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I still dont have a girlfriend, why so?

asked Sep 19, 2016 in Questions by YashMS (150 points)
Hi everyone,
Im a 18 year old boy. And I study in college. Approximately 99.99% of my friends have relationships. But I don't have one till today. I proposed many n many girls , but no girls desire to be mine. I know a girl and she is my best friend since childhood. She is my crush. Butshe doesn't think that I would her bf. One of my friend told me that if a boy doesn't have a girlfriend before 19, he will never have one. Im very much scared after hearing this statement. My brother of 14 Yrs faces the same problem. As he is not allowed to be a member of this site, so I asked it for him. We both are very very jealous of our friends. Plz give me some advices. I beg

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3 Answers

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The first thing I would say to you is this: don't listen to what other people say when it comes to things like girlfriends, having sex, and all that kind of stuff. Your friends will all tell you lies, to make themselves look more impressive. I bet there's not a single one of them that would admit that he has never had sex with a girl, never even kissed one, but believe me, amongst all those boys boasting about what they've been doing with this girl that girl, at least half of them never got within 10 yards of a girl, never mind put their penis inside one of them.

Life is not like a Gantt chart, where you reach a certain point and you have to have done this, then reach the next point and you have to have done that. Life isn't like that. Things come along in their own time, and at their own pace. The more anxiety you have about finding a girlfriend, the more likely you are to not get one.

The simplest thing you can do is make yourself attractive to girls. Always make sure that you are clean, make sure your clothes are smart, make sure your nails are neatly trimmed with no dirt under them, make sure your shoes are cleaned and polished. Make sure your armpits don't stink, make sure your breath doesn't stink as well. If you look presentable, girls will look at you, and when they look at you, be friendly to them. I don't mean you have to be boastful or flamboyant, or exuberant or show off in any way, just be your natural self, even if you are a bit shy. Some girls like a shy guy, as they usually feel that a shy guy is not likely to be one of the shower of the kind of chaps who will then start bragging about what he's doing with this girl that girl. Try to be interesting. If you're one of these geeky people that spend all their time locked up in a darkened bedroom playing computer games, don't be surprised if girls aren't flocking to your door. Shown interest in the things going on in this world, if you like sports, let people know that you are into sports, but don't go on and on and on about it. If you like cars, there's nothing wrong with that either, but remember, if you start getting technical, a girls eyes will soon glaze over, and you will have lost in the instant.

Take an interest in women's issues. Learn a little bit about the increasing feminism going on in the Indian subcontinent. Young girls are more likely to be concerned about their rights and their freedoms. Their fighting against a society that is traditionally treated them as second-class citizens, and young girls these days don't want to stand for the sort of things any more.If you can learn a bit about the struggles they go through, it will make you understand them better, and you are likely to be more sympathetic. That will certainly make you attractive to girls. It's really a matter of going to the places where girls like to go. And learning about the things that interest them. It's not all pop stars, movie stars, make up and clothing, if you think that's all that goes are interested in, then you have a very shallow understanding of them.

Join groups that are interesting to both guys and girls. Many girls these days are interested in engineering and scientific things, and they are likely to be the more intelligent type of girl anyway. If you can join a group devoted to these sort of subjects, you will naturally come into contact with girls. Libraries are another good place, particularly when it comes to studying for things like exams or projects. You will find young women there, and you can just get friendly with them. You don't have to worry about whether any of them again become your girlfriend. You will start to make friends with a few girls, and the best relationships spring from friendship. If you genuinely like a person, it's easier to fall in love with them, and from love comes a lasting relationship. But, as I say unless you get out and about and meet goals, and go to the places where you are likely to find them, then you won't even get off square one.

The last thing I will say is this: you might think that meeting girls is difficult, and you feel that you are too shy to make the first move. Just remember, everybody, boys and girls, go through the same feelings. What's the worst that can happen if you talk to somebody? They might ignore you, or they might tell you to go away, but guess what, some of them will actually reply and have a conversation with you. When you break the ice, Ukraine little confidence, and with that confidence, you will feel your shyness retreating. Please don't worry, there will be a lovely girl out there for you and your younger brother, you just have to be patient, and do a little bit of the hard work yourself.

answered Sep 19, 2016 by sexysalma (14,995 points)
selected Sep 20, 2016 by YashMS
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Being single is not a problem. Focus on your studies, get settled. Don't be depressed for not having a gal.
answered Sep 19, 2016 by Khannaaryan (135 points)
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Ponder seriously why girls are not attracted towards you.There may be some reason behind it.You must be good in feature,studies,games and sports,extra-curricular activities to attract the girls.More over time is not running out,you will survive many more years.Your main aim must be of gaining sex experience.Become more mature,wait till then.This advise is applicable to your younger brother also.Never get perturbed for him.
answered Sep 19, 2016 by Motilal (6,505 points)

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