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Did not have good first experience with Prostitute. Why?

asked Jun 29, 2016 in Questions by Richard (120 points)
edited Jun 30, 2016 by longhands1


Recently, I visited a call girl when I was totally drunk. I started to fuck her but shockingly, I did not feel anything from my side and my penis did not get an erection.

After sometime, I did get an erection and was ready to have sex, but the erection would go down and my penis would become limp. I tried for half an hour, but there was no result.

My question is: When I watch blue films when I am drinking, I get an erection and can masturbate easily. So, what was the real problem?

Please help me out with your advice.

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1 Answer

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It is normal not have an erection for many reasons as it is totally different thing to watch porn and have sex with prostitute. Tension and stress could be the reason that you did not get an erection but that does not mean that you have a problem.

It also indicates that you should not visit prostitute and need to depend on masturbation until you get girlfriend or married. There is no need to analyze too much, what went wrong as it is normal and many boys experience it so you are not alone.

answered Jun 30, 2016 by alpesh kapdi (22,835 points)

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