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How to approach my mami for sex?

asked Aug 1, 2016 in Questions by Arun73 (190 points)
edited Aug 2, 2016 by longhands1


I am Arun, 25 years old. I want to have intercourse with my mami who is divorced from my uncle. She stays alone and away from all our family members contact.

From my childhood she knows me well. She is around 35 years old with no kids. We both always used to talk about everything when we meet. She used to confess everything to me about fun, party, her single lifestyle etc. As she is divorced and away, she might be in need of a sexual life. I want to know how to approach her? We don't have any kind of fear between us to talk about any matter.

She even shared once that she was not happy with her sex life with my uncle. How can I approach her and take a chance for sex? I like her a lot. I have only one fear. What she may think about me? I am afraid that she could think bad about me and ignore my contact or shout at me?

Let me know how I can approach her?

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8 Answers

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Cowards die many time before death.You fear what she will think about you.You should not go ahead.Leave your dream to do sex with her.Mami will approach you if she is interested in you.Dispel your weakness and take the chance if opportune moment comes.
answered Aug 1, 2016 by Motilal (6,460 points)
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Hello Arun,

Sometimes you have to take a chance in life.

From what you are telling us, you are able to talk to this lady on just about any subject, including sex so if you can talk about sex to her, why is it difficult to admit to her that you find her sexually attractive? She is hardly going to bite your head off the telling her this, in fact, she will probably feel flattered to know that a younger man finds her attractive and desirable. No woman would feel offended by this.

Once she knows that you find her attractive, you are putting the ball in her court, to use a tennis metaphor, and it is up to her how she plays that more. She may turn around and say that she has never thought of you in a sexual way, and so you can take it that she is not interested. She may go quiet, and she may even scold you a little, but she is unlikely to break off all contact with you for admitting that you find her desirable.

What you have to consider is that, even if she isn't enjoying a full and satisfying sex life, it doesn't necessarily mean that she is ready to jump into bed with the first guy that shows any interest in her. You point out that the two of you are close and friendly terms, and she may value friendship is far more important than sex stop on the other hand, she may consider that, given that she already likes you as a person, perhaps she would like that friendship to extend into a more physical relationship. The thing is, you will never know until you talk to her on the subject.

You don't have to be crass about this and come out with something like "I really fancy you would want to take you to bed." All you need to do is to tell her that you think she's beautiful, and that you cannot understand why she is on her own. This opens the conversation, and then it is up to the two of you where that conversation takes you.

Suppose for a moment that you make a statement like that which I have suggested, and it results in the two of you finishing up having sex. Where does it lead to in the long run? It's okay starting a sexual relationship with somebody, but you have to consider that people are not robots, they are full of emotions, longings, desires, hopes, and fears. You will both start something, and you will both have to consider what the consequences of an intimate relationship can be. Okay, she's older than you, but that doesn't need to make any difference. If you fall in love with each other, you would probably meet with resistance from your family and hers shouldn't make any difference if the two of you become romantically attached. She's not that much older than you that it would make any difference, and as they say, love is blind many couples have a very loving and happy marriage, even when the age differences are quite significant. Convention says that an older man can marry a younger woman, yet society looks askance at an older woman marrying a younger guy. There is no real reason for this, except that it challenges the age-old traditions of the dominant male and the submissive female. A mature woman doesn't fit into their neat categories, and so it is regarded unfairly.

You notice that I'm talking about love and relationships here, but this is what you have to consider when you start engaging in a sexual liaison with anyone. The only time you can isolate sex from emotions is when you visit a prostitute. Prostitutes engage in sex as a purely financial transaction, and whether they enjoy it or not, there is no emotional component attached to it. The moment you start having sex with somebody that you like, the future is unpredictable. You have already admitted that you like this lady a lot, and a sexual relationship may make your feelings far stronger for her. What would you do if your feelings are not reciprocated? On the other hand, you may regard having sex with her is just some pleasurable entertainment, yet she may see it as part of a far deeper relationship, and what would you do she falls in love with you? If one or the other has feelings that the other doesn't share, then any kind of relationship is doomed to failure, and both parties getting hurt in one way or another. So while you might think it's fun to have sex with this lady, bear in mind that there may be a lot more to it than just a bit of sexy entertainment

I'm not saying that you shouldn't do this, what I'm saying is that you must think first, and act after you have weighed up as many possibilities as you can. But before anything else, you have to break the ice. You can tell her that you think she's beautiful, and that you can't understand why she is still unattached to anybody, without actually pushing yourself forward to become her partner. If you tell her these things, as I said, you leave it up to her how she wants to react. Just think carefully first!!!

I hope this has made things easier for you. It does put the onus on you to make the first move, but you don't have to do anything stupid that will result in a potentially angry confrontation. Just engage your brain before you engage your mouth, and I think you will be okay stop

Good luck,

answered Aug 1, 2016 by sexysalma (14,995 points)
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Dear A,

You are determined to have sex with her by hook cook. In this case nothing will be matter for you whether suggestions or emotions or morality or selfishness or  support.

She separated from her husband due to some of her problem not that her desire waiting for you. The age difference is nearly 10 years that doesnot mean that you are so younger. She is feeling comfortable with you for sharing her emotions, problems and other topics by considering you as friend. If she has such thing in her mind then you may be in a position to ask this question in the forum seeking suggestion.

For any kind of sex relation there is need of clarification what you want from each other. Until and unless both agree the session will be result in failure. If you are sure about your thought then talk to her in thus topic and collect what is going in her mind which will give you enough clue whether proceed or stop thinking.

You have to accept that you will never loose such a friend in life with whom you are sharing beautiful moments. If you loose at certain point of time then you will repent. Every relation can't be ended with and sex. In case she doesn't want sex from you then she might be react sharply.

Sex other than partner is always risk. If you take risk then the chances of getting success more than no effort. You have to prepare yourself for good and bad result. Don't forget to share the experience.
answered Aug 1, 2016 by bubu_002 (2,735 points)
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If you want to taste her body you have take this risk because if you fail to take risk today you may feel sad in future that you had a golden chance but you failed to capitalized it
Your mami is divorced lady who is in her middle ages where women mostly starve for sex your uncle didn't satisfy her so she may upset from inside that she losing her age without enjoy ment
You are on correct track approach her as quickly as possible because tomorrow may not be yours
Don't let her go she will really spread legs for you she wants your cock  badly it's up to you how you approach
Good luck
answered Aug 2, 2016 by rajan08 (275 points)
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Hi friend, Dont fear. You can say sorry after that.  Ladies always talks in code words. You will love her and never cheat. But others will do this.
answered Aug 2, 2016 by jalgaon.boy (120 points)
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Have some confidence and go ahead.
Buy a few condoms and go to her home. Befor going there, just call her to inform you are coming.
After you reach her home, give her a small gift and directly say that you love her. Slowly move forward and take her to her bed and do your work.
answered Aug 2, 2016 by maya75n (655 points)
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You should take her to the room when shes most vulnerable. Then sit her down and take of ur pants and tell her you couldnt stop urself. If shes interested she will make a move
answered Aug 2, 2016 by sugar123 (105 points)
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There is no way to approach her for sex than to direct so start having conversation with her. If you have his number then text her and spark up a conversation. Let her know how much you like her and you can do anything for her.

Be with her emotionally and plan a meeting. Express your feelings to be with her in her romantic relationship. There are chances that she would turn down your insist and may shout on you too but you have to take risk in order to get into her pants.

Show your courage and have discussion with her. Do not approach sex topic right away but make her ready to listen that you are going to demand sex soon. There are chances that she will spread her legs for you but you can only come to know if you move toward her. 

answered Aug 3, 2016 by alpesh kapdi (22,860 points)

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