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Some of you are in too much of a hurry

asked May 13, 2016 in Announcements by sexysalma (15,020 points)
recategorized May 15, 2016 by longhands1

I was reading some of the questions this morning, and there was one in particular to which I wanted to add a reply. However, it had already been closed, a day after it had been asked.

Can anyone tell me this? If you ask a question, why don't you wait until you have several answers before selecting one as the best answer? Once you select a best answer, you effectively close the question to any other responses. Quite apart from anything else, you will never receive a balanced view from a number of people if you close your question after one or two answers.

To anyone who is posting a question on here, leave it for several days before you select the best answer. That way, at least people have a chance to respond to you. If you haven't received many responses after a week, then fair enough; choose whatever you think is the best answer out of the small number of people who have bothered, that's fair enough. But choosing a best answer after one or two days serves nobody, least of all you, as you won't be getting a broad spectrum of people's views.


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4 Answers

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I agree with you Salma. This was brought to Users Notice long ago. Some other Issues are also higlighted below.

It is observed that Users are showing undue haste in selecting the Best Answer. Many Users have requested for a change in Best Answer.

The Best Answer once selected cannot be changed by anyone. It is a System parameter. 

Why should one not make haste in selecting the Best Answer? Because once selected, it cannot be changed AND the question gets automatically closed. Other Users then cannot give answers and can only give comments. Many Users do not like to comment as there are no Points for comments, while an Answer gets 5 points.

Also, an answer is clearly read by all. Comments are not read by all. Always wait for 4-5 answers before you select a Best Answer.


Another issue is Flagging an Answer. Many Users flag an Answer to show appreciation. This is incorrect. The idea of flagging is to draw the Moderator's attention to some objectionable matter in the Answer. The Moderator will then review the Answer and make corrections / deletions / editing as required or if satisfied there is no objectionable matter, will "unflag" the flag. So use this (Flagging) option only when you wish to object.


Another issue is using the Tag " ask anjali". This particular tag does not serve any purpose. Why are Tags required? Tags help in searching for a particular Topic.  Start SEARCHING quickly checks for topics that you are searching for in the Tags and then gives a list of similar questions. You can give Maximum of 5 Tags for your question. So give Tags wisely, as it will benefit another User looking for Answers to similar question.


answered May 13, 2016 by longhands1 (85,850 points)
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Yes Salma, the question your referring to could be lwhether girls have hoeny  feelings or not !' or it could be any other question. fact of the matter is i too opened this particular Q to answer but found that the only Answer have been selected as the best answer. So i left at that. Many times it has been told to wait for at least 24 hours as this site is visited by the people who live in different  time zones, all should have an opportunity to  respond but no avail. 

answered May 13, 2016 by prashant69 (7,245 points)
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i agree with you salma i too got disappointed many time as the users are new they don't know the rules of the site and select the answer best in few hours or in a day or two.

can we make change in site and prescribe a time limit fixed after that only the user can select the answer as best answer may be a time limit of 5-7 days will be good enough.

one more problem is the user profile is not complete we can make it compulsory to complete the profile by providing drop down menu for all basic details like sex,age/date of birth,marital status etc.
answered May 13, 2016 by neeraj123 (1,560 points)
commented May 15, 2016 by longhands1 (85,850 points)


Your suggestions are good.

I have spoken to ADMIN about making it compulsory to complete the Profile at the time of Registration itself. They say it is difficult to change the System parameters as this will involve serious system modifications. The Contract has expired.

About Best Answer after 4-5 answers, if this is a system parameter, then unless those many answers are received, sustem will not allow to close the question. The User will not be able to ask another question as we insist that Best Answer is chosen for older question before a new one is asked.

commented May 15, 2016 by neeraj123 (1,560 points)
dear longhand,

so we can do nothing in the case of selecting answer and profile completion problem.
commented May 17, 2016 by longhands1 (85,850 points)


Re selecting answer, we can only advise.

I do not allow a second question to be posted unless the Profile is completed.

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Dear S,

Fully agreed with the issue you raised. Most of the new users in their beginning didnt read the elaborated instructions mentioned in the sites. Lack of proper knowledge or without referring to the instruction they are flagging messages or selected best answer etc. when a topic has not been discussed properly another user raised the topic similar to that topic in quicker time interval. Some of members as like you interested to post their reply but the act restricts to do so.

In this case i want to refer my case. When i joined the site at the beginning i used to flag the posts and selected best answers. I came to know about it when moderators informed me about this when selected someone's answer as best to my question.

 In my opinion when a person joining the site should mandatory to tick the instructions or some flagged survey should be attached with the inbox for such thinks. This will give wide arena of a single topic. In case someone want to search answer in his/her doubt then these widely discussed topics definitely helpful for them. It also reduce the duplicacy of same questions.

answered Jun 5, 2016 by bubu_002 (2,760 points)