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What precautions to take while / before meeting a prostitute?

asked Jun 29, 2016 in Questions by babuduke (125 points)
recategorized Jun 30, 2016 by prashant69
Hi All,

I got a prostitute's number from my friend. I want to visit her, but I have a few doubts which I have listed below. I am quite scared and want your Advice how to proceed.

My doubts and worries are :

1. What if it's a police officer's number? What if the police person pretends to be a Pimp and wants my personal information?
2. Where is the safe place to fuck the prostitute? Should I book a hotel room or should I go to the address she gives me?
3. What are the risks if a prostitute comes to my home (obviously when no one is around)?
4. What are the risks if we go to the place that she suggests?
5. How to know whether the prostitute is a Lady cop? Is there any code language when we speak with a prostitute?

Any of you who have visited a Prostitute (Escort), please share your experiences and give me good Advice.

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1 Answer

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Best answer

bubu, I think you should restrain yourself and control your urge for sex until you find some girlfriend or get married,whichever earlier. Your profile is incomplete so we do not have idea about your age and relevent background. But from your desparation it seems that you could be either in early twenties or late teens. 

     Still if you want to proceed (I assume you are not a minor) . 

  1) How reliable this friend who shared this number with you? Does he have a first hand experience with this woman or he also got it from one of his friends?

2) Never use your phone to call her first time. If possible use public phone. 

3) Whatever the place would be, it should be chosen by you .So no threat of blackmailing, recording would be possible. 

4) Avoid going to  cheap hotels and lodges beside train and bus stations .

5) Best option would be at home (yours, friends) if you can manage the logistics of bringing her  safely in  and taking out without being seen. 

6) If you have so much fear of the law(which is a good thing) why you want to go for it? If she were a cop and suppose would use a code language then except she, how can you expect us  to know about it? 

7)If you choose to go at the place set by her be aware that it could be' honey trap'. 

   Honey trap means as soon as you go inside and without  you even touching few men would turn up pretending to be her relatives and they would intimidate you and threaten to call cops and your family and at last would settle for some money. Its real and happenning all over. 

If she ever gets ready to meet you insist to meet her at public place first and when you meet her observe whether she is (and you) are being followed by anyone or what! Hope this helps . 

answered Jun 30, 2016 by prashant69 (7,060 points)
selected Jun 30, 2016 by babuduke
commented Jun 30, 2016 by prashant69 (7,060 points)

bubu, Thanks for selecting my answer as the best answer. But you shown haste in selecting my answer as the best answer because now once best answer is selected system automatically have closed your Q for further answers and no one can answer this Q now. So we always advice our questioners to wait for couple of days or until 4/5 answers are arrived . Next time take more care. Thanks again .

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