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Which Sex Position Should I Adopt Now ?

asked Feb 15, 2010 in Questions by burger4all (160 points)
edited Feb 15, 2010
Hi Anjali Aunty,
I am a 24 year old male from Islamabad, Pakistan and I love your site. Today I am going to share a very personal problem with all readers of this forum and expect some good and workable solutions as well.
It has been over two years, since I married a lady (My Wife) and now have a 16 months baby boy as well. We enjoy sex once or twice a week. My lady is quite welcoming and cooperative. We have had sex with almost every possible position and enjoyed for so many times.
The problem now is that over the time, I have lost interest in her body and sex with her just looks to me like a formality. I prefer just jerking off as soon as possible and go to sleep. But I do care for her and most of the time, I let her enjoy fully. I, despite not having any interest, remain involved in foreplay for longer time, because, she likes it. I also keep lying on her after sex, as she likes it, but I really have to bear it out.
To cut it short, I am helpless, I want to make good sex with her but I have lost interest in her. I feel more attracted towards other ladies and I enjoy more in masturbating. She also interferes in my personal matters too much, which I do not like at all.
Now please suggest me, how can I regain my interests in her and also suggest more techniques and sex positions to make it more enjoyable. I want to restore my interest in my wife only.
I also request Anjali Aunty to reply my answer herself, if possible, please.
Thank You.

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