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I want to have sex with my sister-in-law. Do you think she is game?

asked Jun 15, 2016 in Questions by Anamika (235 points)
edited Jun 16, 2016 by longhands1

I really appreciate all the Forum member and mainly Anjali who has guided all users about their personal doubts on sex and Relationships.

My name is Aman. I work for a Company in Dubai. I stay with my brother and sister in law. This incident happened a few months back. I accidentally entered my brother's room and saw my sister-in-law nude while she was changing her dress. I said sorry and came out of the room. She was normal with me later.

She is a typical Indian lady with traditional dress. She recently delivered a baby and has got a huge puffed up boobs and wide hips which drives me crazy. I masturbate regularly thinking of her. Recently I noticed some changes in her behavior. She purposely bends and exibits here big Butt to me while cleaning the floor or playing with the baby. She will be normal when my brother is at home.

Earlier, I could never find her bra or panty, but now she drops it at the wash tub in the bathroom. Does she purposely keep it there so I can do nasty stuff with those? Even while passing through the kitchen, she touches me with her butt. Is that the indication that she is not getting enough sex from my bro? Some times while watching TV, I pretend as if I am sleeping and keep the video recording ON, on my mobile phone. I notice that she always peeks at the bulge in my boxers. I really feel good when she  hides and sees my dick.

Some times, I so not wear my innerwear, so that she can see the movement of my cock. My question is not whether to have sex with her not. as I am sure in couple of months, I will have sex with her.

My fantasy is to have sex with busty lady. This is not my first experience in sex. I just want someone to guide me how to know her fantasy as well he favourite options in sex. I need ladies who are aged 38 years to encourage me and show me, how to fuck my sister in law.


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2 Answers

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I find it odd that you should hide behind a Female User name. You should be man enough to accept that you are in the prime of your manly youth and have raging physical urges, waiting to spurt.

This is normal and having fantasies for your sister-in-law is also quite normal. In a household, where family members live together there are many instances that happen which can be often misinterpreted. You seeing your sis-in-law nude is one of them. She has acted maturely, but the same cannot be said about you.

Honestly, all the imagination and fantasies are only from your side. When a woman gives birth, sex is the last thing on her mind and the baby is her main focus. You are just reading more into her gestures, like when she bends etc, because you have sexual inclinations towards her.

You are treading on dangerous ground and I can visualize what will happen when she catches you sniffing her panties. I hope your brother is not very strong and muscular.   

 I would like to know the basis of your confidence, in assuming that you will also be suckling at her breast together with the new born babe. I also hope that you have alternate accommodation as this passion of yours is going to end rather badly for you.

Sorry, I have been blunt with you and not given you unnecessary hopes. Make friends your age and get a girlfriend, who will be most willing to tell you her favourite options in sex.    

answered Jun 16, 2016 by longhands1 (78,355 points)
selected Jun 16, 2016 by Anamika
commented Jun 16, 2016 by Anamika (235 points)
thank you long hands for you advise ,i'm confused whether to go  as per your advise or fulfill my desire, its not the question of sex,if so there are so many  night club in dubai ,i can pic some one and ride her,but the fantasy which is in mature aunty & house wife is really  adventures,there is lot of thrill in seducing and riding them. i guess there is no age limit for sex right,there women give us the pleasure what we wanted in life
commented Jun 16, 2016 by longhands1 (78,355 points)


You have to decide whether you wish to fulfill your fantasy at the cost of your family. There are plenty of aunties who will be available. Make this as an opportunity for your conquest to satisfy your desires. 

Sex escapades in the Family is full of tension and you have to keep looking over your shoulder. While this danger of getting caught is also enjoyable, it will destroy your Family, which can never be mended.

It is easy to give advice to follow the easy path and say what you want to hear. It is more difficult to give advice that you do not want to hear, but will give you a peaceful night's sleep. 

commented Jun 18, 2016 by Anamika (235 points)
edited Jun 18, 2016 by prashant69
Thank you LH ,I have noted your point
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Since you are sure that, you are going to have sex with her in few months, wait until it happens and then ask her directly what are her fantasies and sex positions she prefers. You cannot know without having direct words with her on this subject.

It sounds that you have made up your mind to bang her so consider it is the best opportunity to grab and have sex with her just be careful that your brother would not come to know about it otherwise, you will lose your brother and she will lose her husband.

answered Jun 16, 2016 by alpesh kapdi (23,335 points)
commented Jun 16, 2016 by Anamika (235 points)
Alpesh thank you so much for your positive advice ,it gives me a lot of encouragement to go further and have my fantasy with sis.

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