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How to seduce my maid and get her in bed?

asked May 27, 2016 in Questions by rohanroyspeaks (130 points)
edited May 28, 2016 by prashant69
My wife told me days back that she has seen  our maid sniffing my undies. I was horny listening to this. After that I tried to seduce her. But her attitude baffles me. I have seen her staring at my bulge at times . But when I try to see her skin, smoetimes she allows and other times she tries to hide her skin. she shaves her underarms and shows me those intentionally . Now when I approached her sign is  dubious. Sometimes she comes too close to me, sometimes she runs away. Touching her skin gives me electric shock. I am afraid she might tell my wife and leave the job. I want  to take her secretly in some hotels. Please advise.

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5 Answers

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Best answer
If you can convince her to come along with you on the spur of the moment, then you might succeed in fucking her. But if you give her time to consider, she may set up a trap. The two of you may be followed to the hotel and blackmail may ensue. Secondly, all hotels are not safe, some are rigged with video cameras and you might come across a video on XXX sites where the two of you are having explosive sex.
answered May 27, 2016 by oxheart707 (510 points)
selected May 28, 2016 by rohanroyspeaks
commented May 28, 2016 by oxheart707 (510 points)
Thanks for selecting mine as the best.
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Never take her to hotel.What ever you do,do it at your home.You will get enough opportunity.Send your wife to a cinema hall or for marketing,call her during this period to quench your thirst.Never forget to use Condom.
answered May 27, 2016 by Motilal (6,480 points)
commented May 27, 2016 by rohanroyspeaks (130 points)
moved May 27, 2016 by prashant69
Mr. Motilal,
                 Thank you very much for your kind advice. But please tell me how to proceed. You know if she rejects my offer, my male ego will be hurt and more than that I may face enough obstacles. But why not take her to hotels? I have a daughter also. But do you think she will reciprocate? Money will not be a problem at all. Waiting for your advice.

Thanks and regards
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first of please remember the consequences of this act of copulating with the might be a very spicy thing to do but eventually it will have consequences

but if ur prepared then u need understand a few things
1) from what u describe she might also be interested in u but she is also in a stage of fear of what will happen later and maybe even the morality of such an act....give it time her some positive responses when she makes her move ..treat her wel raise her salary if u can show her u are interested

2) always use a it at home if ur wife is absent
i suggest using condom cause 1) she may get pregnant and 2 ) if u fuck ur wife later it may lead to her getting an std because of ur stupidity

and finally dont get too desperate and use force ..u may end up in jail if things go wrong

so finally my answer in one  word is give it time and dont force the issue
answered May 27, 2016 by Betaraj (140 points)
commented May 27, 2016 by prashant69 (6,990 points)

Beta raj,  I think you made an error and thought its me prashant69 who wants to be intimate  with my maid.

But dear i just edited & approved the question. 

 It has been asked by Rohan So  it would have been better had you addressed it to him.

commented May 28, 2016 by Betaraj (140 points)
Srry very sorry it was my first answer on this site
commented May 28, 2016 by zena69 (1,825 points)
Since your wife has reported to you about your maid sniffing your undies in private, share everything with her about what your feeling about the maid and create an environment with your wife that leads to your intention about her. May be she will allow some scope for you to be nearer with the maid. Just give a try and then choose your option.
commented May 28, 2016 by rohanroyspeaks (130 points)
well, that is not possible, dear.
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dear rohan,

As you are married and having a good wife enjoy sex with your wife dont think of sex with maid you will only get enjoyment with maid for few minutes first think of following question and you decide on your own.

1. What is your wife came to know about the sexual act with maid?
2.If after sex maid blackmail you for money every time?
3.What if she tells to other that you are not of good character?

some men and women have some fantasy and some like to smell the undergarments of other sex.from smelling its not proved that she want to have sex with you with some excitement she had done that only.Coming closer and touching may be accident or she want some enjoyment by touch only but not sex.

don't en danger your marriage if you are so desperate to have sex with other than your wife arrange some call girl and have sex with her.

Never go to hotel as frequent police raids are happening in local hotel and in big hotels they only allow couples in hotels their is chance of getting caught and may be if some hotel allow they may make your film with secret camera too.
answered May 27, 2016 by neeraj123 (1,560 points)
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If you have least doubt that she may tell your wife about your advantages then stay away from her for the sake of your married life otherwise you will lose everything suddenly and you will be at lose not your maid so better to listen your gut feelings in such cases.

Think with your head, not with your penis head in sensitive issue like this as no one has a power to undo it once happened.

Why she sniffed your undies, why she sometimes act as closed and sometimes run away, why she shows her shaved underarms are the questions you would never get an answer. Before taking any step towards seducing her think what you have to gain and lose. Moreover, don’t you think that your wife deserves loyal husband?

There are number of ways that you can seduce and even can have sex but on long run, you will be surely in trouble so if you want to avoid future trouble then stay loyal with your wife. Stop taking advantages of your maid. I have seen many married life destroying in case like you so I would like to advice not to be one of them in coming days. 

answered May 28, 2016 by alpesh kapdi (22,910 points)

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