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Mom is having an affair with a Foreigner. How to deal with this?

asked Jul 9, 2016 in Questions by Dilruksh (175 points)
Hi guys,

I had posted this earlier but since I chose the best answer accidentally, I did not get many answers, so I'm posting it again. I need your help guys.

I have a Problem. This started two months ago. I have no idea what to do. I live in Kochi, with my mom who is 48 years old. My dad works abroad in the Gulf.

Recently, a guy who is a Foreigner, has come for work purposes. He is training here in Kochi for the Company he works for. There are a few apartments in our neighborhood and he has rented out an apartment, which is next door. He is in his late 20's. My mom is 48 years old, is 5'8” tall, has a little belly but a nice figure which I admire, brown and tanned complexion and looks very pretty. She wears sarees all the time and has long hair.

This Foreigner, was here for about 4 months and he was very friendly with all the neighbors. He became close and friendly with us because we are his closest neighbor and he was very friendly with me and my mom. We used to give him dishes when ever my mom cooked something special. He then started moving into our house as well just to say Hi. He would come for tea or dinner after an invitation or even without it. Things were going on very nicely and I didn't think for a second that he was a pervert because he was so kind.

Days passed by and I realized that he was getting closer towards my mom. There were times, when I came home after school classes and I would see him in our house, but I didn't see anything suspicious because I trusted him. One day, I told my mom I would be late because my badminton practices would go till the evening. That day, I thought of going home early because I felt sick and had a headache, so without telling mom I came home at around 4pm. Since I had my extra key, I opened the door without calling to mom thinking she would be asleep.

When I opened the door slowly and was walking towards my room, I heard heavy thumping and moaning sounds coming from my mom’s room. I slowly peeped though the door to see both were having sex. I was so angry and disappointed and went back out slowly and rang the bell to show them I was outside. I rang the bell and after about five minutes mom opened the door still sweating and wearing a housecoat. The Foreigner was fully dressed. Mom said she was watering the plants and the Foreigner was watching TV, so he couldn't hear the bell.

I think they knew that I knew everything that was going on and he left feeling guilty. After about 10 minutes, mom came to me and told me everything that happened and asked me not to be ashamed because it's part of everyone's need and asked me to not tell my dad about it if I truly love her. I haven’t told Dad anything and this had been going on till today. They are very open, kissing and hugging in front of me and even have sex in the day time in their mom’s room. He now spends the nights too in our house, but he is still very kind to me.

Mom ditched her traditional Sarees and has started to wear jeans and tops tying her hair with a clip when she goes outside where I feel embarrassed because the neighbors will get to know something strange is happening. She usually stays in her petticoat all the time. She even goes shopping with him without any fear.

What should I do guys? Please help me. Does such stuff really happen? What if mom gets pregnant? He is 29 and she is 48.

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7 Answers

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Best answer
Dear D,

Sex is the basic need of human being. Concise hardly matters to those who desperately needed it. Whenever your father staying abroad and your mother staying alone at this time when a person become closer and sharing her feeling at that time she fall in love with the foreigner. You have number of ways to handle this:
1. Write a letter to your mother and elaborate about your concern towards the relation in a friendly manner else she will take it otherwise. This may be a solution as it is not possible for you to discuss her in front.
2. Try to contact the foreigner and try to know whether he has any other relation with the other neighbour. The chances may be high. If can able to gather the information and you may point out the foreigner to stop the act else he would be in trouble.
4. Leave her in her situation because who will replace the foreigner for the physical relation. You canot ignore the need of her. If it wouldnot satisfied in time then she would be violent.

If she is happy and not showing you any bad behaviour then no need to worry because after your school days you may have sex with girls. You may not marry all the girl with whom you are going to have sex.

Now come to the matter of jeans. We love to see others in such dresses but hesitate to see our family members. This is bias, so think positive that she is become modern in her dress style.
answered Jul 11, 2016 by bubu_002 (2,735 points)
selected Oct 3, 2016 by Dilruksh
commented Jul 12, 2016 by Dilruksh (175 points)
No bro he screws only her I think she finds her attractive he fucks only her it has become a daily routine now.i always hear huge moaning and clapping sounds in her room they are acting like newly married couple now cuddling every time they are very open now kissing and hugging all the time I see her half naked most of the time .tell me bro which woman cooks wearing a petticoat in the kitchen?dude I know jeans look good but for a woman with a belly do u think it will look good on her ?she was a person who used to wear saree all the time now tight jeans and tank tops I dunno what to do I'm afraid to tell dad also because I need both of them.can a woman seriously allow someone to fuck her always?????
commented Jul 12, 2016 by bubu_002 (2,735 points)
When the situation approaching towards devastation at that time there is need of rescue operators. In this situation you are become key player to handle the situation.

There are instances in which after such type of relationship woman come to her routine life without thinking about the sex top up.

Meanwhile you have to convince your father for a family trip for a week or more. You have to create such a environment in which both can come close to each other, mainly they should have good sexual activities. This would become excellent plan to overcome the situation.

If you share this incident with your father then it would split their bonding and would be end with divorce. In contrary you dont know about your father's sexual orientation there in golf.

If she has changed her pattern from saree to petticoat then what happened, after all she is your mom. Think positive. Lets come to jeans: everyone have their agenda in their mind most of them are hidden and some are open. She is enjoying her life in modern outfits. You have to accept the change and promote her in dress not in sexual orientation.

What is your plan in your mind..pls tell us.
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Well of she needs let her have sex ,so what is wrong with that its natural and beautiful I think she needs to be satisfied more.did she have a fucking partner before or is it the first time?she will definately need a young cock.better not interfere in her personal stuff
answered Jul 10, 2016 by Ruvin (130 points)
commented Jul 10, 2016 by Dilruksh (175 points)
moved Jul 10, 2016 by prashant69
Are u serious????you asking me to let that fellow screw her more?dude you will know the feeling when someone comes and fucks your mom .here this fellow is wackiness her like she didn't have a fucking partner before she was nice but I think this guy seduced her and turned into a wild woman.guys I need your help please help me I need ur advices admin pls pls help me on this what should I do?
commented Jul 10, 2016 by prashant69 (7,010 points)

Dilruksh, You can not answer your own Q. You can only comment on this. And which we welcome most.

commented Jul 11, 2016 by Ruvin (130 points)
Don't you like to make her happy ????then let him fuck her dude. Sex is natural and beautiful. Dont worry kid. They will be using protection so she won't get pregnant.

And an Indian woman getting fucked by a young Foreigner's cock is great no ones gets that chance. She is lucky in a way. Llet him thump her. Are they doing it always? And you have mentioned she has a belly, that's because when you have more sex, they get fatter.

He is satisfying her max. so be happy.
commented Mar 15, 2017 by longhands1 (78,150 points)


You have not completed your Profile. You have been told twice. Please access your PM.

Your question is rejected.


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      There are two ways you can deal with this problem 1) Give a clear warning to your mother , I don't like this white guy coming to our house please stop talking if you continue I will inform dad and speak the white guy don't come to our house it maybe bit rude you have to face.
2) After your warning still she continues inform your father (becoz your father working abroad, well being of family. Your father also have all physical needs he is sacrificing all for family such kind of women no need to feed husband hard earned money)
Better to live without a mother being a disloyal mother to the family.
I also faced similar situation one person was keep on coming to talk my mother I observed 2 days and went straight to him while he came in bus station, if you come again I will beat you. He never came, So problem solved actually he is a distant relative, My mother talked in a good way his attitude I don't liked .
answered Jul 10, 2016 by Aleeeex (165 points)
commented Jul 11, 2016 by Dilruksh (175 points)
This guy has totally changed her she has started wearing jeans and top now which is not suitable for a woman with a little belly I dunno what to do I see her most of them time half nude with a petticoat.he has been humping her for almost two months now she becoming fatter now I dunno what to do
commented Jul 11, 2016 by Aleeeex (165 points)
Did you tried at least my suggestion before getting any response from her you are commenting, I don't want to waste my time with a coward. Be a male try to bold enough to face problem or just wasting our time? Or I feel you also getting benefit from both so you can't act anything. Tell us very Frank did he offered any gift to you?
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Hi dear, its really tough time to you first mistakes you have already done after seeing them you didn't stopped them which results they become shameless specially your mother. Sex urged is different matter but relationship is very important but your mother not paying attention on relationship. She behaved likes **** and giving priority for sex, so in this situation I advices you to talk your mother directly with pleasant way what she doing its not good for her and explain your situation what you are feeling. If she will denied or threating you then you definitely talk about this matter to your father because its all about your families and you can't seen to broken hearts. Thinks carefully and take wise decision.
answered Jul 12, 2016 by kingmyaqueen (1,835 points)
commented Jul 14, 2016 by bubu_002 (2,735 points)
Absolutely agreed with the suggestions except that he should talk to his father. If she will inform his father then he would be disturb and their would be differentiation in the relationship that may lead to separation. The separation would not be the best way to deal the situation because it will never join again.
 Mr. D have to concern to resolve the problem but by doing this he will definitely repent.
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Bro ,She is just enjoying  her life, if she is happy that way, let her be happy.Dont interfere in her personal life.
answered Jul 12, 2016 by sambhav678 (170 points)
commented Jul 19, 2016 by ana (335 points)
So funny how many hypocrites here. If the same happen to their mom or wife, will they think or advice in the same way? dont think so.
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things are difficult to believe ..they now hug kiss in front of u ..n hv sex when u are in the house ...looks more like a story
answered Jul 24, 2016 by panajigoa (140 points)
commented Jul 30, 2016 by Dilruksh (175 points)
Hey pls help me in this I need ur help guys
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You should have put a stop to her fucking the first time they made out.The next day she told you everything yet you didn't react which made her think that you were OK with this.

Tell her to stop this or you would tell your dad. Meanwhile ask your Dad to visit home so they can can bond with each other.

Your mom is not a loyal wife, your dad your dad deserves someone better... Don't you deserve to be a good son to him. Either your mom has to stop or your dad needs to divorce her as anyway they don't live together.

If I were in your place I would have beaten him up so he never steps into my house again.
answered Sep 17, 2017 by Txxx (120 points)

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