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My SIL is forcing me to impregnate her. Should I do that?

asked Aug 17, 2016 in Questions by Connfused_Guy (150 points)
edited Aug 21, 2016 by longhands1

Hi Anjali madam,

I am 26 years old and I have an elder brother who is 34 years old. My brother has always liked girls much younger than him and had many girlfriends whom he used to fuck. My Parents were worried about his marriage and chose a young 18 year old girl whose parents were orthodox and wanted her to get married early thinking if she stayed unmarried for long she would lose her virtue to some horny guy. My brother and she got married in the next 4 months. My brother owns a flat and he allowed me to live with him because I do most of his work.

Sister-in-law was 11 yrs younger than my brother and 3 yrs younger than me. We got along well. We'd chat and play all day while my brother is in office and when he returns, we go into our silent mode. She was attending college and I would pick and drop her and go to market with her and we'd do all things together. Within two months we were sharing our secrets and she opened up completely with me and told me all about her nights with my brother. She said she likes the sex and my brother helps her reach orgasm before sleeping but she is not feeling romantically involved with him and was not able to enjoy as much as she would like to. During the next two months she got very close with me, teasing me with her scanty clad body, showing me her boobs and often using filmy tricks to trap me into seeing her without clothes like asking for towel while bathing etc.

One thing led to another and she ended giving me a blow job. She asked me how I felt. I couldn't describe it to her in words but she understood and said it's a little secret between you and me. This later led to me sucking her boobs and pussy. Finally she wanted me to fuck her. I did not want to do it, but she got sentimental and shared her feeling toward me saying she only feels connected romantically and sexually with me and wants me to give her happiness. Finally we ended up having sex. After sex she rolled over me and said that it will be a secret between us and she won’t tell anyone.

It was 6 months, since SIL and I were having sex almost on daily basis, when my SIL asked me if I wanted to marry her younger sister. I hesitated but finally agreed to meet her. I liked her in the first meeting and SIL instantly talked with her parents and it was agreed that we would marry when she turned 18. I started meeting her and we would chat a lot. She loves talking, and I would drop her home. Her mom allowed that since we were to get engaged and marry 3 yrs later. She visited her sister that is to say our house and I would sneak in at night and we'd chat and she gave me her first kiss. My SIL knew I took her to my room and next day gave her permission to sleep with me but not to tell my brother. In next 3 weeks she let me do everything, except sex and would sleep in my arms.

One day I saw my brother sitting with her on his bed and they were talking and laughing and I saw his hand on her naked thighs, she was wearing shorts, massaging them. I know my brother and got nervous that he started thinking like that about her and I have to protect her as she is mine. I talked to her about it and she dismissed it saying that she is only mine and she thinks of no one except me. We soon ended making love to each other.

She is now my wife and we have been married for 2 years. So now I am fucking both my wife and my sister-in-law.  

Things were going great. I have a loving SIL and a wife and couldn't be happier than one day SIL demanded that I cum inside her and she wants to get pregnant from me.  She says that she is in love with me and no one will know whose baby it is. Should I give in to my SIL's plea and impregnate her?

What is bothering me is also that my brother may be hitting on my wife. He always wants to fuck young women. How to handle both the situations?

Thanks for any answer in advance. Please help me out.

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3 Answers

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Dear Confused Guy,

This is not an answer to your question but my thoughts about you on seeing this question.

You are banging your brothers wife for some time and now you don't want him to do same with your wife and you are afraid about it? You must have thought about it before fucking his wife. Sit & Talk with your brother and have an Orgy soon. I'm pretty sure he's already banging your wife in your thoughts.

And btw, my gut says this is a fake concern of your imaginative scenario. (Bouncer: 1 place you say you have been banging your sister in law for 6 months and another place you say you have been married for 2 years, generally once I understand a question is fake, I dont even read further or care to reply. You just irked me in the end with your typical imagination of straying around but protecting your own. Someone somewhere rightly said "BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE IN THE WORLD".

Sadik Khan
answered Aug 18, 2016 by sadiq_khan (1,015 points)
commented Aug 19, 2016 by Connfused_Guy (150 points)
edited Aug 21, 2016 by longhands1
Dear Sadik Khan ,

My question is heavily edited down and to be honest when I read it myself I too felt like I am such a jerk .But I am not and I had written down in detail about all those actions I had taken. I accept I have a problem explaining things concisely that's why I wanted to tell everything which might help interested user to know in detail about why I happen to be in this situation.

Let me explain again it has been five years since my brother's marriage. Me and SIL had been doing our thing for 6 months in when she asked if I want to meet her sister and see if we both like each other. 3 years later we married and it's been 2 years now. I hope it's clear now.

I am sorry you got irked because of important details being edited out. It's not my fault.


Confused guy
commented Sep 1, 2016 by zapillo (115 points)
I am going to up vote this answer. The OP has constructed an imaginary scenario.

Trolls have existed long before pre-internet era and this one seems to fit all the conditions. Really not difficult to spot this one. I am going to guess the OP is the one downvoting all the replies (typical troll behaviour).

As to you OP, yeah go fuck the whole family, if that's the answer you are looking for.
commented Sep 2, 2016 by sadiq_khan (1,015 points)
Dear Confused Guy,

When you post an open question, you get all types of answers depending on your question. So, unless you are ready to take it, specify in your question that you want a specific type of answer and probably who must reply too. If you want people to keep their opinions to themselves, you must not be posting questions asking for answers.

And anyways, Good Luck with your scenario.

Sadiq Khan
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This post reads like a fantasy, rather than a real-life scenario. However, in the years I've been an editor on here, I've concluded that the truth is often stranger than fiction, so, taking a large pinch of salt, I will treat this as a genuine situation.

What absolutely screams out at me is the hypocrisy of your attitude. You've been having sex with your sister-in-law for years now, and you have married her little sister, and all the time continue having sex with both of them. At the same time, you seem to think you have a right to have sex with both of them, while your older brother should be kept away from your wife.

You can't have it all ways. If you think that it's fine to be having sex with both your wife and your sister-in-law, why do you think that your brother should not have the same rights?

Does your wife know you're fucking her big sister? If she does, then I would say there's a fair bet that she is having sex with your brother. If she doesn't, then she's a sweet little innocent in all of this, and God knows what harm it may do to her when she finds out, as inevitably she will do at some stage. On the other hand, if she knows that your having sex with her sister, she probably also knows that her sister is planning to get pregnant by you. Sisters are not good at keeping secrets from each other. I tell my sister everything, and I mean everything!!! I have no secrets from her, and she has no secrets from me. And I very much doubt if your wife and her big sister have secrets from each other. You know what your brother is into, if you think that your wife doesn't know what her sister is into, then you're living in a fools paradise.

Given your older brothers partial for very young girls, it wouldn't surprise me if he is having extramarital affairs as well, so we have a proper little tangled situation here.

None of this would probably happen if it weren't for ambitious parents marrying their children for reasons other than love. I'm not quite sure why your sister-in-law wanted to hitch you up to her little sister, but maybe it was because she knew she could get away with stuff because her sister wouldn't betray her, whereas a strange girl would. Whatever the situation, you're having both of them, and thoroughly enjoying it; but now your sister-in-law wants to take things to a stage which you feel uncomfortable about.

From a purely practical point of view, you could get her pregnant with very little risk of discovery, except for her telling tales to her sister. You and your brother share the same genetics, and probably look similar. Any resulting baby would easily be claimed by your brother as his own. Given the total freedom with which the four of you live together, he may not even care whether he is the father of the child!!! If he's having sex with your wife, and she gets pregnant, would you necessarily know that the child is yours?

When people live such deceptive lifestyles, these kind of things happen. You went into this with your eyes wide open. You didn't hesitate to start messing around with your brother's wife, and she quite frankly enticed you as well, so she is equally to blame. If your brother has seduced your wife, I wouldn't be the slightest bit surprised. So it could be that all four of you are busy having sex with each other's partners, and the only issue here is whether or not you should father a child by your sister-in-law. Surely that is between you and her, and your brother and your wife. If the ffour of you are busy enjoying sex with gay abandon, then the consequences of pregnancy are something which none of us can talk about. The morals all four of you have are your own business, and it's up to you what you decide to do.

answered Aug 18, 2016 by sexysalma (14,995 points)
edited Aug 19, 2016 by sexysalma
commented Aug 19, 2016 by Connfused_Guy (150 points)
edited Aug 21, 2016 by longhands1
Thanks for your reply but I just want to clear one thing, I have problem in explaining things concisely so I had wrote down whole thing in really long sentences giving out all the explanation that may help any interested person to write the best response to my question .But it has been edited by the other editor so my question seems much like a fantasy than real one.

Ok to clear some doubts,yes I accept it that I am equally responsible for this situation I have found myself in. I shouldn't have give in to my SIL's demands. But I have to say that I have tried my level best not to indulge in sexual activities with her at the time it all started. I had written the long paragraph clearing how in world she ended up blowing me and me eating her out.

You sound very experienced, tell me is it so strange to love two women at same time? My SIL is my best friend and whatever may be the reason she felt more comfortable with me and I had written all about it in my edited paragraphs. Should I have put her down and asked her to leave me alone when she would sit with me and say that I am the only reason she feels comfortable there? Should I have said that that my brother maybe a jerk but you are married to him and it's none of my concern how you deal with it , don't come to me for some comfort and we won't talk anymore?

Yes I sound hypocrite but you know why? Why did I describe my brother's character in my first paragraph? Because that's how he is. He doesn't care for the feeling of girls , he never cared for the feeling of his past gfs and I had described that too in edited sentences.Why I have problem with my brother sleeping with my wife when I myself is sleeping with his wife? Because my wife doesn't want to do that and his wife in a way forced me to do that.

I understand there's a difference between someone's willing to do it and someone's forced to do it. That's why I asked is there any way I can deal with it ,, But thanks for not answering that and calling me a fucking hypocrite.

And I know my baby with my SIL would look like anyone from the family and no one can ever find out if we won't tell it. But I asked this because I thought there may be some persons out here who might had some sort of experience like that where doing this may have had some repercussions. But hey I am stupid jerk who just want to waste time of everyone.

Thnks for taking time to reply at least.

Have a good day
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You have perfect situations to start group sex so include your bother into the act. Don’t you think that your brother has right to enjoy your wife’s pussy since you are enjoying his wife’s pussy for long time. Morally you do not have a right to keep your wife away from your bother as it would be very unfair to your brother. I do not know what kind of advice I should give you so I am giving you off beat advice by telling you start having group sex. 

answered Aug 20, 2016 by alpesh kapdi (22,870 points)

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