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Can I insert a peeled banana into my vagina?

asked May 3, 2016 in Questions by kushi (250 points)
edited May 3, 2016 by longhands1

Hi Anjali,

I knew my questions are weird. I didn't give my husband any surprise sex till now in our married life, so i want to fulfil his desire on his birthday occasion. Please don't miss understand me, after I cleared some of my doubts. I will not ask you such weird things.

Some users have sent me private massages to guide me, I really appreciate them, but some users sent me messages like will you be my friend, shall we chat, my sexual life is similar to yours, can we discuss etc. Please stop this nonsense. I am married and happy with my husband. I hope you understand me.

I have read all the answers to my previous questions. Most of them clearly said it is harmful to insert eggs in the vagina, especially Moderator Sir. He strongly recommended us not to proceed as it will cause harm to my vagina. I respect his words as he is Moderator and he would not misguide us. So we decided to stop this weird fantasy of inserting eggs into my vagina.

Some of you have encouraged us to insert banana and smear ice cream. I am clear about smearing ice cream and eating it, but I have some doubts on inserting banana. I know it is okay if my husband uses unpeeled banana instead of his penis to fuck my vagina, but if he inserts peeled banana into my vagina what will happen?  

As peeled banana is slippery, what will we do if the banana slips into my vagina?  If it breaks into parts when he tries to pull the banana out, how to pull it carefully? Also if the soft banana pulp sticks inside vagina, will it harm me? How to clean it completely?

Please help me in clearing my doubts. Please be friendly and I will also share my knowledge if anyone need advice about their sex life. Any more ideas to surprise my husband in bed on his birthday are welcome.


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commented May 3, 2016 by longhands1 (80,975 points)

If you are being harrassed by any User, please let us know and we will BAN them from the Site.

commented May 7, 2016 by kushi (250 points)
no one harassed me, they sent private messages but i didn't replay them
commented May 12, 2016 by neeraj123 (1,560 points)
dont insert such thing which is sweet in your vagina as it can cause infection if you are horny ask your husband to do sex with you.

try using cucumber in your vagina it will be hard and give you more enjoyment than banana.

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2 Answers

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Best answer
First, let me talk about the legal aspect. It is illegal for a man to insert anything into a vagina, but his penis. Thus, by inserting a Banana, your husband becomes a criminal.
Second, There is no harm in inserting a peeled banana into your vagina. If it gets broken in between, you need to apply force as you do for peeing. And you must clean your vagina afterwards.
answered May 3, 2016 by maya75n (655 points)
selected May 7, 2016 by kushi
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Anything that you can put in your mouth, you can safely put in your vagina. Though there are some things that while they are not poisonous, might feel extremely uncomfortable. I wouldn't recommend inserting anything like chilies for example.

A banana, peeled or not, can be safely inserted into either orifice, as long as that orifice is sufficiently relaxed. Then if your partner so desires, he or she can eat them from you, or even share them with you. Fun with food can be a very enjoyable sex game, and there's no reason why the two of you shouldn't enjoy this. My only proviso is that anything you insert inside you should have been washed first, as you don't know what insecticides may have been sprayed on fruit and vegetables. Give them a good wash, and then play to your heart's content. The peeled banana is fine, as any insecticide or chemicals would be on the outer skin, which you are intending to put inside you.

Don't feel ashamed or embarrassed about asking questions. That's what we're here for.

Have fun!!!

answered May 3, 2016 by sexysalma (14,995 points)
commented May 10, 2016 by Motilal (7,165 points)
I never advise for inserting Banana or Cucumber.It is better to take him in mouth.Do mutual sucking and licking using honey in 69 posture.

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