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How to control this strong sexual desire towards my sister?

asked May 17, 2016 in Questions by Nandoos (125 points)
I'm 17 and my sister is 21.  I have a very strong sexual feelings towards my sister. When we were small like around 7 or 8 years old we shared a bedroom and when she slept I used to rub my small penis over her ass.

I did not know anything about sex or vagina but followed my instinct and found it interesting and pleasing. This continued for about a year and my sister knew about this but did nothing to stop it. This stopped for some years and when I was around 15, I started having small desire over my sister's body.

At beginning it was not that much but after a year, I started finding her very erotic. Even though in my school, there were a lot of hot girls, I was not attracted to them but only to my sister. When she comes back from college, I take her wet sweaty panties and start to lick and smell it.

I'm finding it very difficult to manage my feelings towards her. Is this just a phase and should I seek help or should I tell my sister about my feelings.

Please help!
commented May 31, 2016 by nehasona (630 points)
I agree with Ms. Salma's reply almost entirely except for a couple of points. I think your sister is pretty much aware what her younger brother is upto. She was aware when she was 12 when you rubbed yourself against her for a yr. The fact that she did not object then shows she didn't mind. She could have enjoyed it as well....who knows.

Also at 21, she is a matured fully grown up woman. That you are using her soiled panties for your masturbation fantasies, don't think she is unware of it or she is so naive. Being a girl, I can say confidently that we get such 6th sense stuff quite early, more so when a guy is involved. Without commenting on morals, I would say, have a clear talk with her & you have every chance of getting in her pants.

At 17, you are old enough to know right & wrong & so is your sis at 21. So if this something both of you have 100% consent, then go ahead. Just make sure that nobody else, especially your parents ever get to know of this. Goodluck.....

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Hello Nandoos,


I am no trained psychologist, but I would say that your early years created this fixation that you have for your sister. In rubbing your penis against her backside, you may not have understood that this is a sexual act, but human instinct exists in all of us, whether we understand it or not. New problem sexual attraction can sometimes be very inconvenient. When one person is attracted to another, and that attraction is reciprocated, it can lead to a very satisfying relationship, even marriage. Unfortunately, sexual attraction does not always fall within the boundaries that society sets for us. Society considers that sexual relationships between close blood relatives should not be allowed. I can argue about whether society is hypocritical or not, and whether it has a right to impose morals upon us, when we should really be making our own choices about how morality, but whatever society might have to say, the law in India (assuming that you are from India) does not make incest illegal. In your case, you are under 18, and therefore considered a minor. Incest is tolerated as far as the law is concerned, between consenting adults, so if you did commit the act of incest with your sister, you would be breaking the law, and she would be more liable to prosecution then you, as she is considered the responsible adult, being over 18.

Where is this leave you? I'm not about to tell you what you should and shouldn't do, so whether you wish to pursue your sister from a sexual point of view is through your own choice. Incest was always prescribed because of the risks of pregnancy. It was always felt that a child produced from a close blood relationship had an increased risk of congenital and genetic defects. The statistics show that there is a slightly increased possibility from such things. However, almost all sex these days is for recreation, rather than procreation, therefore one has to question whether incest, when it is between people who are freely consenting, and is not intended to produce children, should even be banned at all. From your point of view so, how does your sister feel about you making sexual advances towards her? Is she aware that you take her used panties for your masturbatory fantasies? If she is, do you know how she feels about it? The fact that she is older than you, and probably, when you were first rubbing yourself against her, she understood what you are doing, because she was at bit older than you, meant that she had no objections to what you are doing, or she would have stopped you. Whether she would feel the same way now, and she is a fully matured young woman, you won't know unless you talk to her.

Let me put a hypothetical question to you: if you told her how you felt, and she said "okay, let's start having a sexual relationship." What would you do? And what would be the consequences further down the line? The biggest problem that we have in life is that we start things without thinking of the consequences. You are not in a position where you could finish up being married to your sister, so any relationship you had with her, if it becomes close and intensely sexual, would sooner or later have to come to an end. I suspect that it would come to an end pretty quickly, the moment that the two of you are caught by other family members. I can only imagine what fallout would be from such a thing occurring. So we are looking not only a question of can you do this, but for the safety of both of you, should you do it? And of course, we are only assuming that she would agree to it. The chances are, she would say no, and may in fact be quite horrified by what her little brother has in mind.

Incest exists, and a quick glance at the number of incest related questions we receive on this forum, shows that incest is not only A favourite fantasy, but is also a practice that is widespread. It is occurring in all levels of society, and everywhere in the world, regardless of nationality, race, or religion. I used to be surprised at the number of private messages that I was sent in regard to incest, but these days it doesn't surprise me at all. While society likes to pretend that these things are rare, the reality is that it is going on in a street near you, behind closed doors. It might be your neighbour, it might be one of your friends, it might even be others of your family members. I would think very carefully before getting involved in anything like this. Just because it is possible, it doesn't mean to say that you should do it. But in the final analysis, what you and your sister do will be down to the actions you both take.

I'm not sure whether this has been very helpful at all, but I hope it at least makes you think before you do something you might regret.

answered May 18, 2016 by sexysalma (14,995 points)
selected May 18, 2016 by Nandoos
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Nandoos is she ur own sister or cousin
First thing is that remove all that sexual thought about your sis as she is elder than u
To avoid this do meditation .
answered May 17, 2016 by hornychandan (265 points)
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Hello nandoos.

This is very common in this age but it's wrong to think about your sister. You are not interested in other girls because you already have done something with her and she is easly available near you.  you are indian and this is not our culture to sex with sister. You can look anywhere and if you can't control then you can masturbate.
answered May 18, 2016 by musarrat.husain (150 points)
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This is NOT a phase, Dear Nandoo, u r in the grip of a terrible obsession which cannot be fulfilled. Though, it is not unnatural for one to have feelings like this for one's sister, yet it is immoral if you take it any further. Even in the most open international societies there is a taboo on sex with sibling.

A sexual bond has to result in copulation and thereafter either the two must commit to each other or a full separation is to be there. That creates difficulty in a blood bond and in true friendship.

For you Nandoo, It is just your mind and fantasies. In stead of your sister, start thinking of someone else. It would be hard, but actively start looking for another girl. It would help if you focus on something else and stop fantasies with your sister.
answered May 18, 2016 by sinistersam88 (450 points)
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It is strange that you are feeling sex urge for your sister.It is your duty to protect her sanctity.Your activities mentioned here amounts to perversion.Change your mind and remain happy.Forget what you have done with sister in past.
answered May 18, 2016 by Motilal (8,020 points)

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