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Is it illegal to practice nudism in India?

asked Sep 11, 2016 in Questions by aaloka.sharma (1,080 points)
Lately, I have been going thru stuff concerning Nudism and have realized that, I myself is a Nudist. I have already started practicing it - I stay naked whenever possible, I don't feel shy to collect door deliveries naked and above all, I am able to separate Nudism from sex. I enjoy sleeping naked on my terrace under the moon, getting drenched in the rains while I am naked, etc.

I want to create a group on Facebook, inviting other Nudists from the country. I am a little worried about the Indian laws governing this. I also want to host Nudist meets regularly, where clothing is prohibited. Can someone elaborate the laws governing this? Is this an offence?

Also, if we meet naked on my terrace, are we culpable by law?

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4 Answers

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Basically public nudity in India is illegal...
India is such a country where even public breastfeeding is considered as a taboo just because of the rich cultural background of the country.
If you roam naked in public , IPC section 294 deals with the offence, and the punishment will be fine, imprisonment upto 3 months or both.
If you are doing anything naked in your private place, which is not publicly visible/accessible, and your acts are not marked under deliberate attempt of Obscenity in public, you are Safe. But the lines between it are very thin, better stay cautious..
But another funny fact is that it all depends on where you are...
Just for a note : Once a " naked" saint was called to give a lecture in a state assembly.
Another thing is that people of some community practice nudity as a form of higher offering to God.
So basically speaking it is illegal in India.... but whether you get penalised or not completely depends upon where, when and why you did it..
answered Sep 11, 2016 by agru (285 points)
commented Sep 13, 2016 by aaloka.sharma (1,080 points)
Will I be charged for having a Nudists' Group on Facebook?
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I have no exact idea about this.Public Nudity is not permissible in India.We can't remain nude outside,if we do so,we will be arrested.There exists some beaches in India,where topless or nude sunbathers or swimmers are visible in Kerala and Goa.These beaches are Kovalam,Vagator,Ozran,Candolim,Calangute,Baga.....I am not interested to join your group of nudists,though I like to spent sometime in birthday suit.
answered Sep 11, 2016 by Motilal (6,700 points)
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We like nudism / nudity. Me wife always try this whenever possible, mostly inside home / away from public view. Public nudity is not allowed in india, avoid this in public.
We enjoy every moment of this at home, when in hotel. Sometimes on the beach.(mostly, out of public view).
answered Sep 11, 2016 by SamRin (755 points)
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Dear Alok,

Yes. Roaming nude comes under "obscene act in public place". IPC section 294 deals with this offence, and the punishment will be fine, imprisonment upto 3 months or both.

Nudism as a lifestyle is perfectly legal. What is made illegal is the nudity itself when it is visible in public. Generally you can be nude all you want in your home and within the boundaries of your property, perfectly legal provided your nudity cannot be easily seen from outside that boundary (from neighboring properties, from the street, etc.). It often comes down to you having reasonable expectation that you will not be seen, so that if someone goes to an unnecessary length to see you just so they can file a formal complaint it will tend to get thrown out.

Being nude is our natural state, our bodies are the forms we were naturally born with, so why is it made illegal and socially objectionable for a person to be naked? (Or specifically, why is the sight of genitals, the buttocks and/or anal area, and the female breasts made illegal? When I say "naked" or "nudity", I'm mainly referring to visibility of those body parts.) The quick and easy answer is religion. Religious doctrine some millennia ago declared that lust is a sin, that the sight of the naked body leads to lust, so therefore nakedness is sinful, wrong, evil, etc. And since the religious leaders were very tightly knit with the lawmakers, if not one in the same, it was made against the law for people to go naked. Seems quite a contradiction since there is so much nudity in classical artwork, particularly religious artwork where saints and cherubs are always shown naked. 

answered Sep 18, 2016 by bubu_002 (2,735 points)

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