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My lover aunt wants a foursome with 2 of my friends. Should I go for it?

asked Aug 28, 2016 in Questions by gilijacob8 (310 points)

Am in a sexual relationship with my aunt. My aunt is a 42 years old sex starved woman. We are having a healthy sex life and we do watch porn together sometimes. That day we were watching a group sex porn movie when she asked me that she wants to invite 2 of my friends to join us. I have no problem with her having sex with others and am thrilled with the idea of having a group sex session but am really not sure whether we should do it or not.

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4 Answers

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Eight months ago your age was 19,you have stated in previous statements that you are doing sex with your aunt since last four years.Is is true? Her husband must be impotent and she must be issueless.Does she want to get pregnant from you? Have you completed your studies,stop this nonsense and concentrate your mind for future.
answered Aug 28, 2016 by Motilal (6,700 points)
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Why not ?? But not wid ur friends because of blackmail or u loss ur aunty.
answered Aug 28, 2016 by tarzen (235 points)
commented Aug 30, 2016 by gilijacob8 (310 points)
Then please tell me who will be a better option?
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Risky but your aunty will enjoy from it because she will get three cocks to ride at one time but your friends will create you problems later they may be addicted to your aunty body they may be wanting you to provide her when they want
Your aunty won't be happy to later because she will become a **** type of lady and your friends would blackmail you and your aunty later
They will arrange new people to fuck her and they will get money for that like prostitutes do
You will get  problems later so think and do wisely because it's very risky
Good luck
answered Aug 29, 2016 by rajan08 (275 points)
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I will ask you to 1st consider this: how will it affect your relationship with your aunt?

I assume that you and your aunt are having sex for the pure pleasure of sexual activity, rather than because you are in some kind of romantic loving relationship. If you are romantically inclined towards her, then seeing her having sex with other men could trigger intense feelings of jealousy, which would definitely affect your relationship with her.

However, if this relationship is one based on mutually beneficial and enjoyable sex, and both you and she are excited by the idea of her having sex with multiple partners, altogether, then there is no really compelling reason not to do so. You do have to make sure that those involved are in good sexual health, and if you cannot ascertain this, then make sure they are wearing condoms. It should go without saying that your aunt should be using birth control, unless she is intentionally trying to get pregnant.

At 42 years of age, your aunt is still in the prime of her sexuality, and having come to enjoy having a young mother, she now wants more. In reality, there is no limit to the number of young lovers she could enjoy, except to the limit of their own comfort. But again, you must make sure that they are all in good sexual health, and if you cannot guarantee this, and they must be wearing condoms. Remember, if only one person in a group situation has some form of sexually transmitted infection, then he or she will spread it to all the other members of the group, and if they engage in sex with anybody else, that same infection spreads further, so making sure everybody is sexually healthy is of paramount importance.

So if you and your aunt have no seriously romantic attachment to each other, then you can enjoy this activity if you so desire, as frequently as circumstances allow.

Have fun!!!

answered Aug 30, 2016 by sexysalma (14,995 points)
commented Aug 31, 2016 by gilijacob8 (310 points)
Hi Salma,

My aunt and my relation is more physical in nature as I know she told me about her relations before her marriage I have no problem with that. Even I know my uncle is having sex with her when ever he is here as I can easily here her moans and screams if am standing outside their room and I find it exciting. She satisfies me and I satisfy her needs sexually and these are the only things that matter. So I don't think that she having sex with others will cause any problem.

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