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I get excited seeing a mole on women's body. Will this be a problem later?

asked Jul 13, 2016 in Questions by kirk Strattern (190 points)
edited Jul 13, 2016 by longhands1

I have a mole fetish. When I see a woman with a mole on her face, I get sexually excited. One of my teachers has a mole on her hips. When, I9 see this teacher with the mole, I get desperate to have sex with her.

I always stare at her during the class and have fantasies about having sex with her. I feel this will affect my studies, and at times I even feel like telling this to her. She really likes me very much as I am very good in studies and behavior. I also have the same feelings towards one of my neighbor aunts.

Please help me out in this.
Thanks in advance.


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4 Answers

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Best answer

All girls have eyes, lips, and a nose but the ones that have moles are most interesting because it gives us something extra to fixate on. That's why women with sexy moles, a.k.a. beauty marks seem to be alluring. If At first they might seem a little iffy, but after a while, you'll become attached to them. Moles are also really useful when it comes to relationships.

Beauty spots shouldn’t be the focal point of the face, they should be used to accentuate your face and work particularly well if placed around the mouth and eyes.

As an example of this, Marilyn Monroe’s beauty mark on her lower left cheek, as well as re-creating the vogue for adding them as makeup, helped draw attention to her features on her near flawless skin. While more recently fashion model Cindy Crawford’s prominent mole has once again helped to revive the fashion.

You will also find beauty spots one above the lip of Madonna, below the eye of Robert De Niro, while Sarah Jessica Parker has a beauty mark on her upper chin below the lips.

I've two moles on my body, but sadly they are not on my face. My one mole is on my left bust near my areola and another is on my right side of bulgy pussy mound.

You're not alone mole fetishist, millions of people go gaga to see a mole, so don't worry about anything, just do enjoy in watching this.

All the best.
answered Jul 14, 2016 by Nazia_Hasan (1,445 points)
selected Jul 19, 2016 by kirk Strattern
commented Jul 15, 2016 by kirk Strattern (190 points)
thank u nazia!!! the problem is i see her mole on hip and get tooo horny i once started silently started rubbing my dick without unzipping and masturbated..i dont even think about the consequences if i get caught then.. moles on the body take a new guy outta me
commented Jul 19, 2016 by Nazia_Hasan (1,445 points)
Thanks for selecting my answer as best answer.
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Not a weird fantasy at all and it would not make any problem later on so do not give too much thought on this just enjoy your fantasy by keeping it as a secret otherwise it would bring embarrassment for you.

You should not disclose your fantasy to your teacher otherwise; you would lose your respect and would become a pervert boy in her eyes.

However, you can fantasy her and even can masturbate thinking about her mole on her hips. You have not mentioned how you came to know that she has a mole on her hips.

If your fantasy affects your study then you need to learn how to control it and make a peace with it. It is time to study hard and make a good career so whenever you are free and feel excited you can masturbate thinking of her but you should not do it over limit.

I also like mole on beautiful girl’s face as it just added in their beauty. I had sexual relationship with one of mature woman at work place and she has a mole near her vagina, which makes me to lick her vagina for extra time so you are not alone with such fantasy but you should consider it just normal fantasy.

When you choose your life partner, make sure that she has a mole on her face or at least on her body parts so you can live your fantasy with her all the time. 

answered Jul 13, 2016 by alpesh kapdi (25,510 points)
commented Jul 13, 2016 by kirk Strattern (190 points)
thanks bro!! when i was sitting in the first bench in front of my teacher by a slight wind's fortunate i saw that. during class times i cant take my eyes of her.. especially waist. i even get boner. and concentrate only on it..
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Dear S,

You shouldnot worry about your fantasy. Different people have different fantasies. You might be dreaming her and ended with masturbation. If you keep it secret then nothing will be hamper. If you desperately interested for  sex with your teacher or any other person having mole then you have to control your ideas inside the box else you will lose your identity and people will laugh at it. There are few people can able to understand in real life.

As you are unmarried so you should start search for a girl who can able to fulfil your fantasy. The sex with girl friend or submissive women wouldnot hamper your dignity because most of the time they give their consent. You have to accept that there is limit for everything.
answered Jul 13, 2016 by bubu_002 (2,760 points)
commented Jul 14, 2016 by kirk Strattern (190 points)
thankya bro! that'll help
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And what about a mole in the head of a penis? That is very exciting too
answered Jul 18, 2016 by ana (435 points)

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