by societies condemnations of incest, or perhaps you just thought that it was wrong?

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Hi salma i like incest very much and i fantasise it evry day
answered Sep 22, 2016 by kinkyguy007 (540 points)
commented Sep 22, 2016 by sexysalma (14,995 points)
You say you like incest, and fantasise about it every day. As I said in my original question, I'm of the opinion that those who fantasise about a thing would usually practice it if they got the opportunity.

So who do you fantasise about, and would you have an incestuous relationship with the person or persons in your fantasy?

Is there anything emotional about your feelings, or is it just the excitement of having sex, or perhaps even the increased excitement of doing something that you know is considered to be wrong by society?

commented Sep 24, 2016 by kinkyguy007 (540 points)
Salma.. I fantasise about mom and sister.. Especially when i fantasise thinking mom it will give immense pleasure...
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I think incest persists. Most of the people,do not admit it. It is in passive and dormant state. Hugging, embracing and kissing usually happens in incest. Some feel each other physically without doing penetrative sex. I have done nothing with sisters, cousin sisters and sister in laws.

My sister gave me full liberty to enjoy her Nanad (Husband's married sister) it incest or not. I don't know. She (Nanad) is used by my sister's husband. I am also seduced by my Mausi's eldest daughter (widow) and I obliged her. She says that it is not incest...we are not blood related.
answered Sep 22, 2016 by Motilal (7,420 points)
edited Sep 22, 2016 by sexysalma
commented Sep 22, 2016 by sexysalma (14,995 points)
I wouldn't necessarily agree that hugging, kissing, or embracing are necessary incestuous actions. It is all to do with intent in such a situation. A sunken hug his mother, and kiss her, without having the slightest incestuous intent, but on the other hand, if he feels sexual arousal from doing this, then there is most definitely a sexual element going on in his head. If he does the same to his sister, and feels a sexual thrill from doing it, then you could say that he has incestuous feelings. But brothers and sisters hugging each other, or close family members hugging and kissing cannot always be thought of as an incestuous activity.

You have to forgive my lack of understanding in some of the expressions used. You talk about your sister giving you full opportunity, now are we talking about your real sister, or, a cousin, or someone who is only related to you by her marriage to one of your family members? If you are talking about a husband's married sister, I assume you are referring to your dad, and his sister who is married to somebody else? But I may be wrong. If it is your dad's sister, and you are having sex with her, that is incest, as your dad and his sister share the same blood as you. Similarly, my very imperfect understanding of the way Indian culture gives names to the various different flavour of auntie's, tells me that Elsie is your mum's sister. If you are having sex with her daughter, then she is your first cousin. In some cultures that is considered incestuous, and in other cultures it isn't. But you and your cousin share a blood relationship. That blood relationship goes back through her mother who is sister to your mother. What is clear to me is that you enjoy having sex with her, and I imagine that you will continue to do so, regardless of whether the relationship is incestuous or not.

From what I can understand of it, it all depends on how much the blood is diverted by being shared with nonrelated people. And how far away cousins are from each other. First cousins share a lot of the same blood, second cousins less so, and more distant cousins could hardly be said to share any blood at all. I think that that is how most societies have regarded whether something is incestuous or not.

It's all very pseudoscientific, and there's a whole load of arguments for and against eugenics, and selective breeding, and so on and so forth. The Nazis made a complete study of all this, and even had a selective breeding programme to produce what they considered the perfect Aryan specimens. They also used their theories to "prove" that people of semitic origins were racially inferior, with the result that they murdered 6 million of them in a programme of organised extermination!!! Thankfully, their lunatic theories never took hold with societies worldwide, and were consigned to the dustbins of history.

commented Sep 22, 2016 by sexysalma (14,995 points)
For those of you who are really interested in this topic, take a look online to find out how the law applies in different countries throughout the world. I know I'm not permitted to mention specific websites, but there is one online and encyclopaedia which we are all familiar with, and it gives a breakdown, country by country, at least where it can find the information for a particular country, and gives you the laws pertaining to that country.

I found it quite surprising that the People's Republic of China has no law against incest. Given that they had that somewhat Draconian law against having more than one child, which was only repealed recently, I would have thought that they had very strict laws governing incest. Strangely enough though, both Hong Kong and Macau, which are part of the People's Republic, but have their own administrations, both make incest illegal.

Incest is also legal between consenting adults in about two thirds of European countries, including pretty much all of the Balkan states, most of the former Soviet bloc, and surprisingly enough, in France, Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands, and Norway. In Italy, incest is only considered to be a criminal offence if it causes a scandal, otherwise, I guess they just look the other way. But that's typical of the Italians rather relaxed attitude towards the law in general. How I do love Italy, it's a wonderful country, and such fun to visit.

That same encyclopaedia will also provide you with a country by country age of consent role, if you really want to know.

I just thought I would add this comment for those of you who are interested.

commented Sep 22, 2016 by Motilal (7,420 points)
I appreciate your feedback given on  the topic.My mind was enveloped by certain misconceptions.
commented Nov 15, 2016 by Motilal (7,420 points)
Perhaps you sister's husband(name:Pradeep).She provided me opportunity to fuck Pradeep's married sister.
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Hi salma, i like the incest and although i dont practice it. i do masturbate to it usually. Also i would like to say that i love chatting and reading about incest especially in India.
i know as i have read many posts on this website about incest, i firmly believe that incest is prevailing in Indian society too and i dont know weather people accept or not but what i think is most of us fantasize incest some or the other day..hope everyone agrees
answered Sep 22, 2016 by sambhav678 (175 points)
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Dear Salma madam,
I to like Incest.I am happly married and love my wife .we love each other and are faithful.My wife has a sister .when i married my wife she was(my sister in law) was about 17 not that attractive.I dnt feel any thing strange to her that time.but as years passed i started noticing her.she started to become more prettier than before as time passes.then i started feeling attraction to her.her boobs started to boom so as her butt.i coudnt help noticing it.she is no match in beauty to my wife but still i felt a hunger for .but never still now i have never behaved to her in any way to hurt her.I know its wrong but still cont let it go. .sometimesi think of her when i make love .i feel guilty but still cont let it time i was making love to my wife( thinking of her sister) got caught up in the moment  as i climaxed i accidently wispered her name.My god  when i gained my sence i realized the mistake i have done.My wife was suprised and upset.i finaly confessed her about my fantacy.She knews that guys do fantazise about other women and its normal if it stays as a fantacy.She then told me that i should not concider thinking of her that way again ,think of other women no problem but not her .I promised that i will not think of her that way again.But that was the promise which i never coud'nt keep up till now.And my wife knows it very well she is used to it now .She knows that i am harmless creature .Some times she joke during sex that is it me or her that you ramping.She is very understanding.Thats why i love her .
answered Sep 22, 2016 by Ajith jk (165 points)
commented Sep 23, 2016 by sexysalma (14,995 points)
The big question is: if a genuine opportunity occurred, would you take it?

As I've already said, those who fantasise about something, almost always would make it happen if they had the opportunity.

In your case, I think that this is one of those examples of a fantasy that you understand needs to remain just that. You love your wife, and she obviously loves you as well, and she really understands the way your mind is working. The two of you are so comfortable with talking about the things that excite you, that she can even joke about it. To me, that is the sign of a very happy and loving relationship, where both partners understand each other, and do not feel threatened by what either of them may be thinking.

I wish you both a lifetime of happiness and love.

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Hie salma ma'am  if u remember me... let me tell you   I was   once   a reader on this  ete I  got  this  fantasies about my aunty who live  alowg with us  reading many    questions amd  answer  and  getting  help  from you salmaa maam about  how to proceed  further   finally helped me    to have  great physical  intimacy with my aunty since  them  we indulge into it  many  time
answered Sep 22, 2016 by akshay_mumbai24 (200 points)
commented Sep 23, 2016 by sexysalma (14,995 points)
Hello Akshay,

All I ever advise people to do is to consider whether there actions and behaviour are going to harm anybody. If you are going to do no harm to others, then I truly believe that you can do pretty much anything you like.

Things turned out well for you, and you have good ongoing relationship. I don't doubt that some sections of society would condemn you and your aunt, but I'm not into making judgement calls on anyone.

Love to you both,

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Hi sweet SALMA....
Incest was happening and now a days, it is spreading with a great speed.  Startingly it happens  among cousions, among saali-jeejajee,  devar-bhavi, with aunt, mausi, etc. And now it spreads among sasur-bohu,  saas-damad, teacher-students, malkin-nauker, and in outside among collegues. Initially incest involved in kissing, hugging and now a days it ended up in sex. It becomes normal in our society and almost in every family it happens.  And as you say, it happens only in close affection and in love. As it is normal, no body gives more importance on it if it not gives any problem to others.

In my case, when l was 13 years old ( now l am 39) and studying in class 7th, one my related jeejajee  who is 18 year older to me, regularly comes to our home. He loves me a lot, hugs me, make me siit on his lap, kiss me. No body in my family and l also do not feel nothing bad as he is our related jeejajee. But when he get me alone, he hugs me, kiss on my lips,  squeeze my boobs and finger in my pussy. I never objected him as it also give me pleasure. Only this much, but no sex. And after my marriage,  when l went to my hubby's home, one of my hubby's cousion, who is 10 year younger to me,  respects me a lot, carry my order, makes me please always and becomes very close to me. Then one day when l was in my bed room, he came n talked with me. While talking he suddenly hugged  me n kissed me saying bhabijee l love you a lot, you looks so beautiful, etc. I also hugged him n kissed him on her face. Then after that, when he came to our house we hugged eachother, kissed eachother, he fingers in my pussy and l caress his cock. Then he requested me so many times for sex, at least for one time only. How l deny him ? The man who loves me a lot n requested me so many times. One day when my hubby was on tour, l invited him and we both did sex. It happened without the knowledge of my hubby. Then after that l keep no connection with him because l fear if it would be leaked it dishonour me.

So my dear Salma, in my two cases, incest happened in proper love n affection n care.

Thanks you a lot for   arising such a good topic like incest which is experienced everywhere.
Best of luck n lots of love.
Take care.
answered Sep 23, 2016 by nneha (325 points)
commented Sep 23, 2016 by sexysalma (14,995 points)
Hello Neha,

It is interesting to note that although social convention, society's opinions, and conventional wisdom would tell you that you were a victim of child abuse, you never felt this way about it, and you actually enjoyed the things that were done to you.

I wonder how often others feel like this? It is conventional to claim that all children are distressed by being touched in a sexual manner, whether by relatives or strangers. I would argue that, when it is a much loved relative who is doing these things, very often the children not only have no objection to it, but actually enjoyed. When something is done like this, by someone who actually has genuine loving feelings, is it really that heinous crime that society tries to make it?

I don't doubt that I am making an outrageous statement in some people's eyes, but I remember the pleasure I got from such things when I was a child, and I have never felt the least bit bad about any of it. I never felt as if I was a victim of any wrongdoing, and I not only enjoyed it, but I actively encouraged it and pursued it.

Your own experiences has been nothing but positive, and so I would have to question society's values yet again. Your experiences were full of love and pleasure, and they have done you no harm, so why should they be considered wrong?


commented Sep 23, 2016 by sakshii (385 points)
To be honest , she was only fingered but I started having proper sex at that age.I never felt abused , I loved it and always craved for it.Before that too I was being given oral pleasure by an older guy though he was not my relative but I used to call him bhaiya. If anyone had seen that they would have thought that I was being molested but that was not the case, instead I participated and encouraged in the act. Society is what a bunch of people decides what is wrong and what is right for all other people . That is the reason I actively seek to do activities which break this societal laws. So you are right , there is no age in love.Yes molestation is a crime but if done in a loving manner with the agreement of the girl , then it is a sexual pleasure of highest degree.
commented Oct 3, 2016 by JORDAN110894 (150 points)
To dearest neha

I m so happy for u bcoz u get to enjoy a lot of good sex... If u like having sex with cousin, then go for it, if your cousin is ready to keep ur secret & u trust him then u should go for it...don't stop... Enjoy with him.... U will b more happy & satisfied & ur hubby will also feel good seeing u happy... More power to u !!
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Hi All,
I rarely comment publicly.
 I love incest and helped a number of men and women getting their incest love.
Many people contacted me though references of each other and I helped them...pls don't ask how i help :) ...but that is 200% true...I am not making any story...

Incest does exist in India and i know around 50 people who are in incest very very close relations.
and they are very happy and thank me for that

answered Sep 23, 2016 by ruchisingh306 (125 points)
commented Sep 23, 2016 by sexysalma (14,995 points)
Hello Ruchi,
helping other people is highly commendable. My whole reason for joining this forum and becoming an editor was so that I could help people. I leave judgement on issues of morality to other people, as I'm only concerned with helping people achieve their desires, as long as those desires going to do no harm to others. That's where I draw the line. I will not encourage people to do anything that would harm anybody else. The one thing you

The one thing you have not mentioned is whether you have any personal experience yourself.


commented Apr 6, 2017 by RIHBS (210 points)
Hi ruchi

As you said you love incest can  you share your own experience of having incest
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Dear alluring editor.....

Sweetheart I myself in person find "incest" as a disgusting topic and I mostly skip even reading such posts here.

But your topic seems to be interesting one, That's why I also like to pen down few words.

You already gave a detailed description and information about incest. Here I am just adding my thoughts.

Firstly, I want to make it clear that I am writing according to Indian society and mentality here.
I agree the " Thought " of incest surely exist in our younger generation but mostly its just a thought, a fantasy when a young lad or a chick is aroused or playing with his/her sexual tool. But when he is normal I don't think it will still be in his or her mind. They mingle with there close relatives un-incestly.

What really happens is, when a person grow up and find a new feeling which is called sex, it takes time for him to handle it. Now a days we are living in internet world and it is very easy to watch porn. So most of them starts watching porn. As you know porn movies are non real and it is made to generate income. The story or the title they keep to catch viewers and it should be something different. Like if the title of a clip would husband wife sex it wont be that catchy but if it is cheating wife with a neighbor or aunty with young boy the viewer ship surely increase.

That young kid would be watching all those clips and now his mind will be filled with all those different relation ideas. It would be even more and more difficult to hand this new found feeling of sex which is emerging inside.
And ofcourse he will start masturbating.

Now in this age most guys dont have a girl friend even many dont have female friends and they wont have mingled with females yet. All they have seen would be there mom and sisters at home. As we know there is a fictitious movie runs in imaginations while masturbating and to make that movie more real one imagine people who he know as his sexmate. Generally one imagine about movie actresses OR females they know and here they start imagining about there mom or sisters as they have spent most time with these females in life till now. This is how it begins.....

But most guys keep this to there fantasy and dont want to talk or share about this " Evil thoughts" to others.
As in our society we give utmost respect to mother and sisters and certain thoughts are considered as satanic.

Thanking you
answered Sep 23, 2016 by hydspesial-2 (480 points)
commented Sep 23, 2016 by sexysalma (14,995 points)
I did ask people not to writing if they just wanted to exhibit their discussed, but at least you have put forward some arguments worth posting, even if I disagree with them.

The posts that I have received, which we can see in reply to my original question pretty much admit that incest exists and is quite widespread. People are also adding their own personal experiences in some cases, so it is clearly not only fantasy.

The general liberalising of India's morals can be fairly and squarely laid at the door of the media. Television and movies, advertising, billboards, and most important of all, the Internet, have all made people far more conscious of sex. I think that the younger generations are now thinking "why shouldn't I enjoy myself?" And as six is invariably associated with supreme enjoyment, it's quite natural that enjoyment expresses itself in sexual activities. These days, everything you see in trashy magazines, daily newspapers, on the Internet, and so on and so forth, sensationalising sex, and it really does love to brush up against taboo subjects. Such things as incest are no longer kept in the dark corners of people's minds, when we can watch videos portraying sons having sex with their mums, dads having sex with their daughters, brothers and sisters at it like rabbits. The fact that these are usually actors, rather than real relatives, makes no difference. It's what goes on in your head that makes a scene erotic and exciting. Taboo activities are not confined to incest, not when you can watch bestiality, underage sex, watersports, BDSM, and just about any other kind of kinky fun and games they have worked their way into your subconscious.

I only chose to ask the question about incest, as we receive so many posts on this subject. I could equally have raised a similar question about bestiality (maybe that should be my next topic for discussion?). There are certainly plenty of people who either fantasise about this, or actually enjoy doing it. As you yourself point out, pornography is made because it makes money, and the subjects portrayed in pornography are those which earn the most money. Even the most casual perusal of the Internet will reveal hundreds of sites featuring just about every kind of sexual activity you can imagine, and maybe stuff you've never even thought about. If there's a market for it, it's because there are people doing it!!!

By the way, thank you for calling me alluring, I do my best!!!

commented Sep 23, 2016 by hydspesial-2 (480 points)
I dont say incest does not exist on whole. It sure does. There might be many mom sis aunts who fucks there sons brothers and nephews. What i were pointing out the ratio between the imaginations and reality.  And I also were trieng to discuss how it enters into someones imaginations.
Coming to movies most of us watch movies because we very often assume ourself the movie charector. We know its unreal that one man fights with hundreds of bad guys and ends the evil, but still  we love Hollywood. We watch those unreal things and loved it because, what we cant do in real we can see happening there.for 2 hours we will be that super guy but once the movie is finished we are normal once again and gets busy in our usual life. So it does not means we watch because we do the same.
You may find it bad but I will stand against this as I find incest as an evil to society. I would surely want to make the noble relations clean. As you stand with incest as freedom. I wonder whats the use of such freedom when you dont have any respect of your own mom and sisters.
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Ya mam you are right and its exist in the all societies in world.nd  Salma ji I wanna know you ever experience such any incest relationships. Did ever face such type of thing in your life.??
answered Sep 23, 2016 by jabvmet (270 points)
commented Sep 23, 2016 by sexysalma (14,995 points)
I'm the one who asks the questions here!!!

My own incestuous experiences are not the province of this discussion. I am here asking about incest prevalence, not asking about what people think of my life.

What is a bit disappointing so far is the fact that all of my replies seem to be coming from people living in India. I know the website is based in India, but I'm also aware that people from all over the world to join us, and I would value their contributions as well. In the past, I've heard from people in the United States, Mexico, Brazil, South Africa, Nigeria, most of the countries in the Middle East, as well as Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, and even one young girl in Micronesia (a huge group of islands in the Pacific). I'm from the UK myself, though of Asian origins, and I do get some replies from England. But on this particular topic, the only prize I seem to have received has come from our Indian members.

Come on, all you in the rest of the world, let's hear your voices as well!!!

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Hello Salma

It's nice that you immediately posted this question after my question relating to  my mausi which I posted 3-4 days back.

Yes, I agree that their are incestuous feelings in our society especially here in India. The reason may be here in India we people don't get girlfriend as easy as in foreign countries. So, after crossing a certain age limit let's say around 19 or 20, there is hardly any boy on this planet who haven't watched porn. So the result of that will lead to his search for girlfriend so that he can do such things with her as he can't get married at this early age as he want to build his career and don't want to take burden of marriage. Even after getting girlfriend which comes hardly she may not agree to have sex with him as lot of Indian girls have in their mind that sex before marriage is like doing crime. And from their perspective, it can be true also.

So this leads to a boy to indulge into incest sex. As their is little risk in it, because cousin, mausi, aunt or whoever he is having incestuous feelings also have fear if truth is known to people including relatives how they will react to this. Also the other reason of such feeling is that they know each other for long time, they know what they like and what not. So they can easily have a small affair till they get their life partners.

Also, all is happening inside home itself, so no one will doubt on them as what is happening in between them. But having extra marital affair is somewhat risky.

I have 1 cousin who frequently gives me indications about she is interested in me. That might be to have some fun till she get married. The same is the case with my cousin brother's wife, she talk to me in flirty manner. I don't know what's going in her mind. But ya, she might also interested in doing some things in absence of my cousin brother.
answered Sep 23, 2016 by Raj Handsome (1,430 points)
commented Sep 26, 2016 by sexysalma (14,995 points)
I just wanted to pick up on a point that you raised. If Indian girls think that having sex before marriage is a crime, then I would imagine that those same girls would consider that having sex within an incestuous relationship is even worse.

I think that people indulge in incest, because in some cases, their closest feelings are for their relatives, and it's easy to take loving feelings just that little stage further, and let them move into the realm of sexual attraction. Many of us hold back those feelings, but quite a few cross that boundary and allow themselves to enjoy something that society says is bad. And then there are those who do these things because society says it's pad. Some people get a real thrill of excitement from breaking the rules. There are also those who indulge in incest, simply because it is an opportunity for doing something with little risk of being discovered, and therefore gratifying and need.

In your particular case, you believe that you have been given an open invitation, but I would be wary of making too many assumptions. Some girls just like to flirt harmlessly, and would be horrified if you actually made any attempt!!!

commented Sep 27, 2016 by Raj Handsome (1,430 points)
Yes, You are right Salma.

Thanks for replying to my comment.
And thanks for putting this question on forum, It will definitely help most of members indulging in incest..

Good day...See u soon

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You mentioned defining incest is tricky. True. My first brush sexually with  a person of opposite sex was with my aunt, mother's youngest sister. She is 9 years older to me and to put it simply, she seduced me, whether with much deliberation or out of a sudden urge to indulge, I will never know. I do not wish to go into deep details as it will digress but here is he shorter version of it:. She was single then and living with my family and we shared a room with twin beds. She used to read paperback fiction before going to sleep and I guess the steamy sections in them might have pushed her into it. I was around 13 then. She started with encouraging me to feel her body, especially breasts and soon graduated to suckling me with her breasts simultaneously guiding my fingers down there beneath her undergarment, ending up stroking herself using my fingers.  No words or looks exchanged ever. Everything happened in darkness and after I dozed off. Of course I used to wake up the moment I felt her warm flesh but was either too scared  or curious and excited to open my mouth or even resist.  This went on for an year with gradual increase in access and freedom to me. After one year, or so,  one night overcome by her own condition and bolstered by my own initiatives in exploring her (she once caught me sitting up and staring at her genitals out of curiosity while she was stroking herself with my fingers), she encouraged me to mount her and penetrate. It tok her two frustrating nights of multiple attempts to get it right as the 14 year old me was still naive in some dynamics iof sexual intercourse. Thereafter she frequently made me penetrate her and copulate. Things went to dizzy highs when she took me even during afternoon when nobody was around. Gradually in our 3rd year of clandestine, unspoken, unacknowledged midnight affair, she began to withdraw. A couple of years later she fell in love and married and by then we had completely halted the affair.

Sexually penetrating my aunt qualifies as incest in my book. Our relationship now is normal as between cousins (she is more like a cousin than aunt given the single digit age difference). Even during those tempestuous days(nights), we never ever acknowledged the new relationship. Never spoke of it, never gave hints however inconspicuous it is, about the nocturnal deeds. Our day time relationship was as normal as before. We literally made an unspoken contract of denial of the night time activity as if it never happened. We were in it just for the physical gratification, for we had a mutual unwritten acknowledgement of each other's biophysical needs and all our activity purely serviced this need and nothing else. There was no romance or emotion.  Therefore it is not an incest but a bilateral agreement to help with sexual need.

Post marriage I kept distance from her for sometime but gradually got drawn to her body again as an adult as our families began to meet more often. I used to admire her body, fantasise sex with her and relive the graphical memories of our past affair. Even today I use her memories to work up my libido. She now has a grown up daughter and I will not omit to say I fantasise the daughter too.
answered Sep 23, 2016 by dunefakir (625 points)
commented Sep 26, 2016 by sexysalma (14,995 points)
As you say, your relationship with your mum's younger sister was one of mutual gratification. It could be argued that she took advantage of you when you are still young, but you didn't exactly push her away did you!!! In fact, you are in a position that millions of young teenage boys can only dream of, and you made full use of the freedom you were given. You satisfied her needs, and she satisfied yours.

You never had any bad feelings about the whole concept of incest, and you are now even thinking about your niece. I don't doubt that your aunt keeps this in her own mind whenever the family gets together. How she would feel about you and her daughter having sexual adventures, I don't know, but she certainly enjoyed herself with you.

Thanks for sharing your memories with us.

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Hi Salma,
I am an avid fan of incest. I am of the opinion that incest among consenting adults should not be frowned upon.
I have been fantasizing incestuous activity involving myself and my family members for over 4 decades now (I am now 55). The strongest desire that I have is to have sex with my own mother.  Have seen her fully naked once or twice but have seen top less umpteen number of times. Almost every day I masturbate and my fantasy normally revolves around mom son incest.
Besides mom,  I also lust my 2 half sisters and one niece.
Given an opportunity would I actually engage in incest?  Yes,  definitely, without any hesitation.  
I tend to believe that lot of incest takes place all over the world and we are getting to know more now because of advent of Internet.  I  also feel that this medium is helping good number of people to realize their fantasy by taking hints from others.
I remember one incident.  I was having a video chat with one young boy.  When encouraged,  he brought his mother's panty,  wore it and masturbated in front of the camera.  He confessed during that session that he would go to any extent to seduce his mother and his confidence level has gone up much because his desire is not unique but there are lot of people like him in the world outside.  
answered Sep 24, 2016 by parimaga (110 points)
commented Sep 26, 2016 by sexysalma (14,995 points)
Incest has been going on for as long as the human race has existed. I agree with you that it is far more out in the open with the advent of the Internet. One of the things that is good about the Internet is that it has given ordinary people a voice. It doesn't take long to search on the Internet, and find your particular interest covered by numerous websites, many of which have chat rooms and discussion forums. The anonymity with which a person can write in means that people are far more open about the things they are doing, and the things that they wish they could be doing. While some people may consider that morality is going to hell, I think the reality is that we are no more or less moral than me have always been, but we are just better informed than we ever have been before.

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I had sex with my bua's daughter when we were around 18. It continued till 22, we are of same age. It was without any love but pure lust and both of us enjoyed that without any guilt. She has a bf now and feels we should not continue witn our sexual adventure which I agree with. But those 4 years were the best, we did for more than 100 times between those years and still thinking about that makes me crave for her but that's all.
answered Sep 24, 2016 by Lovemyjanu (1,305 points)
commented Sep 26, 2016 by sexysalma (14,995 points)
Jaws is an example the two people satisfying their last. Neither of you feel any guilt for what you are doing, and I suspect that if she breaks up with her boyfriend, she might well be looking to find satisfaction with you again, given that it was a very convenient and enjoyable situation for both of you.

In your particular case, an incestuous relationship was born of convenience and necessity, rather than deep love and affection. But again, it worked for both of you, and neither of you have any guilt, nor did it do any harm.

Thanks for giving us your information.

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i love incest  i'm huge fan of ask Anjali, my incest feelings i am   writing , when was  16 years age my family lived  in small house , and bathroom was  out side of the house it had  an  open top, one fine day i was  on terrace preparing for exams  My habit was to  read while  walking  on terrace , at  terrace at a  side  was  our bathroom. All of a sudden  my sister entered in to the  bath room removed her salwar kameez top,opened her bottom  ,then she was in her panty  only with bra also removed ,took her  bath then i was very anxious & nervous  thinking some one would have noticed    me, but  with all theluck no one  observed  i saw her like this for a week  I loved the   scene very much.. After some years when she was in bachloers  i was  in 12th standard i continuously  praised her beauty she just laughed ,when she was in home  she wore  a low neck transparent  dresses i have seen  her breast like small oranges with stiffed ones ,she knows every thing but not told  parents and some times she encouraged  me to see her boobs .....After one year no one was at   home &   finally i  tried to seduce her then i went to  her bed  sat beside her and slowly with hands  shivering with fear  i pressed her boobs  on her top  for approx 30 minutes  Kept my hand  in her bra opened her  bra hooks with trembling hands  Suddenly she woke up asked me what iwas  doing ,iwas  stunned  with fear thinking  how she would  respond  she asked me   is it light off or on i was cold  with fear & told her  i fear in  dark she offered me to sleep with her  on her side  with my fear i slept in my bed ,next day morning my sister said with parents teasing with me brother fears with dark showing her boobs in low neck ,, after that i sent sex stories through  mails  she read  behaved like nothing happened  ,after her marriage she asked me to  sleep  with her when she came to home and teased again

My sister does  know every  thing what i did with her,  i  really would like to fuck her  She some times encourages some times disappoints  

        But today when i talked with her on  phone she talked  very  normally as  noting abnormal  ever  happened   between  us . Please help to seduce and fuck her  She also likes this &  when no one is home she wears loose top &  sits  in a was to show her boobs
answered Sep 24, 2016 by kiran clik (110 points)
edited Sep 24, 2016 by prashant69
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Hi Salma ,

Thank you for being there for so many , I really wanna appreciate you for being bold,being sensitive and understanding. I totally agree with you in so many levels . I am relationship with my own brother and he is good in many many ways . Having a failed marriage and after seeing so much ...... accepting my brother is the best thing I have ever done . Some credit goes to you and sakshi for making me feel good .

It all boils down to one question as long as u do not hurt any one it is okay to be with the one you love . Am sure about other relationships but brother and sister I think they belong to same age group most of the time and they understand what is going on in that age .

We took your advice and we are heading for marriage . A brand new chapter in our lives . FYI I have shared the bed  with my brother and believe me it is wired . Thanks again some time we need to have the courage to be happy .
answered Sep 25, 2016 by zmrusa (130 points)
commented Sep 26, 2016 by sexysalma (14,995 points)
I am glad you have found happiness. There is all any human being deserves in life, no one else has a right to try to take that away from you. If you and your brother love each other in a way lovers do, and as far as I'm concerned, make the most of it and enjoy life together.

I don't necessarily share your view that your relationship works because you are similar ages. I have known relationships that are very successful, where one partner is much older than the other. I think it really comes down to the chemistry between the two people involved, and their total acceptance of each other and the love they feel. Given that, pages and really a deciding factor. But I do see your point that being of similar age, he may well share similar interests, and having had a shared background, the understanding you have reach other helps to strengthen the bond between you.

I daresay there will be readers that will be screaming and shouting in disgust or horror, but if your relationship makes you and your brother very happy, and you are doing no harm to anyone else, then I see nothing wrong with it, and I wish you all the luck in the world.


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Well to confess I had a long Incest relationship with my elder sister after she got married.
answered Sep 28, 2016 by Pankajj (125 points)
commented Sep 28, 2016 by sexysalma (14,995 points)
Hello Pankajj,

Elsewhere on this forum, you gave us a detailed account of being molested by your male servant when you were a child, and I replied to this, which I hope you have found useful.

In my reply to that question, I was asking about your sexuality. Well, having seen your reply to my question, I can see that you are attracted to girls, so we cannot say that you are a gay man stop you may, perhaps, be bisexual, but given that you enjoyed along incestuous relationship with your sister, it would suggest that your main interest, sexually, is women. The circumstances around your incestuous relationship with your sister. How did this come about, particularly as you tell us that it started after she was married? I have to wonder whether this came about as a result of your encounters with your servant. Were you trying to affirm your own heterosexuality? Or is it simpler than this? Was it just good honest last for an attractive woman, who just happens to be your sister? Perhaps you would like to tell us?

I think you have a lot more to tell us about this particular situation, and I hope you will elaborate.

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Hi Salma,

 Thanks for posting this discussion. I am also a regular reader of this site and now a days Incest questions are increasing a lot. I too believe that incest are increasing. I was also attracted to my real sister and had sexual thoughts about her. We never talked about birds and bees earlier. I was afraid of advancements. But slowly slowly I started opening with her and we finally made to bed. Initially We felt so guilt in doing that but sexual pleasure surpassed the guilt. We were confident about the secrecy but one day our chacha saw us in act in middle of night. He told to my mom next day and she was hell angry. You can say it a coincidence or our great luck that my mom was having an affair with chacha for 6-7 years and my sister knew about it but never spoke to mom. She spoke at the right time and stunned mom. Things became awkward for week. Slowly we started talking and came to an agreement that we will never spoke about these things to anyone and will have our fun. Things are working smooth after that. As the ice was broken mom too involved with us. Now we can have sex in presence of mom also so it is kind of safe. This is how my incest is going on. The only thing I found is that when we are in bed we are just male and female. While being in family our relations count. Incest is not bad. It depends on how you perceive it.
answered Oct 14, 2016 by robotboy1 (730 points)
commented Oct 15, 2016 by sexysalma (14,995 points)
Better late than never!!!

I asked this question a couple of weeks ago, and I must admit I'm quite pleased with the large number of responses.

I know I asked for people to only respond if they had something useful to say, and for the most part, people did as I asked. Even those who were against incest gave reasoned arguments. What I was trying to avoid was people spouting hatred and spite for comments for no other reason than because they personally found incest repugnant.

I'm well aware that many people consider incest to be completely wrong, and as far as I can see, for the most part, they say it's wrong, just because other people have told them it's wrong. What I was looking for, when anyone wanted to make negative comments, was constructive criticism, and those that wrote in, at least made very considered replies.

The overwhelming impression that I got from those who did respond was that they didn't consider themselves as monsters, perverts, degenerates, or whatever, if they were involved in incest, or fantasised about such situations. It seems like most people who responded felt somewhat similar to me in that I don't consider there being anything wrong with pretty much anything sexual, as long as those involved are freely consenting to the things that take place, and that they do no harm to anybody involved.

Some countries are more enlightened than others, and while people may criticise Indian attitudes for some things, at least the Indian penal code does not make anyone a criminal for enjoying an incestuous relationship, as long as they are at least of the age of consent. Incest, when practised by consenting partners, is a victimless activity, and therefore, how can it be a crime?.

Robot boy, you have found that, giving way to your natural desires, with your sister feeling the same way, the two of you are now engaged in loving sexual relationship. Your mother, in getting up to some games of their own, is in a position where she cannot refuse to allow you to show your love through each other. Whether your relationship continues the rest of your lives, or you both move on to new partners at some stage, you both understand your feelings for each other, and you have lost any sense of guilt. In a very real sense, there is no reason why you and your sister should end your relationship, if it gives you both the happiness that you want in life. It might be difficult for the rest of the family to understand how the two of you feel for each other, but there's not really much to stop you from setting up home together, and living like a married couple, even though you cannot legally be man and wife. At the end of the day, a marriage certificate is just a piece of paper, and these days, a single line entry on a computer somewhere. What really counts is how you and your sister feel for each other, and if you love each other, what more do you really need? You could easily put a ring on her marriage finger, and she could tell the rest of the world that she is your wife, and no one would question it.

But maybe I'm jumping ahead of myself. The two of you are enjoying a sexual relationship, and perhaps that's as far as you want things to go? Whatever the future holds for both of you, I wish you lots of love, and lots of luck. Please keep in touch.

commented Oct 15, 2016 by robotboy1 (730 points)
Yes this discussion is indeed fruitful. I believe that if a sexual relation is not hurting anybody physically and emotionally and is due to full consent, it has not harm. We react according to what we are taught. I believe a large number of people imagine about incest but they suppress the feeling because it is against what is taught to them. When my mom got to know about us she was angry because she has to react that way. She is though a liberal woman sexually and has participated in threesome and group sex also but her first reaction was a no but now there is no problem. Well marriage won't be possible as we are not residing in so open society. We will enjoy till the relationship is feasible.
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I m a married man. Incest exist i have fucked many of my married and unmarried cousins sisters during family functions get to gether in our garage terrace storeroom etc by lifing their sarees, removing kurtees and pumping my shaft in and out of their pussies and asses.  Its normal now a days. Even if a girl is having bf she get fucked by cousins, brothers friend etc. Its very difficult to understand women my all cousins are well qualfied, good lookings etc i fuck   them in various position but dont remove their cloths as mostly i do during functions. In couple of times i have fucked them back to back. One thing is clear women love man who can satisfy them. In addition to pumping u need like their pussies and asses. I was lucky to fuck 2 of my cousins on their wedding day incest exist heavily. No body doubted as this gals look slim well maintained figure. But if look at their pussies and asses all are loose, its only when u remove panty a smart person can easily identify if the pussy n ass have tasted lund before.
answered Oct 31, 2016 by Gentlemanadi007 (155 points)
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Hi Salma,

I too am 30 yr, single guy from India (Chennai). Strangely, I never ever had any thoughts about it 5 yrs before and used to even get irate when I used to see people asking for incest chats in yahoo messanger chatroom.

But I alwys liked women who were well built, good looking and were above my age, so aunties / milfs were always my taste, but I used to always masturbate seeing pics of such actresses or net pics. But here in last 3 yrs, I have completely changed upside down. It is my experience with chatitng on some so called real incest guys or incest fantasy guys and chatrooms/fb that got me to look into my relatives / famiy.

Slowly, I started looking and started lusting badly on my aunt, her daugther and other ladies in my relatives / family. Honestly these days, I even enjoy when others talk hot about my ladies, be it my aunt or even  my aunt's elder sister, which is my MOM.  Maybe they have good bodies which is exiciting me..

Initially I used to feel guilty, but later I am not taking things in that way. Thought I only have lust and deires on my aunt, and given a chance i would love to bed her, but with others its just visual pleasure. I think of this as only an act of enoyment and that by feeling hot for family women, its just a way to compliment their look / physique secretly.

In any case, I dont have or will never have any intentions to disturb them.But yes with lust, there is affection / respct also which goes hand in hand.


answered Nov 28, 2016 by sam_2016 (155 points)
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Yeah, I have seen many such questions regarding incest sex, sex with maid etc. The matter is snake eats snake. Proper sex is always with opposite sex of similar status from another family.

When someone does not have the guts to properly approach the opposite sexes due to any limitations within them, then out of lust or hunger they turn towards their own family or maid ( of inferior class). For that they use emotional tools to approach them. Starts with hugging, caressing or showing that they care for them.

These will be done when nobody is around them. And finally the loser will end up having sex but when the time will come to take the responsibility or to prove them then most of them will run away.

My answer is definitely harsh but is true.

answered Nov 28, 2016 by xpktv2000 (3,295 points)
commented Nov 28, 2016 by sexysalma (14,995 points)
in what way is incest sex not proper sex as you suggest? If we if we define sex as being physical contacct between two people, of an intimate nature, then incest is just as much proper sex as any other.

If you want to argue that it is inappropriate, and that is your right. I asked for people's opinions, but for those who wished to speak against something, they have to put forward a reasonable argument, and yours fails to make the grade.

Saying that incest is the refuge of those who are sexually inadequate, and unable to find a "proper" partner misses the point. We are dealing with sexual attraction, and it is a fact of life that people are attracted to people who are blood related to them. This only becomes an issue for society, when people act upon that sexual attraction.

When I asked this question, some weeks ago now, I was pleased with the response. At least it brought the subject out of the realms of fantasy, and exposed it to the sunlight, if only briefly. You cannot make such a sweeping statement by saying that all people who want incestuous relationships are in some way inadequate, or not able to find a relationship outside of their family. I agree that this may be the case sometimes, but there are a huge number of people either engaged in incest, or desiring to be so, and you can't consider that they are all either sexual deviance, or social misfits and inadequates.

As I have said elsewhere in my replies, if something is doing no harm, I see no reason to put it on a list of banned activities annd taboo subjects, and never talking about it, much less taking things seriously.

commented Jan 4, 2017 by sam_2016 (155 points)
Hi Salma,

Honestly i often have thought the way u asked when i started my eyes on my aunts and Mom in the last few years.. i startd thinkig on how come its called a sin or wrong deed to have sex with own woman.. i mean..we r not forcing them in anways ways.. if consnetual thing happens, then why not? i mean its so safe to enjoy good sex with own family members as it will safe in al aspects...and in an sex, both parties r nly satiifed and both provide sexual pleasure /stisfaction to each other which is a way of if a mom-son or any have it. how can it be so wrong?
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Hi, yes incest is real and it happens in India. I have incest relationship with my cousin though i never had full sex because we never got such chance but yes we had oral sex quite a few times and yes we both enjoy it a lot and it was not just for lust but love too. I dont think its a sin or its something bad. If two people agree they can have this relationship. I also know a friend of mine who has sexual relationship with her cousin sister.
Enjoy guys!!!!!!
answered Nov 28, 2016 by apoorvsingh92 (135 points)
commented Nov 28, 2016 by sexysalma (14,995 points)
thank you for your comment, late though it may have been.

You don't save your male-female, and I would be interested to know. Most of the people who responded to the question were male, but it was interesting to see that some of the girls who read this forum took time to respond to my question.

I am trying to encourage more women to have the courage to ask their questions on the forum. Many of the girls who do read this forum write to me with private messages, and while I am happy to answer their questions, or help them with their problems if I can, I think it's a shame that more women do not contribute to the public forum, as it would give us a better cross-section of questions. Some of those who have written to me by pirate message state that they are too nervous or shy to put their questions on the open forum, but really girls, your anonymity is guaranteed, as the only thing that is revealed is the user ID that you yourself choose.

So, male or female? I'm interested to know.

commented Nov 28, 2016 by apoorvsingh92 (135 points)
I am male and i was late because i was busy a bit these days and didnt saw this question article. Yes i think females are shy and they fear a lot. In India even now most of the females fear a lot talking about sex. :-)
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Hello Salma,

Yes, incest do exist in India and I to love it to the core. I to fantasize about mom which makes me more horny and the load out of me is really in big amount! But much of the people lust rather than love their partners. I have often noticed that in case of MOM-SON relationship their is 70% lust due to the fact that its something different from what we call it as society. I dont have any negative thoughts about incest. If the other person isnt harmed then its well and good. Alas! we all are human-beings and sex is eternal part of our life.
Thanks to all the people who have guided me through this phase and i do like to lust on mom.

answered Nov 28, 2016 by aj10 (105 points)
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hi salma. the topic about incest is a very tricky one. brothers and sister may have touched each other at a very young age say maybe 10-11 years old out of curiosity. they wont even understand the strange feeling experienced by them.but later on they would feel it is forbidden. as for cousins it might go further. and where uncles or some elders are involved most of the times it is abuse or rape. so most of the events regarding such incest are kept under wraps. it maybe out of fear or stigma. as for looking at incest in purely sexual way i still think 95 cases out of 100 would be rape or sexual abuse.
answered Dec 13, 2016 by honeyorsugarshilpa (135 points)
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Ever since, I reached adolescent age and obtained knowledge about sex I found myself addicted to mature women.

Their figure, attitude and full mature psychological and physical appeal were always haunting me. I developed a crush on my aunt who was 35 then while I was 17. I developed a close relation with her which matured into good friendship and company.

Finally we developed sexual relationship in secret. It was the best in this world as the woman whom I sexually worshiped was my sex partner. I continued a long relation with her until I left for higher studies.

We are still good friends and keep in touch .
answered Oct 16, 2017 by Shuvam (205 points)

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