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I have a fetish since childhood for aunties ,moms& milfs! is this normal?

asked Sep 4, 2016 in Questions by $Rahul$ (235 points)
reshown Oct 20, 2017 by longhands1
I am 28yrs old. I've never had a girlfriend ever. I am still a virgin and i am very much proud of it because i believe i want to reserve all the pleasures with only my future wife. I have no bad habits like drinking,smoking etc.

I have this weird fetish. Ever since i was a kid i have a huge voracious attraction for extremely mature aunties and moms.When i was 6yrs old and i use to see many moms coming to school on open day i use to feel something in my crotch but later in life i realised i was getting a erecton :). I masturbated for the first time when i was 13 to actress Apara Mehta who was 41 at that time. I get immensely turned on when i see bulky aunties in saree,red bindi,sindoor etc. I jerk off atleast 6-7 times everyday to only aunties. Especially Bengali,South Indian aunties. (BTW I am not Bengali,south indian). I always feel i want to be surrounded by 40+ to 50+ aged aunties only. i get jealous when i see such mature aunties having sex with uncles only as i believe such mature aunties can only be sexually satisfied by young guys like me.

Each time i come back from work i search on the net for pictures of red bindi,saree clad bengali,south indian aunties for jerking off. I have jerked off to one of my non-blood related aunts as well as my friends moms. I always feel guilty and sick after doing that but my mind just refuses to listen.

I want all this to Stop but it won't. Any suggestions on what to do?

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7 Answers

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Its a natural & normal fantasy. Many guys fantasise immensely about mature women older to them by 10-20yrs, so you are not the first or going to be the last one either. Why do you feel guilty about a harmless fantasy? Even if you are jerking off to your friend's mom or your own related aunt, as long as it is a fantasy it is perfectly fine. So many guys fantasise day-in & day-out about their own elder close female relatives. I am not getting into the details here for obvious reasons, but the moot point what I am trying to make is that you are totally normal & just chill.

Just one bit, I know guys do like to wank off, but 6-7 times in a day is overdoing it at least in my opinion. So doing it may be once a day or twice when you are very excited would provide some relief to your poor organ which is getting brutalised by your fists a bit too many times. Stop overdoing this & you will get over the guilt feeling too. Hope this helps.
answered Sep 4, 2016 by nehasona (620 points)
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Hey dont feel guilty this happens to all boys at this age... But i cant tell about your fantasy during your childhood it is not soo common... Regarding your fantasy about mature women there is no problem about it... I am 27 yr old virgin  i also like mature women and many boys of your age... Many time i also jerked by thinking about my friends mom my relative aunts And also my mom.. Genuinely i m telling from last 6-7 years i m jerking thinking about my mom but never tried to have sex with her in real So no worries just enjoy bcoz all things happens at this age.. But only few will express and many will not... Cheers enjoy be happy
answered Sep 4, 2016 by kinkyguy007 (540 points)
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This abnormal practice persists in childhood.One  should not discharge  semen  by jerking.In fantasy kiss and embrace them never think about  penetration.Decrease the daily quota of jerking.Make it twice in a week. This may save your time and  energy.Make a dogged  determination,you are bound to get success.
answered Sep 4, 2016 by Motilal (7,000 points)
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is it possible for a man to masturbate six or seven times per day? Im surprised/
answered Sep 4, 2016 by ana (415 points)
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Dear Ra,

Young guys are captivated by an older woman's presence because most older women radiate a certain level of confidence and maturity within their demeanor that surpasses most younger women. Most younger men that are attracted to older women believe that a lot of younger women today are very superficial and much of their integrity and confidence is derived from peers and material things. 

Older women also have a certain degree of experience and wisdom that younger women don't. You will find that most older women are confident, charismatic, and attractive both inside and out. Most know that appearances both in the physical form as well as the personality form are crucial to attraction. They also know that confidence comes from within and doesn't require the approval of others. Some of the reasons why men prefer older women are: 

Older women are more responsible - They have more experience than younger women and this makes them responsible beings. Older women do not like men who are not responsible. Irresponsible men are a turn off for older women. 

Most of the older women are more interesting than the younger women - Younger women have little or absolutely no idea about the attitude or behavior that they should have in order to make themselves attractive. Older women, on the other hand, have a strong sense of identity and they also have stronger sex drive as compared to younger women. They can go for a guy without much hesitation. 

Older women know that it is not easy to find men whom they are attracted to - So they would treat the guy, which they like, with courtesy and great care. They are only genuinely interested in men who make them feel special. 

Older women are in to guys who are mature and serious - They are not looking for younger men because they want to date boys. They are looking for mature men in the body of a young man. 

An older woman is more confident and know what she wants - She has experience of dating and is not afraid to seek out the type of man she wants. She is predatory in her approach to young men and is very adept at flirting. The older woman is experienced in the bedroom and can teach her young guy a thing or two. 

An older woman is financially secure and settled - She has a job and therefore not seeking a man to look after her. Whilst she is happy to spend time with a younger man she does not necessarily want any commitment from him. She exudes confidence and is less stressful to be around than many young girls who can be insecure with their looks and career path. 

Older women take care of themselves - An older woman values her looks and takes time to maintain them. She spends her own money on expensive clothes and nice hairstyles and no a drain on the Boyfriend.

You may go through the following links:

answered Sep 4, 2016 by bubu_002 (2,760 points)
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Your thinking at this age is normal every man age of 19-30 are attracted towards mature woman.
But your habit of masturbation can lead you to no interest in sex after your marriage.
I got this from AA users.
Now find your life Partner & get settled with her & enjoy your time.
answered Oct 25, 2016 by Shah231 (170 points)
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as like you im also 28 year old having the same feeling for aunties etc. it is a common think in this age. so dont feel guity. if you dnt want continue divert your mind in other things.
answered Oct 25, 2016 by palani (235 points)

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