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Article: Some of the weirdest sex questions asked.

asked Jul 16, 2016 in Articles by longhands1 (82,115 points)

Some of the weirdest sex questions asked.

We understand that Indians' awareness about sex is dismal. But nothing can beat the kind of questions asked.

1. Pregnant baby!

Will having sex during pregnancy make my baby pregnant, if I am carrying a female baby within me?

My Answer: It is natural for couples to be concerned about their sex lives during pregnancy. But no one might have taken it to this level! We wish you knew that your baby is safe in your womb inside the amniotic sac and your partner’s penis cannot touch the baby.

2. This guy is confused!

I am 25 years old male with some weird sexual habits. When I am alone I imagine myself being a female and other males are forcibly having sex with me. I need to admit that this excites me and I masturbate. But I am content about my sexual preferences. When I am out of my dream world I am attracted to girls and not to other men. But I can’t get away from my fantasies and it’s been five years now. I hope it is normal.

My Answer: At your age it can be quite possible that you aren’t certain about your sexual preferences and there is no harm in it. You can take all your time to be certain about your desires. Meanwhile, if you fancy yourself as a female, well be assured fantasies are not reality.

3. This guy’s mother must be super-strict!

Is it safe to have sex at home? I mean is it hygienic? My sperms will spill out on the carpet, blanket and pillow. Would it be safe to use those things without washing?

My Answer: No one is concerned where you would like to have sex behind the closed doors – your bedroom, on the carpet, the couch or kitchen. Whether having sex is hygienic? Well we presume you clean yourself after the act and at least bathe once a day. And make sure you clean your carpet, pillow cases and blanket once a fortnight. If you are concerned that the sperms scattered on the sheets would stay alive for longer, rest assured they don’t have that longevity once out in the open. And why will it spill all over, it’s just semen!

4. What a fetish!

I am 27 years old male and a virgin. I have a fetish for menstrual blood. I work late in the night in office so that I get to visit the woman’s restrooms in private. I scout for freshly disposed pads and tampons to lick the blood on them. Is licking blood harmful?

My Answer: It definitely cannot get weirder than this. Probably your fetish is one of its kind. Licking menstrual blood is not harmful, but from the used and disposed tampons and sanitary pads is downright unhygienic and unhealthy. The least we talk about this fetish the better.

5. Weird problem-solution combo!

Help me; I am losing my interest in women. This has been a consistent problem since past six months. Previously, I used to watch a lot of porn which kept my interest in girls and sex intact. Now that I have reduced the frequency I think I am turning into a gay. I want to regain my normal self, how do I do it.

My Answer: We haven’t heard that not watching porn can turn one gay. However, if watching those elicit sexual scenes makes you feel yourself, we fail to understand what is stopping you.

6. Should she give in to her hubby’s demands?

During lovemaking my husband asks me to insert my finger in to his asshole. Is this a normal behaviour?

My Answer: Different people have different sexual needs and triggers that excite them; this could pass as a normal behaviour we believe.

7. Oops! This is serious.

I am 27 years old woman and I bleed when I watch porn videos or if I feel aroused. I am scared it can affect my sexual life after marriage.

My Answer: We might not call it downright weird, if you bleed when you get an arousal it could be a medical problem. Get checked by a sexologist.

8. He scratches my back! 

My husband loves to play with my breasts during foreplay but I get excited when he scratches my back. How can I make my breasts more sensitive?

My Answer: If breasts aren’t your sensitive zone tell your husband what it is. He will be more than happy to excite you, your way before the big act.

9. Massage parlour stories?

Can STD be acquired in a massage parlour? What if the therapist who comes in contact with different people’s body fluids doesn’t wash their hands properly?

My Answer: You better be safe than sorry, my friend. You have no control of what happens in the massage Parlour, so take care.

10. Wow, a case of ‘use atrophy’?

Can masturbation lead to small penis?

My Answer: Men are usually fascinated about their penis size; however your size depends on your genes and is an inherent characteristic of your body. And no, masturbation can neither make it smaller or bigger.

11. Erection problems!

I have heart problems and doctors have told me that I am at a high risk of suffering from a heart attack. However, I masturbate a lot. My only fear is if I get a heart attack during masturbation will I die with an erection? It would be too shameful for me to look into my parents’ eyes later.

My Answer: If you die out of a heart attack you wouldn’t be alive to look into your parent’s eye. However, to put your mind to rest you will lose your erection when you get a heart attack.

12. How to get Justin Beiber’s baby!

How can I get Justin Beiber to get me pregnant? I love him a lot and want to have his baby at 15. Can I spike his drinks and make out with him. Is there any other idea that you could suggest?

My Answer: We wish we could. However, we wish you luck in your endeavor. Fantasy does not hurt anyone.

13. A case of Super-semen?

I made love to my boy friend in the bathroom inside the tub. There was water in the tub and I forgot to clean it. My sister took bath in the same tub after a while. Can she get pregnant?

My Answer: You need to have sex to get pregnant, don’t you?

commented Jul 16, 2016 by mkp (135 points)
Can we call it mentally disorder??☺
commented Jul 16, 2016 by longhands1 (82,115 points)


It is not mental dis-order. It is more a case of ignorance about sex and the human body. If you call it mental dis-order then everyone who has a fetish or a sex craving would fall in that category.

Our Site, helps to dispel these false notions and we hope that each Member here also spreads the sex knowledge to others by answering the questions asked on this Site..


commented Jul 21, 2016 by oxheart707 (510 points)
My favourites:
4. What a fetish!            Dracula reincarnated!
11. Erection problems!  Joke of the year!

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