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My neighbour aunty makes eye contact but has blocked me on FB. Why?

asked Jun 28, 2016 in Questions by rahul9709858 (120 points)
edited Jun 28, 2016 by longhands1

There is an aunty who lives in front of my house. She shows much attention to me and shows off her body parts. She is 42 years old and I am 24 years. She is working.

I talk to her occasionally but not often. When I go to my balcony, then she also comes in her balcony to show off and speaks hi-fi English with her child.

Recently, when I sent her a friend request, she did not accept me and denied me. Again when I sent her a request, she blocked me. She is showing little bit of attitude.

What does she want or what is she trying to show?

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commented Jun 28, 2016 by Nazia_Hasan (1,445 points)
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6 Answers

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Don’t read too much as she is just seeking attention and nothing else or it might be possible that she is teasing for time pass otherwise she would have accepted your friend request on fb.

She might seeing you as a kid and seeing your interest in her she is kidding with you but she would have never expected that you would made a step towards approaching her so when you did it she blocked you to avoid to you.

Do one thing, start ignoring her completely and see her reactions. If she is interested in you then she would try to reach out to you. However, if you get a chance to fuck her then do not lose it and fuck her hard as much as possible as it is something you would never get a chance to fuck married and mature woman.

However, do not do anything stupid, which makes you look down in front your family and others in the heat of the moment. Therefore, play smart and see where it goes. 

answered Jun 28, 2016 by alpesh kapdi (25,980 points)
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The way she sees you at balcony and not accept friend request , that looks me strange.

I think two three logics behid her attatide.

1. She may be testing your nerves.

2. May be security reasons behind her not accepting fb request like her husband may check it with whom she is friend.

answered Jun 28, 2016 by hungryjayesh (160 points)
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Forget about this lady, she is NOT going to come under you, atleast for the time  being. As per the situation you have discussed it seems that she is just interest to tease and show-off and fall prey to frustrated kids(atleast I think she thinks so) like you. Ignore her which will ultimate lead to the following conclusion
1) She might think that you got her message "NOT Interested" and she will be contended
2) She might get frustrated that you have started ignoring her and then she would try to seduce you to bring back to the game and then you can take over.

But, if she doesn't respond after your ignorance then search for another prey........:)
answered Jun 28, 2016 by letschat0921 (905 points)
commented Jun 28, 2016 by rahul9709858 (120 points)
ya,i ,m agree with u , thank,s for advice letschat0921. :)
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Dear R,

She is just alluring you by showing her body parts. She knows very well that this will stimulate you and in this age you will become fan of her and do something. By denying the FB request she indicating that she wouldnot acknowledge the relation. In my opinion if she has anything in her mind then she might be doing something secret and not bringing to limelight.

There are women who are interested with young boys for their fantasies not that they are satisfied but they want to bring spice in their life. These women are conscious about their marvellous sexy body which would attract young boys.

You should wait and look for further signal. Try to meet in public places alone or try to meet her accidentally and  tell her that i was looking you. These women are like the bold and secret category people. So think in which direction you want to proceed.

Further you are requested to explain the details possible places that you can able to meet her?
answered Jun 29, 2016 by bubu_002 (2,760 points)
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She has not accepted you as a friend,is not a matter of concern at all.She wants some secrecy in your mutual relationship with her.She is within your radar.Her husband may find something wrong in it,therefore she is avoiding you.Her body language indicate that she love you.Talk more with her from your balcony.
answered Jul 31, 2016 by Motilal (7,740 points)
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it is impossible for anyone, to  look  into another person mind, to figure out what they are thinking. We can only make some informed guesses.

Consider these points
- she is 42
- She has kids
- She lives in your neighborhood

Why even bother ?   

It you are unable to secure female attention of girls your age ,  you need to work on self improvement.
answered Jul 26, 2017 by blore.guy (460 points)

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