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Is my neighbour innocent or is she pretending?

asked May 7, 2016 in Questions by Raj8888 (155 points)
edited May 8, 2016 by longhands1

I have a new married neighbor. She's hot. She is from a village in Maharashtra. I know her husband who is my neighbour for past several years. He's a shy and very sidha-sadha guy. I, go to their room many times to play with their nephew who is 4.5 years old. Many times while playing I keep touching here and there while I pretend that I'm playing with her nephew, but she acts innocent. 

I say sorry and keep doing the same thing. She's giving positive signs that she's interested in something more than just touching. One day, while playing, I could not control myself and pulled and grabbed her from behind and said to her nephew "Should I steal your chachi?" I really had a hard time at that moment as my cock was rock hard and it was rubbing against her ass. I thought she understood my intension but later when I casually asked her whether she loves her husband. She said she loves him a lot.

One day I came from late shift in the night and heard her asking her husband to kiss her on her boobs (their bed is just near the window where low voice is also hearable sometimes). But he denied and said he'd do that the next day as it was a late night. It was 1.00-2.00am approx.

Next day, I again touched her boobs and waist and ass while playing with their nephew. I always make it out as if it is not intentional. We three have great fun every time. But we are cautious so that no one sees me entering her room when her husband is not there. Earlier she used to keep the door open, but now she closes it when I come there.

In front of her husband she calls me bhaiya, but when he is not there she calls me by my name. Even though I keep touching her, I am not sure if she knows my intentions of undressing her and making love to her.

I saw her mobile once and there was a homemade video of hers and her husband fucking and trust me she's just hot in bed. But still something is there she's missing according to me.

I have a Girlfriend who is 20 years old and we are fucking regularly but I feel it will be real fun to have sex with a married woman from the village who is acting innocent but is hot underneath and bubbling with sex.

But one fear is keeping me back. I don’t want to spoil her married life if she's really innocent and has no idea of me trying to get into her pants.

What do you guys suggest? Should I make a play or back off. But then how will I know whether she is a boiling sex cauldron, waiting for me to put my bread into her oven?


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commented May 8, 2016 by Motilal (6,460 points)
You are fortunate that Moderators have not called it Fantasy.They are less polite to me.

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5 Answers

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Interesting! The change in her behaviour towards you does suggest that she is interested, so make ur play, just like how u r doing now by using her little kid. That could giv u better ideas to approach her. Try to make her talk of her sex interests, then bam you'll be there where u want to be. If she doesnt mind u touching and groping her I assume she wouldnt most likely mind u taking it a step further too. But u hav to be careful because u hav a girlfriend who u are planning to cheat on and she has a kid and husband to deal with. See for yourself as to whether u will need this intimacy with this neighbor and if u do u and she has to be prepared to deal with all what could come.
With this gone to extent of groping and locking doors my suggestion is try make a move and if she's not refusing u have her, if she does then apologize and do not try again.
Good luck
answered May 8, 2016 by Lankan reaper (365 points)
commented May 9, 2016 by Raj8888 (155 points)
Thanks dude for valuable suggestion.
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Dude you need to be absolutely 101% sure if she needs sex or not. Otherwise there's a heap of trouble waiting for you there. Again sex must be consensual and any sort of pressure whether external or internal should not be there. In a society where you are leaving is surrounded by conservative, single minded ladies. For them sex with other person is a sin, so act accordingly. But anyhow if you succeede in having consensual sex respect her.
answered May 8, 2016 by xpktv2000 (3,295 points)
commented May 9, 2016 by Raj8888 (155 points)
Sure buddy. Appreciate ur suggestion.
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Obviously she will not tell you outright to have sex with her. She wants you to take the lead. Her signals are green according to your narration:
1) You grabbed her from behind and your erect cock was digging into her. There is no doubt she must have felt your hard-on.
2) She calls you "Bhaiya" in front of her husband, but in privacy she calls you by name.
3)Nowadays, she closes the door when you two are together.

Start with a peck on her cheek and lips. Give her a full on kiss if she is responds positively. That should start both of you off on a hot sexual journey.
answered May 9, 2016 by oxheart707 (510 points)
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If you do not want to spoil her married life then stay away from her otherwise sooner or later, she will be caught and her married life might end up on the front.

Moreover, you have a girlfriend and you have no right to make her suffer on your account so it would be better to stay away from that woman in order to not to cheat on your girlfriend with this married woman and morally you should stay loyal to your girlfriend.

However, there is no doubt that she is interested in you so if you are ready to take the risk then you can have sex with her and just be there when she is alone and approach her directly as I am sure she is waiting for your move on her.

It seems that she is not innocent and pretending to be innocent. Just remember that you both have to lose so many things when you are caught.

She will lose her husband and you will lose reputation and your girlfriend too so if I were in your place then I would have not go for sex with her as I have a girlfriend who is pleasing me often.

However, if you think that you can handle both women and hundred percent sure that you will never caught then do not miss such opportunity to fuck married woman so decision depends on you. Think on everything and choose best for you. 

answered May 9, 2016 by alpesh kapdi (22,860 points)
commented May 9, 2016 by Raj8888 (155 points)
I got what u want to say Alpesh. I'll think about it.
Thank u for advise.
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Man, why do you want to go in for such a lot of trouble for just few moments of pleasure?? From what you have described it is clear that this woman like the cat who wants to eat the fish but does not want to wet its paws. I mean, she is obviously giving you more than sufficient hints that she might be ready for a romp in the hay but is fraught with danger. What you are not noticing is that even if she gets the slightest hint of trouble for any side, she will cry wolf & dump you like a hot brick. Worse she may even sue you for rape if push came to shove. You already have a satisfying relation with your girlfriend, so why would you want to cheat on her for such a high risk relation?

If she is indeed so hot, you can masturbate & fantasise about her, but my sincere advice is NOT to try to get her in your bed. Rest you are mature enough to take a final call.
answered May 10, 2016 by nehasona (600 points)
commented May 10, 2016 by Raj8888 (155 points)
reshown May 12, 2016 by longhands1
Hey trust me, I liked ur advise. But no need to worry. I just had sex with her finally. However she's not good enough. She's neither submissive not dominant. She only wants to lay down n somebody to pump her holes. She only wants inactive sex. Just missionary position. She didn't want to try any other position. N thank u for ur kind concern. But as you told me, she may take 'U' turn n sue me so let me tell u, she can't. I've her few nude pics that she up frontally sent me. Though I'm not the guy who'll misuse them, but still I'm having a good tool to hold in such condition.
However liked ur advise. Thanks.

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