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Why do guys stop sex immediately after climax?

asked Feb 16, 2010 in Questions by ayushi69 (180 points)
edited Feb 16, 2010

Awarded AA$ 100
Dear Anjali Aunty,
I am a woman.
Ok this may sound weird to most of the men folks here but its a truth. Most men, stop sex when they reach their climax. But have they ever thought what are the demands of the lady?
I agree that not all of the women reach climax by sex alone (I am one of them :P), or even while having sex they tend to reach climax after the guy.
Please tell me if it is wrong to ask for more, at least till we reach our satisfaction level? Or is it like that guys cannot go longer after thet climax point? I do not want to force my guy to go further than his stamina, but can at least people here tell me if a guy can actually have sex with a girl even after he has reached his satisfaction point?

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