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What can people tell me about nude beaches in Goa and Kerala?

asked May 13, 2016 in Questions by sexysalma (15,020 points)
This is in connection with a question that was asked on here today, and follows on from some Private messages and emails that I have received from a few friends. It got me thinking…………

Most regular readers know that although my heritage is from the Indian subcontinent, I was born and raised in England. Over the course of the last five years, I have made quite a lot of friends through my time as an editor on this forum. Being as I'm bisexual, I'm particularly interested in talking to other bisexual and lesbian girls. I recently received an email from a friend of mine in Kolkata. She told me that she had been on a weeks holiday to Goa, and had spent the week in the company of a young English lesbian couple that were there for a holiday. She told me that they had spent the entire time having sex together or running around naked on the beaches and swimming in the sea. It sounds idyllic to me, and something that I would dearly enjoy for myself. It's not the first time friends of mine have told me about Goa and Kerala. I have heard many interesting stories about hedonistic activities going on, and a fair number of beaches where people sunbathe naked. Whether these are officially sanctioned or not, I'm told that the practice is quite commonplace.

So, I'm wondering if any of our readers have any experience of either Goa or Kerala, and have enjoyed nudity and/or sexual activities with either the local people or visiting holidaymakers?

So, come on all you sexy people, give me the details, maybe me and my friends might start saving up for a holiday!!!

commented May 15, 2016 by sexysalma (15,020 points)
After the replies I've had so far, disappointingly small number admittedly. I spoke to my friend who told me of her adventures. She admitted to me that she and the two girls in question had to walk quite a long way along the beaches until they were out of sight of other people. As I've never been to go, I do not know how secluded the beaches can be, but she assured me that, if you walk far enough away from the town centres, you can find places where you can be naked and undisturbed.

So I'm still waiting for a few more replies. So come on all you guys and girls, fill me in on the gossip and details about these places. Alternatively, if you know anywhere else, anywhere in South Asia where you can enjoy some nude fun and frolics in the sun, sand and surf? We love to get naked at the seaside, but although there are nude beaches in the UK, you can't guarantee that the weather is conducive to getting your kit off!!!


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6 Answers

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I have no idea about Goa,once my friend presented me a picture of a naked lady lying on sand on a mattress,with almost closed eyes.In Kovalam I have seen almost everything.
answered May 13, 2016 by Motilal (8,290 points)
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There is no official nude beaches in goa..even you are not allowed to wear bra panty or bikini on some common beaches.. but their is some foreigners beach where bikini is allowed.. and u can easily found girls in bikini..and their is lots of resort for pool parties..which is highly expensive..u can easily find foreign couples there & girls in bikini but nude girls is hard to find on beaches of goa..sometimes some couples enjoyed on their own risk..behind small rocks or when there is less peoples..but officially no nudity is allowed in goa
answered May 14, 2016 by The Wolverine (105 points)
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As per my knowledge there nude beach in India are illegal. There are so much nude beaches in European countries but not in India.
The only nude beach I know is MANIKARAN. Its a very small village situated near Himachal. its not very famous. Hardly peoples knows about it. I know about it bcoz one of my friend went there. There you'll find mostly foreigners. The people there come from other countries and stay and do drugs openly and every kind of drug or drinks they like. Sex is also open there. They are open minded and fun loving people. I also want to visit there once in my life.

This is all I know.
answered May 15, 2016 by Noni (1,365 points)
commented May 16, 2016 by sexysalma (15,020 points)
Thanks for your interesting reply. My friend pointed out to me that she spent her time with two English girls, and they enjoyed lots of lesbian sex, and plenty of nude escapades on the beaches and in the sea. After the initial replies I got, I was tempted to question her, but it seems that, while officially, nudity is barred, it does rather sound like, particularly foreigners, are busy flouting the rules whenever they get the chance.

Experimenting with drugs is commonplace amongst young people from Europe. For most it's just a passing phase, and is not normally addiction, rather just some recreational skylarking around. Ecstasy fuelled sex and dancing is commonplace, and smoking marijuana or cannabis is commonplace as well. Using drugs like cocaine and heroin already follows who have gone down a more serious drug taking root, but even these happen in the UK, and all over the Western world. Drugtaking is much misunderstood, and it doesn't necessarily lead to addiction, though I to my almost ruinous expense discovered the darkest side of drug abuse in my late teens and early 20s. It's a chapter in my life that I'm glad I could put to bed. But the hedonistic side of life is something I have never given up, neither do I intend to for the foreseeable future.

In seeking out places where I can go naked, I can see that perhaps countries like Thailand, or California in the USA be better. But I've never been to India, and I do fancy having a holiday there at some point. Perhaps I will just have to take my risks if I want to be naughty.

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Salma, I'm a Kerala girl from Cochin, as I know there are no nude beaches in Kerala. But there are some private beach resorts in Trivandrum, Kerala where you can wear bikini and hot dresses. Its not that private, other people will also be there.

In Goa there are some beaches where you can be in bikini. I have never tried to be nude during day light. But at night there are some small beaches where night parties go on with a small group of people. There won't be any lights so basically you can get nude until someone notices. I got nude and did sex with my horny boyfriend many times in these beaches. It will be dark there and It is very difficult to notice.
answered May 16, 2016 by PornstarGirl (245 points)
commented May 16, 2016 by sexysalma (15,020 points)
You have renewed my faith inhumanity. Even in countries as conservative as India, it seems there are some people that are intent on breaking all the rules.

I have never understood why the sight of a naked human body should cause so much outrage in so many people. It seems that I have hypocrisy to me, as all of those who are busy shouting against nudity, are the very same people the same front of their PC screens watching pornography morning noon and night, and performing all manner of sexual activities with each other.

It seems obscene to me that we can turn on the nightly news, and see graphic depictions of people being killed in the most hideous ways. We can see human misery and suffering on almost unimaginable scales, and all of this is prime time viewing. Yet if you show a beautiful specimen of humanity, naked as nature intended us to be, the moral majority are screaming and shouting against such "revolting" displays. As I say, it's rank hypocrisy.

Who knows, perhaps me and my friends will come to Goa one day though by the sounds of it, we will have to be careful if we don't want to finish up in prison for offences against public decency!!!


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I've been to goa 6 times till now, and all the times I've been in a relationship , so I do not have any personal stories of having threesomes.

But I do know a friend of mine who had a threesome experience
Their story is  this:
They went to a very famous clubs near calangute beach, once inside the club the couple got very drunk and the girl started making out with other random girls, and soon enough one of the girls was very interested to join in to take things to the next level with the couple and the rest of the story I'll leave it up to you.

It's very rare that I've heard of such stories, of people randomly hooking up. But they do happen, there's nothing taboo about it in goa.
Couples( including me) get invited to many "off the scene" parties were people party and some couples swap or have a foursome back in their rooms, these are more common rather than threesomes.

As for nudity on the beaches, it depends on the time and place. The first time I went, I had seen a lot of topless women(no one completely in the buff however) and completely nude men strolling on the beaches. However on my subsequent visits, the number of nude men and women have become almost none. You can see women sunbathing topless but with their backs to the sky.  

As for personal experience, my girl friend at that time, who was comfortable wearing a bikini was not comfortable walking topless on the beach during the day. During the nights however on beaches near ashwim, lets just say, sex on the beach wasn't a coctail.

As for drugs, it's unimaginably easy to get around there, ask any shack owner and they'll give you a pack of cocaine, LSD and marihuana. I haven't heard of any other drugs that are peddled by them. Only precaution that you should exercise is not to openly flaunt your drugs in front of the cops.
answered May 16, 2016 by Drdrip09 (2,805 points)
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Hi Salma,

I have been in Goa. I love beach sex and nudity.

I have had sex on Goa beach, at night and early morning. that is wonderful experience. It was 4.30AM and no one was there. Me and my husband remove all our clothes to get the fresh air. He started kissing and hugging me. Then he started fucking me.

After sometime we went to the edge of water waves. We did sex in doggy style. The salty water was touching my knees and hand. We had lots of fun till 6.30, until we noticed some people come there for their morning wallk.  

It was extreme pleasure.

answered May 9, 2017 by sheetal69 (765 points)

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