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Can a couple climax together at the Same time?

asked Sep 16, 2016 in Questions by Ajith jk (165 points)
edited Feb 26 by longhands1
Dear Anjali Madam,

I am Ajith 35 years married, employed in Fire Service in Goa. My wife is 32, mother of two daughters,aged 6 and 1.6 years. She is a professor in a Medical college in Goa. She is beautiful and extremly hot. We all live together in a rental home with my mother.

Ours was an arranged marrage. I never had any affair before marrage (I dont feel regret for that). I was not a hot shot in school and college, I like girls and their company but was shy to intract with them, so I was a virgin and my wife also was a virgin and I came to know that on our First night.

We have been married for about 7 years and we love each other very much. We some times argue ,quarrel  but we always sleep together in the same bed because we love each other so much and when we make love all our issues will be solved. Our sex life is also awesome. We have sex 3 times weekly and some times 4 if we are in heat.

Now coming to the question. Is it possible for a man and women to climax together at the same time? In my 7 years of sex life me and my wife have never achieved orgasam together. My wife is a beast in bed she is sexualy very active. We watch porn and  do all kinds of kinky stuff except anal. She likes to give and take Oral. I am not a stallion in bed but God has given me ability and body to  satisfy all her needs and demands.

During sex my top priority is her orgasm pleasure  and in these years I found out that Cow girl is the possition that nails her down, so we start foreplay and other stuff and then go to cowgirl in which she cums and then I moves to missionary possition to close  the deal. I know that she is 100% satisfied from her body change after our love session. She really sleeps like a baby.

I love the cow girl possition as it gives me access to play with her bouncing boobs and enjoy the beauty of her full glory when she is riding on me. I think its the best possition, seeing your loved ones taking control and enjoying on top of you is so awesome. So each time in our love session she cums first and then me. We never climaxed together. Coming to me I am perfectly healthy. I can hold on to my seed for quite some time and dont have any premature ejaculation issue.

So is it possible to reach climax together? I seek your advice in the matter.
commented Feb 26 by longhands1 (78,025 points)
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3 Answers

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Well you specifically asked Anjali aunty but still as I am free not I can try to answer your question. In my experience it is really hard for a woman to reach her climax than it is for a man. You just want to climax together.It's simple , as my bf has told me that men tries to hold his climax after a certain amount of time to let his partner reach the climax first.This may be the same in your case too.

Just keep having sex and ask your wife if she is close to orgasm.If she is then stop trying to hold your semen.Just think about cumming.And when your wife starts orgasming , just let your thoughts run wild and instruct your brain that it feels really good and you want to cum now. You will climax that's for certain.

Try it a few times and it will become a natural thing.

How I know all this? Because me and bf liked to reach our tipping point together so he told me how he holds his until I start orgasming.

All the best.
answered Sep 16, 2016 by sakshii (385 points)
commented Sep 16, 2016 by Ajith jk (165 points)
Thank u sakshii for your reply.. Really its very hard for a guy to hold on his climax if his partner is so beautiful and hot(its hard for me, i dont know about others).I delay my climax by closing my eyes thinking about some thing else for the moment to gain control. if i keep staring her continiously i will explode for sure. Definetly i will try it.

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Most of the females get delayed orgasm.Sufficient and prolong  foreplay may arouse them  for begging  for sex.This is the stage where you should then insert fully erected penis in her hungry vagina.Do pumping and drilling,manipulate her clitoris or G-spot,to achieve orgasm.Mutual orgasm gives heavenly pleasure.Both partners should play active role.
answered Sep 16, 2016 by Motilal (6,635 points)
commented Sep 16, 2016 by Ajith jk (165 points)
Thanku motilal. To climax together is realy the greatest pleasure a man can ever have.there is no match for it.
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It's possible to climax together, of course it is. It's all a matter of communication, timing, and above all, an understanding each other's needs, desires, and the things that trigger the most excitement. From what you have told us in your post, you really enjoy your wife taking control, and with her riding on top of you, she easily achieves her own orgasm. But once she achieves orgasm, to see then stop?

You can try to encourage her to continue, although she may find that the pleasure in her body is just too much to allow her to continue. There is nothing in the rule book that says she can only orgasm once, as it is not rationed. Unlike a man, who, if he is lucky, and extremely virile, may be able to come to or three times in a session, but will usually only once, a woman can orgasm as many times as she wants.

What is not so easy to tell you is how you specifically can do this. Everybody is different, and what works for one person doesn't necessarily work for all. I will give you an example based on my own sexual predilections.

When my husband and I are making love, we like to choose a position that allows him to penetrate me as deeply as possible. I actually enjoy the feeling of his penis head hitting my cervix, as there is a pleasure pain sensation that triggers feelings deep within me. I can tell when he is getting close, as his thrusts get more vigourous, and if I squeeze the inner wall muscles of my vagina, I can feel his penis is really pulsating with energy. In squeezing myself tight, this brings more contact with the graph and back spot, commonly known as the G spot, which is about 3 inches up inside my vagina, behind its front wall. Depending on the position we have chosen, either he or I will start stroking and fingering my anus. There is something deliciously naughty about this, and it never fails to bring me to a shattering climax. We both know that this works for us, and at the crucial moment, the intrusion of either my own or his fingers into my anal passage are all that is needed. For him, the convulsions of my inner muscles drive him over the top, and that in in turn flicks my switch, and has me seeing stars!!! But that is just us, and what works for us is not necessarily going to work for other people.

You tell us that you and your wife watch pornography regularly, and it has shown you all kinds of kinky things that you can do with each other. Let me give you a word of caution here. If you watch pornography before you start making love with each other, it is possible that your wife is already in such a state of excitement that she achieves her climax more easily than you. You both enjoy oral sex, and sometimes the timing of this can be beneficial, but it could also be detrimental. If she goes down you first, you might reach a point where you are almost ready to come, but if he stops, it quickly takes you back from the edge. If you then go down and start feasting on her delicious vagina, and then let her mount you, she may already be in such a state of excitement that she achieves her climax very quickly. You also say that you enjoy playing with her beautiful body while she is riding you. Perhaps the combination of this and the feeling of your penis inside her is also stimulating her to the point of a rapid climax. It's a shame to do things actually detract from her pleasure, in order to slow things down, but maybe you should consider what she can do to you what she's riding you, that would make you reach the point of no return at the right time. As to what this might be, only the two of you can work that one out. As you have already seen from my example, I adore anal play, both giving and receiving it. I am just as at home in rimming my husbands anus, and sticking my tongue into it, as I am with him doing the same to me. He absolutely adores it when I do this to him, and I can use my lips, tongue, and my fingers on his anus, and particularly by inserting my finger in his back passage, and gently stimulating his prostate gland, I can make income almost on command. If I do ride on top of him, I usually do it in reverse cowgirl position, so that I can spread his legs, and touches anus and balls. Pushing my finger inside, and curling my finger upwards brings in contact with his prostate gland, and gentle rubbing of that having shooting very powerfully inside me, and it gives him an orgasm that is even more intense than usual. Given as you and your wife seem to enjoy a little bit of kinking, it's worth giving this a try. If nothing else, I think you will enjoy the sensation tremendously. It works equally well if she does this while she is giving you aural pleasure.

Your wife doesn't have a prostate gland in her anus, but the anus is very very sensitive, second only to the most sensitive parts of her vulva. If you can get her to relax properly, then you can stimulate her anally, and she may particularly enjoy this when you are giving her oral sex.

Of course, there's 1,000,001 other things that you can try, and you may for example, find that your nipples respond to some gentle licking or pinching while she's riding you. Or perhaps she leans forward and gives you some deep kissing, perhaps that would be enough to send you both over-the-top simultaneously.

You could have tried all these things of course, was the worst that could happen? You would just enjoy it, but still have the same situation you have now. Your wife isn't complaining that she is not enjoying sex, she seems to be giving every indication that she enjoys it immensely do you know she is even worried about the two of you climaxing together? She may actually enjoy the idea of being able to concentrate on her own climax, extracting the maximum amount of pleasure from it, without being concerned as to whether you have got there at the same time. It is a tremendously liberating feeling to be able to surrender yourself to your own pleasure.

There are many other things you can try, and it depends how kinky you are as to whether you are prepared to give them a go. We enjoy watersports as part of our sexual activities, and I often hold myself back until I have a full bladder, and then at the moment I am about to come, I completely relax myself, and we both get very wet. This is something else that drives my husband absolutely crazy, and he comes inside me as if it's the last time he's ever going to have sex!!! If you going to try this one, either do it in the bathroom, or make sure you put some protection on the bed.

So you see, I can't really tell you how to get there, and my suggestions might be quite wide of the mark for the two of you. But if you really communicate with each other, and let each other know how you feel, this is something that you can achieve, and believe me, when you can climax together it is like you have a little piece of heaven that you are sharing.

I am glad that you and your wife love each other so much. The occasional quarrel is nothing unusual, and you obviously don't let it well on each other, and making love at the end of an argumentis a great way of making up!!!
I wish you a lifetime of happiness together, never forget to tell her you love her, and when you argue, let her win sometimes ,hahaha.

My love to you both,

answered Sep 16, 2016 by sexysalma (14,995 points)
commented Sep 16, 2016 by Ajith jk (165 points)
Thank u so much salma madam.your reply was so have shown me the possibilities that i can adapt into our sex wife is so co operative in bed she welcomes new ideas.i will share your reply with her.we want to spice up our sex life even more,since i love her more than any thing in this world so i want to give her the very best of me..she never complained about having orgasm together she realy enjoys her orgasm alone. She  squeezs me from inside,closes her eyes moan loudly and her ten fingers firmly grip my chest hairs firmly when she climaxes i feel like a man at that moment.seing this i feel that if could also come with her how great would it be? After climax she is ready to continue the ride but seeing her tired and sweaty i tells her to relax and i do the driving... So madan thanku you for your reply ,we will definetly try more kinky stufff.....

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