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How do I continue sex with my mother-in-law and tell my wife?

asked May 30, 2016 in Questions by ruwithsaj (125 points)
edited May 30, 2016 by longhands1


I am married for 12 years now and have two kids. I live with my wife and children abroad. Two years back, I had been to my home country and stayed with my mother-in-law for two weeks, while my wife and kids stayed back. During my stay with my mother-in-law, we ended up having sex and then continued having sex whenever we had the opportunity and my wife was not there.  

Now, I want to share this infornation with my wife and want to bring my mother-in-law to stay with us. I want my wife to accept this truth so that all three of us can live together and be happy.

Please suggest me how I can make this possible.

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featued question
commented May 31, 2016 by oxheart707 (510 points)
It seems some of our members are shocked at this question and are deriding Ruwithsaj. I think we should not judge without knowing the circumstances when Ruwithsaj first fucked his own mother-in-law and how the relationship developed to the extent that he wants to take his MIL to his home now. Such activities happen behind closed doors, you cannot simply wish them away by making insulting comments/answers. His problem clearly states how to convince the wife for accepting such a relationship and we should try to find a practical way out. Ruwithsaj has already decided to continue the relationship and no amount of criticism is going to change his mind. He has already tasted the forbidden fruit and is mesmerised.

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10 Answers

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What you are planning to do is full of danger. You have not mentioned whether your mother-in-law is a widow, but I presume she is. While she may be happy that she is getting her sexual hunger filled at home and does not have to seek other sexual partners for gratification, you will need to consider your wife’s reactions.

This may not be easy and your wife may react violently. You are in a better position to judge what could be her reactions. Have you both in the past spoken about a threesome and will she be willing to accept her mother in bed with you both.

I hope you are aware that a threesome is only the logical conclusion to the mess that you are planning to create. Having your mother-in-law staying with you, is going to increase her demands for sex from you and if you do not inform your wife about your sexual fling, you are going to be in a bigger pickle.

You seem to be quite confident about your wife’s willingness to accept your confession and then live with the situation.

All the Best.    

answered May 30, 2016 by longhands1 (78,025 points)
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You have not providedf information whether the Father in law is alive or dead. I presume he must be no more or you would have mentioned him. Please bring your  mother-in-law to stay with you before breaking the news to your wife. Having her mother with you all your wife will be happy. Have you already talked to your wife of bringing  mother-in-law to stay with you? If not, that should be your first step. Break the news of your sexual relation with your  mother-in-law gently to her after bringing the  mother-in-law. She may adjust to such an affair as she will be having her mother with her.  I hope she is conducive to such an affair. Since she is your wife, you should be knowing her reaction. How do you think she will react? Your very act of putting this question on this forum indicates that you have already made up your mind of bringing your  mother-in-law to stay with you, which in turn indicates that you have an inkling that your wife will accept the affair. Is she a housewife or a working woman? If she a working woman, then there is a possibility that she may break up with you and stay separately with kids and also her mother.
answered May 30, 2016 by oxheart707 (510 points)
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Where we are going.How long Kaliyug will continue.Persons like you should no longer survive.How you could establish sex relation with mother of your wife.What pleasure you will get in telling the tale of your humping with mother-in-law to her daughter.Send your wife to a Brothel and enjoy with mother-in-law,if possible marry her.Your mother-in-law is also no less than a prostitute.
answered May 31, 2016 by Motilal (6,650 points)
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Very complicated situation for you because no women wants her husband to be shared with other women let it be her own mother too.

You have to bring your mother-in-law to home and tell your wife that she is growing old and we have to take care of her she will agree. Later you have to move forward by playing with mother-in-law and one day you should get caught by wife in your bedroom your wife will be angry with you.

That's the correct time tell her what is relationship between you and your mother-in-law she may agree. If she doesn't agree you may lose your wife forever.

Good luck
answered May 31, 2016 by Rajan07 (690 points)
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You MIL should contact your wife first telling her your intention to take her abroad to live in the family. If your wife is agreeable, then proceed accordingly i.e. your MIL telling your wife appreciating you etc. Prepare grounds to make her welcome within the family. Once she is there, make advances carefully to your wife as regards her mother.
answered May 31, 2016 by zena69 (1,825 points)
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Women do not like to share her partner to anyone and here you are talking about your wife to accept your sex relationship with her mother is out of question.

Moreover, you want her mother to stay with you and want threesome; don’t you think you are talking about something out of blue? Have you discussed your idea to your MIL? What was her reaction?

I think your MIL would not ready to live the life, which you want. Don’t make it difficult and keep having sex with both the women in different places and different time so you can enjoy two pussies for long time.

answered Jun 1, 2016 by alpesh kapdi (23,225 points)
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dear ruwithsaj,
Its completely wrong to have sex with your mother in law.but may due to some unavoidable circumstances you ended up having sex with your mother in law but to continue this relation is not good.

In your question you haven't talked about your father in law assuming he don't like with his family may be the reason for your mother in law to have sex with you.

my suggestion is to stop sex with your mother in law and enjoy sex with wife only.But as you said you want to have sex with mother in law and tell your wife about that never do that.As no wife can share her husband with other women the women may be who so ever even her mother or sister too.

don't endanger your married life by telling all that to your wife may be after you tell she will leave you and her trust on you and her mother will also be lost and your both married life will be ruined.My final suggestion is to stop all this and clearly talk to your mother in law that you made mistake and you cant continue relationship any further.
answered Jun 2, 2016 by neeraj123 (1,560 points)
commented Jun 7, 2016 by rawu (100 points)
moved Jul 11, 2016 by longhands1
In future what will be your response if your son in law have relation with yourdaughter and wife ?
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Sex with mother-in-Law not  common in India. Both are willing to have intercourse so there is no mistake in it.
But this  event should not be informed to others  his wife and his children.
answered Jun 8, 2016 by armugil (110 points)
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i think first you should talk to your wife as a fantasy to fuck  mil . later on if she is comfortable with this act carry on but later stage you will leave your mil and look for somebody also
answered Jul 10, 2016 by bijun38 (300 points)
commented Jul 10, 2016 by ruwithsaj (125 points)
Well.  I am planning to visit india and my wife along with kids has already left and she is with her mother.  Although couple of times my MIL told me she will talk to her daughter about her relationship, i stopped her as I felt routing it through her may not be correct.  

Bijun, I did not do it initially with bad intentions, but it happened.  Anyway.  Now this vacation i want to find a way because one thing my wife will be ok is to have her mom move in with us, but little she knows the status between her mother and her husband.  Still I am trying to figure it out how will i manage to pass on this news to my wife and what thereafter.
commented Aug 19, 2016 by ruwithsaj (125 points)
Guys, thank you all your answers kept me moving ... after a lot of pressure run and handling tough situations.. finally i am able to bring both on a platform and have made my wife understood that it was a moment which now i cannot reverse it.. while as i have continued my mistake my like to her remains.. we have now moved in together... ONLY THING IS THAT I HAD TO INCREASE MY EXPENSE FROM ONE BEDROOM TO TWO BEDROOM which was the condition of my wife.. and i have freedom to have both... thank you. will keep you updated if something more surprising happens.
commented Sep 3, 2016 by ruwithsaj (125 points)
Guys.. thank you once a gain.. next week i am travelling to india to bring my MIL to stay with us and she will be joining her daughter to stay in same house with her husband (me).... i am nervous hope all goes well.  Any comments suggestions please do send it, will be helpful.  Its quite un natural but i got in it and intend to stay in it.
commented Sep 18, 2016 by ruwithsaj (125 points)
We all have shifted back now.. and staying in one house. nothing much to update so far and i dont want to shake the waters in any way .. so just keeping it quite till they both settle down, although i am expecting arguments.. so i need to handle them first.    ANY SUGGESTIONS PLEASE DO SEND THEM I REALLY NEED THEM.
commented Nov 20, 2016 by ruwithsaj (125 points)
hey guys!  back to share some update on my situation.   First time since coming together I had some with my mother in law.  although my wife was not around that time but she knows about it.  And i can say she did not react.  and very less though but i can see some slow communication building up between both my women in house.  Share your ideas to me pls.
commented Dec 5, 2016 by ruwithsaj (125 points)
I am only writing on my updates, i dont know if anyone is interested in my wall. but guys i am feeling good sharing my updates, because so far there is no where else i can share my thoughts.. so far so good.. i read the feeling of bitrayl and guilt in the feelings of both women but they seem to take it in a mature note.. the communication is on now .. although it can never be original way.. but now when i come from office i see both sitting in hall and watching tv together and kids playing
commented Feb 27, 2017 by gr8gaur (1,900 points)
I know I'm almost 3 months late to reply but trust me this is the first time I saw your post and must say it gave me a real hard on. Let me tell you I'm someone who thrives on love and loyalty, this is not what I chose but this is the way I am.

You didn't mention the ages of all characters in your story ? You say you're married for more than a decade so that means you must be 30-35. Which means your MIL must be in her 50s, so how exactly do you enjoy sex with her when she's nearing menopause or might have already reached that stage ? Is you MIL still too beautiful to resist, more beautiful than her daughter, your wife ?

Now coming to the morality part, its very convenient for you to have relation with your MIL and now you got two women dying for your attention ( ego gets feed regularly), but I want you to answer a few questions.

1. How would you feel if your wife has or had an affair with your dad, brother, brother in law or your friend?

2. Why did you not chose to continue affair without letting you wife know? You could have brought your MIL to stay with you, continue affair but keep your wife in dark.

3. What was the reaction of your MIL after she betrayed her daughter the first time? Any regrets, remorse ?

4. How did your wife compromised so easily, she could have easily taken you to the cleaners in court ?

5. Was your wife hurt, would you allow her to have an affair as sort of a compensation ?

6. What will be your reaction if she has sex at home with another guy (specifically any of your relative) and you walk in on her ?

7. If your son wants to have sex with his mother in future, would you object ?
commented Apr 10, 2017 by ruwithsaj (125 points)
Sorry gr8Gaur these days i dont come much online on board. But this site helped me during those time when i was puzzled.  Yes you have asked too many questions. but most of the questions are pointing one thing that probably you do not support it which is right.  If i have to advise i say no do not.  Mine was a lot of accident filled with too many emotions, one after the other leading us to have it for first time.  There there could not be any turning back as she was alone.

Yes both me and my MIL have regrets and we discuss also and we are guilty of my wife.  But then words cannot change anything now.  Secondly there was no choice then so i had to bring both under one roof and there is a lot which i cannot share here ofcourse. Its very painful, not that simple as it appears.

Sex with MIL is definitely not wild.  but when you have two women, whether they give it or you take it, it often creates spice every time you have it, two people having sex are always having a conscious that there is a person next room who can have sex with your partner.

Usually as i work from home, my sex with MIL is very kinky and with wife it is very typical.   But I have loads of sex these days.  anything more you want to know tell me.
commented Apr 11, 2017 by gr8gaur (1,900 points)
Nothing much to say from my side, enjoy your life and enjoy to the fullest.

As for me like I said I want/demand/command loyalty. Betrayal or cheating is the worst thing one can do to me. And I'm equally severe on both the genders when it comes to betrayal. This means that when a man cheats , I feel the same way for his wife or GF as I feel for a betrayed guy.

You still didn't answer my question or maybe you did but I didn't notice.

Will you be comfortable with your wife's EMA? Ignore it if you find it offensive.
commented Apr 12, 2017 by ruwithsaj (125 points)
I would have if the circumstances in which i had sex with my MIL were different then even if my wife had sex with someone i would not have objected as she did same to me.   but in my case it was entirely diferent situation which you will not understand.  anyway what we did was wrong with my wife so it is upto her how she thinks
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Dangerous. Sex is never moral. Virtually everyone is fair game, and only some inner sense of discrimination and some morality keeps us under check.

How liberal is your wife in sexual matters? Will you accept if she has affairs? Usually women will not like their own mothers to be targets of lust from husbands.

If you really want to continue, then do it only when you are in Indja and keep it secret. This appears to be consensual sex between adults. You will also get bored when your MIL comes to stay with you. This is the best way in my view, else you are risking your marriage.

Or during sex, talk about your fantasy. And test the waters on how she reacts. If she gets angry, then you know you have to lie low for some time.
answered Nov 18, 2017 by Desicd (200 points)