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Should I make this compromise for a job ?

asked Jun 16, 2016 in Questions by shilpimca2010 (130 points)
edited Jun 16, 2016 by longhands1


I am in need of a job. One of my friend who is working in a tour and travel company passed my resume to HR. Interview was good but after interview my friend informed me that her manager will only select me if I make a compromise for one night.

I stay as a PG since my college time and my friend also stays with me is same room. We discussed about this a lot in the night.

My friend told me that she has also done the same thing and said that after joining there is huge chances of earning. As the company has many clients who ask for girls. My friend also goes out for 2 - 3 days and no doubt she has very good earning too.

Please let me know whether I should make this compromise? I have some fear about sex also because I am a virgin.

Company is offering a good salery for fresher also my friend got a good package when she joined.

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commented Jun 17, 2016 by Motilal (7,010 points)
Never compromise for sex to get a job or promotion.It will open the path of blackmailing you now and then.Which will make your life more miserable.

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8 Answers

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Not an easy decision to make as it is complicated and risky too. You have a job in front of you with good salary but to grab it you need to lose something that is so precious for any girl.

Morally and ideally, you should not make any compromise to get a job, as it would destroy your self-esteem to the point you mind slip into depression if you were not strong-minded girl and since you are virgin it would not be an easy thing for you to have sex with someone, who is so experienced. He might have so many demands from you, as for him you are not less than a **** since he is paying for sex.

If I was a girl, and I was in your place, I would have rejected it bluntly and would choose difficult path to get a job, which would be based on my education qualification.

However, it entirely depends on you whether to do go for compromise or not, you have your friend who did it to get a job and now earning good amount of money. What manager demands from you is not morally wrong but criminal activity too.  

You are need in a job and you have an opportunity so think on every aspect before selecting and rejecting a job offer. If you know, what you are doing and why you are doing then you can decide which is best for you.

If you choose to have compromise then you should not allow him to penetrate his penis inside your virgin vagina without condom no matter what. As far as pain is concern, pain is bearable if he was gentle with you. However, if you are not sure then do not take any decision based on your friend’s experience as it might suits her but same may not true for you. Take your own time to decide and let us know the latest devolvement. 

answered Jun 17, 2016 by alpesh kapdi (23,885 points)
selected Jun 17, 2016 by shilpimca2010
commented Jun 17, 2016 by shilpimca2010 (130 points)
Thank you everyone. I respect every one suggestion but due to some financial condition I decide to join this company.. This time I have no other way to earn money.
commented Jun 18, 2016 by alpesh kapdi (23,885 points)

Thanks for selecting my answer as a best answer. Since you decided to choose the job be confident and always play the safe. Don’t think what society to think about you and try to keep it secret from everyone even from close friends otherwise everyone would start giving you moral lecture. It might be wrong in the eyes of society but it is your life and you have decided what is best for you so remember just because society discourages certain things that it does not mean that they are wrong. 

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I hope you will accept this advice in the spirit that it is given. I am sure you have only a few days to make your decision. I have tried to visualize your circumstances and will give you my honest thoughts.

Your need for a job seems to ne overpowering and may be influencing your decision. Most Tour and Travel Companies are respectable and you will have to find out (rather difficult) if this particular Manager is trying to take advantage of you or is this Company Policy. For obvious reasons, this Manager is aware of your financial condition and intends taking advantage of this fact.

Unfortunately, your room mate is an accomplice and will give you advice that will benefit her position in the Company. One of her unwritten work conditions would be that she will look for fresh “talent” who have their hymens intact. So any advice given by her, needs to be taken with a pinch of salt.

You are foolishly presuming that this is going to be a one –night stand. It will not be like that. Once you are sucked into the trade, you will have no way to come out of it. Yes, there would be good earnings, but there will not be a written agreement and it will depend on the number of clients you service. The earnings will be a pittance of what those who get you in the trade will earn.

Will you be happy using your body to make a living? You must be having some qualifications and many earn only half or quarter of what your friend is earning. But at the end of the day, you have to decide what will make you happy.     

If you give in once, there will be a clip made of your sexual dalliance and this will be used as blackmail against you. Once you are hooked, you will need to perform whatever the client desires, which could be anal sex, gangbangs, drinking the semen of clients and being filmed.

Do you like sex? You are still a virgin, and though you may learn the ropes quickly, the initial stages will be rather difficult.  

You are excited with what your friend is earning. But remember that this earning is because she is using her body for sex. Do you want the same.

Only you can decide what you want. Living a life in the fast lane with lots of money and tensions or living a simple life with your head held high.

Do take time to decide and do it wisely.

answered Jun 16, 2016 by longhands1 (80,430 points)
edited Jun 16, 2016 by longhands1
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Well said LH. At the end of the day the work we do should be satisfactory. We as humans are always greasy for money, if we require x amount after getting it we will be behind "Y" amount. Dignity of labour is very important.
answered Jun 16, 2016 by mohan92 (155 points)
commented Jan 5, 2017 by shivarohan (200 points)
I have seen ur face in porn video.. Is that true hav you released any video shilpi
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dear shilpa
       its a good offer which had come to you ,girls are waiting for these type of offer,but you have too question yourself first ,how comfortable you are to have sex with the stranger,you can comprise if the salary is good & not to make it a routine habit or else in feature you will be a ****,you may earn in 5 digits but in society it will be very difficult  for you bcz you know boys better,just think twice when you get these type of offer,people may trap you also,which will lead to disaster,if its your manager and you  find comfortable having sex with him you will be in profit.every year.once again safety first girl
answered Jun 16, 2016 by Anamika (235 points)
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dear shilpi,

      After reading your question and the person who forwarded your resume to the HR is also not a good person as if he says to spend night with manager then in future he also want to spent night with you.

As per your discussion roommate i am sure she is not doing job only she is is also doing the work of a call girl and you will also end up in the same thing for which the company will pay for you.

As their is no shortcut to success so work hard and you can join a company who is giving less salary to fresher but with your talent you can get progress easily.but if you use your body for your promotion for 1st few year it will work but when the find a new girl the will replace you.

so decision is your either don't take the job or if you take the job be ready to loose your character by becoming a call girl.

answered Jun 16, 2016 by neeraj123 (1,560 points)
edited Jun 16, 2016 by longhands1
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Hi Shilpi,

Long ago I read a story by renowned Hindi writer Agyeyaya. In that story a person inclined to commit suicide and went near a well to jump into. When he looks into the well then his reflection appears on the water then he his reflection tells him something then he hesitated to commit suicide and eventually he didn't commit suicide.

The gist of the story is that people apt to easy way, short cut, they don't want to struggle and toil hard. There is a famous quote by philosopher Frank A Clark that "If you find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn't lead anywhere."

Now I work in a international conglomerate, and at initial time of my career, I also got so many indecent proposals, but I never succumbed. I'm telling you a incident when I used to work in a company earlier. The boss of the company went on a official tour with me at Mumbai. There my boss called me in hotel's room at night for some official work. There he asked me for a sexual favour. I refused it straightforwardly then he took out his engorged penis from his pajamas and asked just for oral sex, I also refused that, then he told me to masturbate him which I also denied. After 15 days of this incident, the company had fired me. After three months of unemployment I got a another job.

I am neither a moral preacher nor a motivation speaker, Whatever I felt to my heart that I told you. Both paths are open for you and it's on you that which path you choose.

All the best.
Nazia Hasan

answered Jun 16, 2016 by Nazia_Hasan (1,445 points)
edited Jun 16, 2016 by longhands1
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Dear shilpi, Rather than confusion what sounds from your narration is you are meserised by the lavish  larger than life picture that has been presented as your future to you. As long as sex goes you still are novice. 

                    It really depends upon you, yourmindset, psychology, the values instilled in you by your family and parents. At the end listen to your inner voice only. If you think you can enjoy this job( sex) then go ahead .if you think you can not or you could not do not go for it. ?Forget what society thinks about it as it does not provides for you or will never provide. Its the matter of individual professional choice and you being an adult and educated person you should be knowing  how to separate water from milk. ( Neerkshir vivek in Sanskrit). Act wisely. 

answered Jun 16, 2016 by prashant69 (7,040 points)
edited Jun 16, 2016 by longhands1
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Hello Shilpi,

You are asking us to decide for you about whether or not to take on a job that sounds as if it is more the cover for escort work than anything else. Your friend is working for a travel agency that provides sexual favours, presumably for businessmen and wealthy clients. It's not for us to tell you how to behave, it's for you to decide for yourself.

How do you feel about taking on a job where you will be expected to have sex with men (maybe even with women) in return for payment, either in kind, or directly in cash? How do you feel about having sex with a guy in order to get the job in the first place? I suppose I should be shocked that in this day and age, women are still forced to have sex in order to get a job, but in five years of being an editor on here, there's very little that surprises me these days. People continue to behave in the most selfish and arrogant self-serving ways, and a man in a position of power still uses it to get what he wants all too frequently.

The fact that men use their positions of power in order to have sex with young girls is an unfortunate fact of life. If your country doesn't legislate against these things, and make laws (that are rigidly enforced) to prevent this sort of thing happening, women will continue to be the victims of sexual abuse and rape. In the West, men finish up losing their jobs, and serving prison sentences, for forcing their sexual demands on a woman, (or man) and companies don't hesitate to fire a man or woman who uses a position of power in order to force somebody into a sexual activity. But it's not like that everywhere in the world, and you are in the unfortunate position of having to decide whether you think it's worth it.

Is the money more important to you than your self-respect? Make no mistake, most of the men that need to go to the extent of using a travel agent who provides compliant women are the type of guys that you really should be steering clear of. Okay, you might meet some interesting foreign men, if you're lucky, who may well reward you with significant amounts of foreign money, and may even treat you very well, as both a sex partner and a pleasant companion during their tours, but on the other hand, it's not like you will have a choice of who you do and don't sleep with. The decision of who you sleep with will be made by your bosses, and in this situation, they would be little different from a pimp who controls his team of prostitutes working in a brothel.

Virginity has nothing to do with this, beyond the fact that it means you are very naive about sex. You will lose your virginity at some time, whether it's to a boyfriend, or to the guy that you get married to. Your virginity is really only an obstacle that causes a moment or two of pain, then it's gone forever. But I would have thought that if you are going to give up your virginity, it should be with somebody you love, or at least someone that you like very much. Not some guy who is using sex in order to grant you a favour that leads to you becoming little more than a prostitute.

Your friend obviously found that she could accept having sex with a man in order to be well paid, and, as you say, continues to have sex with men for payment, and probably because she hopes for promotion within the company you are considering to join. She made her deal with herself, and found the terms acceptable. If you look at those terms, and you find them acceptable, then there's nothing to stop you. But it's no good asking us, you have to ask yourself what you think is right, or at least what you think you can accept.

Whatever you decide; before you commence having sex with anybody, go and see your doctor or the family planning clinic, and get yourself a recognised form of contraception. Don't do what thousands of silly girls do, and have sex, and then take the i-pill the following day. If you decide that you want to start having sex for some kind of financial reward, go into this business with your eyes wide open, fully prepared, and protected against the possibilities of pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections; if you choose this path,, I for one won't criticise you. All of us face difficult choices in life, in one way or another, and this is a difficult choice for you. The choice you face is whether you give up your virginity to somebody that you don't know, and may possibly find extremely dislikeable, and then go on to have sex with people for financial reward, or whether you pass up an opportunity to earn a lot of money, and continue to struggle to make your way in life. The thing is, you never know what's around the corner, and I'm sure that other job offers may not come with the same kind of strings attached. Just because your friend is doing well from it, it doesn't mean you have to follow her. However, if you think this is an acceptable price to pay, then go ahead and do it.

answered Jun 17, 2016 by sexysalma (14,995 points)

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