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Dilema over relationship with aunt

asked Sep 16, 2016 in Questions by arihant (120 points)
edited Sep 16, 2016 by prashant69
I know my aunt (mausi) for a very long time. she has been married off for a long time now.
we were never too close to each other. However, for the last 2 years, we happend to live in the same city as I got placement in that city. At that time, we were quite close as i had no relative apart from her in the city, and her husband used to be on tours almost at all times. I would visit her place once in  a month or so..

I also know for sure that she does not have a great equation with her husband [at one point, he even accused her of having  affairs behind his back, in front of me]. She shared that with me, and i consoled her at that time..

But beyond this, we never had any other personal things to discuss

Now i have left that city.
However, for the last one month, she is texting me non-stop, asking very general question at times...asking how am I? Dinner done? Wht did u change ur DP on facebook..stuff like this..
It seems tat she wants to talk to me about something personla, but can't express directly.

Frankly, i had some feelings for her too while we were in same city (with all the bad husband thing and all, I found her to be very lonely). Her one kid has been, as she says, brainwashed by her husband, and is a constant pain in the ass for her :P

But i could not express my feelings to her, for obvious reasons.
I belive that she must have got an idea of my feelings for her (didn't hide then that much. Wished her for 2 years on Valentines day too), and  wants to take it further.

Suggest me, what should I do?
If she takes the initiative, should I get physical with her??

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3 Answers

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If I am texting someone again and again it means I am interested in them.Why don't you take the time and have a long conversation with her every other day.Maybe she wants to share something with you , if you keep replying with yes , no , ha , na , hmm .. type of responses , noone in their right mind would share anything with you even if they wanted too.

The best way to find out is to keep chatting with her , she'll open up soon.If she is into you she will flirt with you and if she doesn't initiate then ask some flirty quuestion and see how she replies them.

If it is clear that she indeed like to have a physical relation with you then decision is yours, who are we to decide on your part. See if you really like to have sex with her. if yes then go ahead and have a happy sex life. But beware of that kid of hers. He can sneak on you guys and may tell his dad.All the best.
answered Sep 16, 2016 by sakshii (385 points)
commented Sep 16, 2016 by arihant (120 points)
Yes. Correct. I'll adopt. This course of action. Let's see what happens
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You have suppressed your age,must be still in teens.Why are you worried about her loneliness?Sex should not be primary objective of your life.Never go for physical relationship with her.It will destroy both of you.Instead of wishing her on birthday,you wishing on Valentine's day,it looks strange.
answered Sep 16, 2016 by Motilal (7,420 points)
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Dear A,

The relationship with your aunt was not expressive when both of you are residing close to each other. After getting distance she is expressing her feeling towards you. She has possessiveness towards you and each of your activities. She is doing all this for you because you may have taken her proper care with love. Her activities show that she has lot of weakness towards you.

All these feeling cannot b decoded as the sexual desire for each other. There are cases in which she may need gratification of sex from you but all the cases cannot be generalized. If you are getting some clues that will favor you then start discussion in in-depth manner so that she would tell you all her desire clearly. Sometime lonely person interested to share his/her felling to another who is close.

You should go by two way approach that means if she is interested with you then proceed further else stop your thought and continue the relationship in a healthy manner.

answered Sep 19, 2016 by bubu_002 (2,760 points)

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