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DSN: Sex workers reveal what REALLY happens on the first night of job.

asked Jun 22, 2016 in Articles by longhands1 (93,025 points)
edited Jun 22, 2016 by longhands1

Sex workers reveal what REALLY happens on the first night of job.

FROM £150 spanking sessions to playing chess – sex workers discuss what really goes on behind closed doors.

SEX WORK: Prostitutes and escorts reveal what really goes on behind closed doors.

Sex worker Sarah Greenmore recently took to Reddit to answer intimate questions about brothel life.

From oral sex rules to strange requests, the pink-haired sex worker who earns up to £3,000 a week certainly didn't hold back in her revealing question time.

And now other prostitutes and escorts have taken to the sharing site to discuss the weird and wonderful things that happened on their first nights on the job.

THE TRUTH: Sarah recently revealed what life is like as a legal prostitute.

While some have said they were "shivering, shaking and sweating", others thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

"I just got paid $900 to f*** for 2 hrs, the last hour was spent at dinner. It was so much fun and he was really nice," said one female sex worker. "He had only had 3 partners. He was a little big weight wise but so much fun."

"I'm an independent escort for the record. Stay safe and get paid," she added.

While a male user on Reddit, by the name ‘Aroumi’, described his first sexual encounter proudly. “My first evening was pretty amazing”

He said: "My first evening was pretty amazing… we smiled to each other in the car and started to talk. The sex was awesome. "At the end of the act she was shaking and shivering and we were both sweating.

"I was so proud of myself, for weeks. I saw her 12 times in that year (every month) and I became excited the closer we came to that day."

REVEALED: One woman got paid £150 just to be spanked and walked round on a dog lead

Another sex worker described how her first client paid her $200 (around £150) to spank her.

It_aint_the_whisky said: "A guy who owned a limo company paid me $200 to spank me while nude and walk me on a dog lead around a hotel room."

Another male sex worker Panda_Samawich, describes himself as a "dude who took old ladies to parties".

Talking about his first female client, he said: "She bought me a tux and brought me to some charity party and showed me off to her friends.

"We went up to her room played a game of chess, chatted, she gave me a back rub, and sent me home with a $1,500 (£1,000) suit."

KINKY: One sex worker got paid $900 for two hours

Male sex worker reveals all about his kinky job

A MAN who exchanges sex for cash reveals what it’s like to sell your body in the British capital.

SEX WORK: Male prostitute Oz opened up about selling his body in London.

Oz, who is originally from Australia, has been working in the sex industry for the past seven years after he was introduced to it by an ex-girlfriend who was in the business. Despite identifying as straight, the escort revealed his kinky clients are mostly men and some of them are married or have girlfriends.

Although he usually sees people in his flat or at their place, sometimes the sex worker hires out a dungeon to cater for people's BDSM fantasies. He said: "Spanking is very common here, especially with ex-public school boys – they seem to have a bit of a kink for that and being tied up.

“I've got a ball-busting regular who likes being kicked in the groin”  "I don't see a lot of women for kinky stuff, it tends to be the older guys.  "I've got a ball-busting regular who likes being kicked in the groin – and I used to practice Thai kickboxing so I can kick pretty hard.

"There's a few places in London that has specific equipment such as suspension racks. "I'd rather not set things like that up at my flat as if the landlord comes by it might be a bit hard to explain."

KINK: Lots of Oz's clients enjoy BDSM sex

Although chains and whips are common practice, his most popular service is a naked oil massage followed by sex. He has a few house rules he sticks to and doesn’t offer the “boyfriend experience”.

"I don’t kiss and I don’t do sex without a condom," Oz told "I don’t do drugs, but apart from that I’m pretty open to all kinds of fetishes." But he doesn’t just have sex with British clients as some wealthy regulars pay for him to travel all over the world.

Oz revealed: "I have a regular in Dubai, that pays for my flights and hotels in a luxury resort. I've been taken to New York, Hong Kong, Sweden, Singapore. "And plenty of other European countries.

"He'll be busy through the day so I'll have time to myself and I'm able to charge things to the room like massages or spa treatments for myself. "Then we'll go out, usually to an extremely nice Michelin star restaurant and then back to the hotel at the end of the date."

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