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Does my Divorced Sister want me to have sex with her?

asked Aug 24, 2016 in Questions by santhu2217 (120 points)
edited Aug 24, 2016 by longhands1

Hi Anjali,

I am 19 years old. I have a divorced sister aged 30 years. She works in Pune and is recently transferred by her company. She stays in a rented single bedroom apartment. My Mom asked me to go to see her. I reached her apartment early morning.

She is very fond of me. When I was small she and I always slept together on one bed and she had this habit of hugging me from behind and putting one leg on me. My middle sister slept with mom on her bed.  She welcomed me, served me breakfast and left for work. When she returned in the evening she cooked food, went for shower and came out wearing a thin silk nightie. I had never seen wear silk nightie only cotton gowns.

We ate together, chatted for some time and asked me if I was feeling sleepy. Then she went to do kitchen work. I slept. After few hours, she came to bed and hugged me from behind and put her leg on me and slept. I could not sleep. I was feeling her breast pressing me from behind. I even got a hard on. I could not control and ejaculated in my pants.

Next night the same thing happened. She hugged me and slept. I was too horny. I turned towards her and ejaculated on her nightie and slept. Next morning she served me breakfast and left for work. I was alone at home feeling bored and horny. I went to the bedroom and started masturbating. Soon, I  ejaculated lots of cum.

I went to her cupboard and found many bras and panties. I took a pink sily panty and wiped off all my cum. I then thought of washing it but knew I will get caught, so I put it under 2 other panties. In the evening, when she came back from work, and then did her usual routine. In the night she came and slept beside me. When she was fast asleep, I wanted to see the colour of her panty. Quietly, using my mobile torch, I saw that she wass wearing the same pantyy with my cum. I was shocked but thrilled.

Now my question is: Does she know that I masturbate thinking of her? Did she see my cum on her panty? Why she chose only that panty? Does she want me to fuck her? How to appraoach her for fuck?

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commented Aug 24, 2016 by manigyanu (175 points)
yes definitely she is looking to get fcuked by you..
go ahead & enjoy her body,assss n puussy

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9 Answers

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Your divorced sister has tasted the pleasures of sex and she is horny.She gladly shares bed with you and hugged you.You might have felt pressure of her breasts on your body.How do you like it?.You masturbated on her panty.Semen wiped her on panty become dry after sometime,she might not have noticed semen on her panty.Kiss her forcibly,you will get aroused.....hold her hand in hand and press it on your penis.Touch and press her breast with one hand .Observe her behaviour. It will give clear indication of what she wants? In fact brother and sister should  not do sex.
answered Aug 24, 2016 by Motilal (6,460 points)
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Hi Santhu...
It seems ur elder sister loves you a lot since ur childhood.  And you also respect her a lot and love her a lot. As you both grow, her this love for you turns to sexuality. Because sex is the ripe fruit of love. In true n pure love sex automatically happens. It is normal. As your sister is widow, she also need it very much.
So when she hugs you while sleeping, you turn to her and kiss her and hug her tightly. Then if she be agree, she will catch ur penis or go advance for sex, then you do sex with her and give her ultimate pleasure. If she will object you while you are hugging her tightly or kissing her, you do no sex her.  Do not sex her if she deny. If she respond positively, give real pleasure of sex to ur lovely sister who is still deprived of sex and love. Love her n respect her as much as possible.
 Best of luck.
answered Aug 25, 2016 by nneha (325 points)
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Hi Shanthu, I feel you are too young, and it's sad that your sister had failed relationship. See their would be nobody who can tell you what to do, there are mixed answers. You and your sister both are young both need sex, means both have urge to get a partner with whom they can enjoy their sex life. But I feel you both are not able to find that. I feel if you both would not control your urge in some days you both will have sex and as you both dont have any other option it will get repeated again and again , it will not be in your hand if it started once.

So before starting think of it, like today there is already a question on AskAnjali about a man asking that he had incest relationships in past now he is getting married and he is feeling guilty about it. I am not giving you a moral lecture but trying to tell you that we all humans feel guilty after sometime if we do something wrong. There is nothing wrong if you and your sis get into a sexual relationship but what if after a year or two she gets married or you got a gf or get married?

This is not the solution for your both sexual desires. If you both want you can enjoy but try to find the right partner for your sister and yourself , because this relation will somewhere hurt you both. You asked here this question it means you are not mentally prepared for it.

Now the answers to your questions:

She is not a kid she knows everything what you do. Girls are even more smarter, may be she doesn't want full sex but she wasn't oral or feel your body. May be she wants a wild and got sex but wasnt able to find a guy and you are a safe option for her. If she wasn't you fuck her the way she want , enjoy the sex without thinking much who she is.

As you said you both sleep in same bed and she hug you so , it's like cutting a cake for you , instead of hugging from behind ask her to hug from front. You start wearing the minimum clothes you can and as you said she already wears the minimum, encourage her to wear bare minimum and show her body to you , praise her body. While sleeping kiss her, smooch her, make her feel your boner try to make her pussy wet and finally I hope you will get the chance.
answered Aug 25, 2016 by Jhonsm (1,200 points)
edited Aug 25, 2016 by longhands1
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See, after a failed marriage, your sister is likely to be in a state of depression. There are times, when you simply find solace by being in arms of someone or hugging a close one. And these hugs are not sexually motivated. Perhaps, she completely trusts you to not take it in the sexual way.

Regarding the panty staining incident, I think she may have simply missed the stain as sometimes in some kind of hurry.

Now coming to your curiosity so as to whether her action could be sexually motivated, you have to wait and watch. As other have also said, the hunger for fulfillment of sexual desires is so strong that a person may get overwhelmed and cross the boundaries. To find if this is the case, simply be passive and observant of her moves. Does she try to come more closer or get bolder with time?

There is also a minor possibility that she may be passively trying to derive sexual pleasure from intimacy in the pretense of brotherly love. That is, she wants to get certain desires fulfilled to only a small extent without entailing an active full blown relationship.

There is also a possibility that she wants to enjoy only within these limits and if you come too strongly and uncover her hidden intentions, she may blame you for taking things the wrong way and maintain that her actions were only out of brotherly love.

My advice: Better tread on safer side than be sorry.
answered Aug 25, 2016 by broker (180 points)
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Her intention is not clear whether she wants to have sex with you or not but here it sounds that you want to have sex with her at any cost. Her behavior does not directly suggest that she wants sex however her behavior is not normal although but seeing your childhood deeds we should give her benefit of doubt and we should consider that she does all this things out of brotherly love which she used to do when you both were kids.

However, if you want to have sex with her then you have to make a move and be ready for embarrassment and humiliation. However, chances are there that you can get into her pants so take a risk but we cannot give you surety that she wants sex.

If I were in your place then I would have showed some courage and had approached her more direct way to make everything clear. Therefore, when she hugs you next time in sleeping put your hand on her things or breasts as your indication that you want something intimate with her. If she resists then stay away from her and spare her. However, morally all this things are wrong and one should not do it such thing with her own sister but still people are into incest so I am not giving you any moral lecture as it is not necessary here. 

answered Aug 26, 2016 by alpesh kapdi (22,870 points)
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It seems she is sex starved and trying to get fucked by you... In her 30 she cant share bed with you that too hugging and all is not normal... So wait for some more time you will get idea and if she show further any sign just ramm her pussy dont worry about relationship after all she is also women she needs sex so wait and act
answered Aug 26, 2016 by kinkyguy007 (540 points)
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Hi Santanu Its real typical situation for both let come to practical participation. First your sisters already taste the penis and she divorce very soon. Hope her sexual urges at the pic in this time as well as you are also young and feeling same as your sister think. Its very easy and safe way to satisfied yourself, if you both agreed and want to enjoyed the encounters keeping your moral values besides then only go ahead. But one thing keep in your mind after sometime definitely you both will ashamed your self. So clear your mind and choose as yours choice.
answered Aug 26, 2016 by kingmyaqueen (1,805 points)
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Hello Santhu,

It would be unwise to assume that your sister is trying to initiate a sexual relationship with you on the evidence you have presented so far. I'm not saying that this is not the case, she may well be feeling lonely and staffed of sex, and given the closeness of your relationship in the past, she may be at least thinking along these lines.

You have to understand that, just because you want something to happen, it doesn't necessarily mean to say that it will. She might indeed be imagining having sex with you or any number of people, and what she might do when she is only half awake is not necessarily what she would do when she's fully conscious.
You have asked some questions, so I will attempt to answer them, to the best of my ability, in the order in which they were asked.

Q.   Does she know that I masturbate thinking of her?

A.   I'm sure that she is aware that you masturbate, but unless you have made some utterances of her name, she will only guess at what you are thinking.

Q.   Did she seem I come on her panty?

A. Given that dried semen usually leaves a certain stiffness in any material in which it has dried, she can hardly fail to have noticed something. It is possible that she might have mistaken it for having not washed out the soap powder properly, but if she has sexual experience, which I have to assume, given that she is a divorcee, she should know the difference between dried semen and soap residue. So yes, I would imagine that she did realise that her panties were stained with your semen.

Q.   Why she choose only that panty?

A.   That is a question I cannot answer. Assuming that she realised that they were stained with your semen, it would suggest that she derived a certain amount of excitement from wearing them. At least this does not indicate that your activity disgusted her, but it doesn't automatically mean that she will open her legs for you.

Q.  Does she want me to fuck her?

A.  It is quite possible. If she is starved of sex, her thoughts may turn to where she can satisfy her needs without any risk to herself. In many ways, there is an advantage to having sex with your brother. Neither of you are going to start talking to others about what you are doing, and as long as you are taking precautions against sexually transmitted infections and pregnancy, then there is really no risk attached to sex with each other. Having said that, this may just be a fantasy in her head, that she has no intention of bringing to life, so don't be too hasty in assuming that she will cooperate.

Q.  How to approach her for fuck?

A.  When the two of you are snuggled up in bed, you can gently press your erection against her bottom, and see how she reacts. If she moves herself against it, then it is an indication that she feels comfortable. If you try to raise her nightdress, or touch her breasts, or gently touch her between her legs, she will let you know if she is comfortable with this. She might contain herself with masturbation, or may even masturbate you, and that may be as far as it goes. She is a normal healthy young woman, and she has a need to satisfy her sexual desires stop she may not wish to go all the way, and in which case you should content yourself to let her decide how far she wants to go. If she wants to go the full way, then make sure that the two of you are protected against pregnancy and the possibility of any STI's. If neither of you are having sex with other people, then there is no risk of a sexually transmitted infection, but there is a very real risk of pregnancy from unprotected sex.

One thing that concerns me in all of your information, and that is the fact that you refer to this is fucking. This is your sister that you are talking about, not a prostitute. I do wish guys could use more pleasant terminology, when talking about something as sensitive as breaking the taboo of incest. If you and your sister do engage in a sexual relationship, is something very private, and very special. Referring to it as fucking is rather crude and offensive to most of us.

If you and your sister do start having a sexual relationship, you must consider what the consequences of this may be. If the two of you conduct yourself with common sense and a lot of care, you may continue your relationship for as long as you both wish, but if you get careless, then there are possible consequences. You could get her pregnant, or you could be discovered by other people. Or even both of these things may occur if you really throw caution to the wind., And it wouldn't take very long for idle minds to work out who the father is, given that the two of you are living together. I hope you think of all these things if your relationship with your sister proceeds beyond the usual.

As far as the law in India is concerned, you're both of the age of consent, and if you both enter into this your own free will, then you are not breaking the law. If you force yourself upon her, you would be guilty of either sexual assault or rape, but beyond that, you are not committing a crime by engaging in incest.

answered Aug 26, 2016 by sexysalma (14,995 points)
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Dear Santu,

Marriage is the start of a new life with full excitement and love, but in contracts divorce is the bad part of the life that indicates end of happiness. Your sister and you are sharing good relation from time that gives confused idea about the prospects of your relationship.

At the age of 30 her desire of sex is high but she is not getting opportunity to tie up with another male who can help her to comeout from the stress after breaking the relationship. When a person recently faced the divorce at this time she can’t trust any other person.

Girls are more mature to know the activities of boys. When you are doing your hand job she might be noticed you but didn’t express you by thinking something big. She may be aware about your semen in her panty but she might be thinking you are the most suitable person with whom she can engage in sex.

If she has hidden desire for sex then you have to initiate the process by pressing her boob while sleeping and go as closer as possible. You have given her a fair feeling about your tool. If she doesn’t stop you then you are in a good position. During the process you have to talk with emotion and describe her in such a way that your stand would be clear.

If you think the ethical point then it’s not accepted by the society. Both should maintain secrecy so that no problem will rise in future. If you are not going to help her in the complicated situation then she may knock other doors i.e. other guy for sex. This may attract STD/HIV which may further spoil her future. Its better if she is desperate for sex then help her without thinking the morality. In this time if she get a good company then she would think focus on her for other possible alternative. You shouldnot force her but allow her to what she wants to. The matter must be confined to the bedroom only. She is in problem so use protection so that prevent the pregnancy and STD. 



answered Aug 26, 2016 by bubu_002 (2,735 points)