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Why did I dream about having sex with my ex.? [closed]

asked Jul 15, 2016 in Questions by akki.2993 (120 points)
closed Jul 17, 2016 by longhands1

Last night, I dreamt of having sex with my ex girlfriend. It was very arousing. But after waking up, I realised that it can affect my present Relationship, which I do not want to do.

I just want to know what's the reason behind such dreams?


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commented Jul 17, 2016 by longhands1 (78,290 points)

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2 Answers

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Dear A,

When a relation is in good condition you might be share very good and unforgettable memories. When you are involved in sex repeatedly then you developed some feelings for her and caring. The process of sex and love bring both to a single line.

Even if you are in another relationship but you are dreaming her, which indicating that she is there in your heart in some corner. You maynot like something in the present relationship and missing in the past relationship. I dont know what aggravate for breaking of relation but there are something happening that attracting each other after long time of breakup.

There are instances happening in neighbourhood or with friends in which girls or boys are developing relationship with their ex. This may be emotional attachment or sex or both.

This is common and nothing wrong with you. We always recall the best or worst moments. When sex comes into picture then the best moments probably referred.

You have to explain what is going on your mind now, whether you are dreaming her for sex repeatedly or not?
answered Jul 15, 2016 by bubu_002 (2,735 points)
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I have a same problem but only difference is that dreamt of having sex with my ex girlfriend is not affecting my present relationship with my wife because I have accepted the reality and able to keep my past and present separate.

You got dream about your ex because of the thinking about her and it might be possible that your ex is always back of your mind so you would tend to get such dreams as it is absolutely normal.

You cannot control your dream, as it is not in your hand so just make the peace with your dream and make sure that it would not affect your present relationship.

Most of the men and women get dream about their past relationship because of the emotional and good memories attached to the past.

Do not try too much not to get such dream because more you try more it get worsen. Let the dream come and go. Never compare your present relationship with past because these two different relationships are very dissimilar in situation and in nature. If you are capable of not comparing it then your present relationship would not get affected by having sex with your ex in your dream.

Just learn how to keep everything separate and how to handle your present relationship. With time, you would start doing well with such dreams. 

answered Jul 16, 2016 by alpesh kapdi (23,295 points)

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