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Utterly dismayed and disgusted!!!

asked May 9, 2016 in Questions by sexysalma (14,995 points)
edited May 9, 2016 by sexysalma

While looking at the questions that have been posted today, I found, much to my horror and disgust, that we had allowed somebody to raise a question about using sleeping pills in order to commit what is actually rape!!!

I know that there was a statement made below the question, indicating that the question had been allowed as an example of what men are prepared to do in order to have sex, but much as I will stand up for the rights of people to do the things they want, there has to be a limit. I have always lived my life by a simple maxim: don't do anything that would cause harm to other people by the things you do or say. It's not always easy to live up to such a belief, but I try really hard to do so. What it basically means is that anything I feel like doing, I can do as long as it does no harm to others. But when I see somebody looking for a method to enable him to rape somebody, then I'm sorry, but that crosses Even my boundaries!!!

People like this should never be given a public voice, and if there was some mechanism for reporting them to the police, I wouldn't hesitate to do so.



commented May 9, 2016 by anusha143talvar (1,675 points)
I am supporting you...everyone should think about it.

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5 Answers

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This is exactly the Point. We try to brush Rape under the carpet and pretend it does not exist in Society. But it does exist and it is important to bare the intentions of such elements in our midst.

Posting a question on such an inflammable topic such as Intention to Rape, does not in any way give a platform to the Rapist. On the contrary, by a collective call for castration of such elements, it awakens the saner elements to guard against the serpent that may be staying in our midst.

A Post like this will caution all our Women Readers that we could be harbouring a Rapist in our midst and one needs to take precautions to falling prey to such devilish machinations.

Story is told of a woman who had a Python as a Pet. She fed it well every day and it slept in bed with her coiled in bed. One day after the python grew to a considerable length, it stopped eating. The woman took it to the Vet. He had a strange twist to the tale. He said that the Python was preparing to eat her. He was staying hungry in order to swallow her and it had been coiling around her to gauge her length and size to ensure that he would be able to swallow her.

The Moral of the Story is that Rapist exists among us. It could well be a member of the Family. We need to talk about the Subject.         

answered May 9, 2016 by longhands1 (82,115 points)
commented May 9, 2016 by sexysalma (14,995 points)
Hello Longhands1,

My problem with that post is that it was put on the open forum, but there was no opportunity to answer the disgusting individual who asked the question. I would have hoped that there would have been a storm of protest, which would have left nobody in any doubt as to what most people would think of rapists.

Personally, I can't think of any punishment that would be severe enough to be handed down to a man guilty of raping a woman or another man. Rape is not even about sex, it's about totally destroying somebody's life. Anyone who has ever worked in a rape crisis centre, or a woman's refuge, will be familiar with the devastation that rape causes. It's not exaggerating in the least to point out that many women and men commit suicide because they simply cannot come to terms with what has happened to them. While some are strong enough to come through it and rebuild their lives, rape utterly destroys some people, and anyone who is even contemplating committing this awful crime against somebody else really needs to be locked up and the key thrown away.

You mention Castration, but I think execution is the only suitable punishment. Castrating a rapist would leave him alive, and even more twisted than he is already.

I just hope that my post triggers plenty of reactions, as I'm sure you realise that's why I put it on there in the first place.

commented May 9, 2016 by anusha143talvar (1,675 points)
I am requesting you moderator sir,to make  articles that showing different punishments people had given when rapist caught or surrender. It may create fear in their minds when they get rape thoughts.

Thank you
Your anusha
commented May 10, 2016 by sexysalma (14,995 points)
edited May 10, 2016 by sexysalma
Hello Anusha,

While I was sickened to read the original question, what I'm really protesting about is the fact that it was posted without an opportunity for people to reply to the original question.

I condemn anybody who considers rape as a legitimate sexual act. There is absolutely no justification that could possibly exist that would allow a man to rape somebody. And as far as I'm concerned a person who performs an act of sex on someone who does not want it, or cannot consent to it, is committing an act of rape; be it against another man, or against a woman or child. I don't care whether the woman is the man's wife, or the man's gay partner, if consent is not there, then it is an act of rape.

In these enlightened times, capital punishment has been deemed inappropriate in most countries, therefore we cannot execute rapists; but I firmly believe that they should be given jail sentences that keep them in prison for the entire length of life. In some ways, it would probably be better than executing them, as they could spend their entire time considering what their revolting activity has resulted in for themselves. Their victims have to bear the stigma of this for the rest of their lives, so why should a rapist get away with a quick execution? Let those vile individuals live a long time, constantly remembering why they are there in prison.

Of course the other side of the situation is: if the moderator had allowed people to send in replies, there would no doubt have been some sick individuals that would have thought that drugging a woman is a good idea!!! So having had time to consider it, the moderator was correct. To be honest, it provoked me to raise a second question, which has received positive responses so far. So perhaps Mr Longhands1 should be congratulated, as it has goaded people to speak out against rape!!!

My thanks go to you and others who have responded.

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I agree with you salma , I also feel anger when I read the question.How can the moderators allow such questions ?? When it is clearly mentioned in the AA rules that these type of questions are not allowed. Is there no procedure to make to moderators answerable who allowed such questions of criminal mentality.


( I posted the Question after careful deliberation. You would have noticed a comment in Red in the Question itself or Is it that you did not read the Question carefully? 

AA Policy has also been not to allow questions on Incest, Eating shit, Gay Inclination, fucking Aunts and Maids etc etc. We have decided that we will selectively decide on the Issue. We do not want to bury our heads in the sand, imagining that such things do not exist in our Society. Talking and communication on Topics that are taboo are signs of enlightment and we are encouraging that).  


answered May 9, 2016 by Jhonsm (1,205 points)
edited May 10, 2016 by longhands1
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Dear Salma,

Reading the question I believe the reader was testing the waters and this site to see if we are united on this front. Only one answer has been recorded for public view.  The question was bordering on trolling.

Sex is such a strong emotion and driving force in all living species, however, when it is used in negative ways it can be devastating for both female and male alike.  If people took rape as seriously as WADA takes drugs in sport, society would be taking a step in the right direction.

Problem with the criminal justice system is that prison and death penalties are not a deterrent, since the Delhi girl rape and murder we have had worse cases in India, the bus driver and conductor that raped and murdered her infant child in U.P. and many others.

I believe that  education is the key. I once saw a reverend John Smith,  you can google this man if you want. In this speech he told us of live cases of what rape can do to a person afterwards.  So at a young age before I turned 18 I knew what the consequences were.  I felt uncomfortable listening to this person preach a topic that was so intense but I tell you no one came out and thought rape was a fun thing.  The educational lesson has lasted a lifetime and continues to do so.  He spoke of an issue that was never spoke of in homes.  There is the key it takes a charismatic leader, harsh, to the point matter of fact person to get such a strong concept across.  Many of the Babu's in India would not touch such a topic, yet the themes run in the Vedas.

I agree with you and support your case Salma,  This is a page to help educate and talk about the positive aspects of sex not the negative.
answered May 9, 2016 by Idontknow. (800 points)
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Since the question or discussion is about drugging a person to have sex, i want to report a real incident, that happened long back. i am the victim in the story.
i had the habit of drinking but i used to eat and exercise well so that it did not affect my life. but i got married and within six months of marriage my wife started encouraging my drinking. she used to say she cant sleep well without the alcohol smell. but i started sleeping heavily and started getting up late only. it was wife method of making me sleep so that she can have sex with the neighbour. my head was always heavy and i got really addicted to alcohol. from the morning hangover and the severity of it, only later i knew that she was drugging my drinks.
her method of ensuring that i was dead asleep was to kick me heavily. in the mornings my legs
were always painig due to her heavy kicks. even if i wake up i was not in position to get up due to the effect of drugged alcohol. as person used to alcohol i can differentiate the effect of drugged and normal alcohol.
i became an alcoholic, lost life . divorced now. she is leading a happy successful life now. and due the effect of both alcohol and the prolonged mental agony caused by her cruel behaviour i am a depression patient living or rather waiting for death , without sex or any enjoyment i life.
one must have sex, but not by hurting and destroying others. drugging a woman to have sex is way used by cowards who are not manly enough to win a womans affection.
(by the way , due to the bitter experience i too have become a coward without courage to approach even the women who show interest in me. whatever libido i have, i lose as the old bitter thoughts come. so by using or abusing a person by drugging will have long lasting psychological damages to the victim)
answered May 10, 2016 by sumitran9 (1,640 points)
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Even before I write my answer, I have to give a trigger warning. If you're offended or even slightly offended by someone's opinion who you barely know on the Internet then you should stop right at this sentence and scurry along to your safe space.

The reason why rape has been trivialised to the extent where a person wants to question about it on a public forum is mainly due to the women themselves and the government policies.

Consider this, 53% of the rape accusations are false( NCRB data of India). These are not some mistrials or due to some very clever advocates. These are wrong allegations right off the bat. How and why there are so many false cases I'll explain later when I come to the government policies and rules on rape.
When there are so many false cases being reported, it just comes to the proverbial end of "the boy who cried wolf".
Another reason why women trivialise rape is by not reporting them to the authorities, this lets the perpetrators think they can get away with this. Some of you might think that rape is a stigma, I just think you are cowards . Dignity and justice should not be based in the vagina. If all you care about is what a bunch of idiots' impression of you, then trust me, you wouldn't go anywhere in the world if at all last long enough.

The government and the judiciary have given some rules on rape that are at best speculative. Lets consider this one
1) a man can be charged with rape if he has sex with a women after a false promise of marriage
Think about this :
Consent has been taken
No violence was involved at all and at no point can it be called a violent offence
The lady was in her full senses at the time of consent
It can be as a simple scenario as this : a guy has a girlfriend, the guy proposes to the girl and says he'll be with her lifelong and also promises to marry her. They have consensual sex to mark some special occasion. Over time ardour cools and the guy decides that he's not happy with her so he breaks off the relationship. The girl gets upset and files a rape charge against him.
Now, go ahead and think, is this rape (having a minimum of 10 years rigorous imprisonment) ??
Worst case scenario it's a case of cheating with maximum of 2 year imprisonment and is bailable

This rule is very scary for the modern male. To put this into perspective, when I had sex with my girlfriend 7 years back I clearly and categorically had to mention to her that I cannot promise marriage and still to this day have an SMS conversation of that to back me up as evidence in case things between us went sour at any point of time.

2) sex with a girl of age under 18 who is not married is considered rape.
Consider the scenario here: two high school lovers doing their 11th or 12th grades, fall in love with each other and have consensual sex. Things go sour for some reason and the girl can file a rape case against the guy.
Usually this is not the case, how things actually go is this: the parents of the girl find out, they oppose their relationship(religion, caste and status difference usually), but the girl wants to be with the guy. Since she's a minor the parents go to a police station and talks to the inspector there who nonchalantly says, file a rape case against the boy. And as simple as that a rape happens.
Since the guy is 16-17 he cannot even take protection under the protection of children from sexual offences act.
This can happen to any of our boys and children, can we really tell the government to castrate and kill these boys because they "raped"??

I have seen opinions where it keeps mentioning that rapists should be castrated or killed or both. These unscientific opinion by largely ignorant people have given rise to vigilantes, who have lynched person while still alive and hanging from a tree. And all the while he was innocent because it was a false rape accusation.

Without sound laws with scientific opinions rather than knee jerk opinions from idiots, the "rapists" who do get caught will be subject to mob mentality even before a trial.

I know of many men's rights activists groups who are filing PIL's almost every month against the above two conditions on rape just to get shot out in an equally fast way.

If you don't like this answer, please say in the comments below instead of putting down votes and running off like a coward.
answered May 10, 2016 by Drdrip09 (2,805 points)
edited May 10, 2016 by Drdrip09

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