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I had sex with my mom's friend. Now she is blackmailing me to continue.

asked Apr 24, 2016 in Questions by Dark Horse (750 points)
edited Apr 26, 2016 by longhands1

Hello every one,

Firstly, thanks to all who have been answering my previous questions and have helped me till date with all my problems.

I am a 21year old guy, right now living at my own house as I have exam preparation leave. Recently, I got in touch with an old friend of my mom. She is around 35 years of age and has been my mom's friend for last 11 years. She has a daughter who is 19 years now.

Our family first met her 11 years back when we moved to our new apartment. At that time I was a kid in 6th grade and 11 years old but still I knew about all the sexual stuff. That time she was around 24 years old and her daughter was about 8 years old. She was divorced at that time and was having a sexual affair with a 20 years old guy. I myself have heard that guy asking her about where she has kept the packet of condoms which he had brought last night. That day i came to know about condoms existence. After that whenever i visited her home to play with her daughter, I found a condom packet near the refregirator. After some years we both moved to different localities.

4 months back, I met her again. It was a pleasant suprise for both of us. we had a coffee together and chatted for a while. I asked her wether she got married to which she said No. She old me to invite my mom to her home and we exchanged contact numbers. She had now grown into a voluptuous woman and when we met again she asked wether I had told my mother about our meeting. She asked me about my girlfriend and I told her, I had one. Later on she started getting into my sex details and asked if I had sex with her.

I said yes but asked her to keep it a secret and then asked about her sexual life with the guy she was having sex 10 years before. She was suprised and felt akward that I knew about her sex life. After that we got really close. We kissed in front of her daughter, she later asked her to go out of the room and we had sex. On asking her how her daughter might have felt, she replied that she is also a sexually active girl and is comfortable with this.

Now problem is that, I have my exams and want to study, but she is insisting that I have regular sex. She is threatening to inform my mom if I disagree.

Please help.


( Dark horse, Please answer the Questions asked by the Users about the the ages of your mother and friend's Mom. Was theirs a child marriage?!)

commented Apr 28, 2016 by Dark Horse (750 points)
To all the people who are asking questions regarding ages of people in my questions.
1st the question is not related to my mother as said by maya75 in her answer, just for your info my mom age is 47. Question was regarding my mothers friend and my sexual intimacy, she is not childhood friend of my mother but rather became friends 10-11years back when we moved into same locality. Regarding my mothers friends(her name is chitra), as I said she is around 35years of age approximately and not perfectly. 2nd thing is that yes chitra got married at very young age of 15 just after her schooling and got divorced when she was 24-25years of age, at time of her divorce her daughter was about 8-9 not exactly I know. After 10to 11 years when we met recently it was obvious that chitras age would be around 35 and that of her daughter would be maximum 19. I thought my problem and the situation I was in was more important and users would help me without concerning much into statics of ages but I was proved wrong. Its your right to know all the details as you would help me but I have had already provided much of it (ages would have been +- 1year) except for the early marriage of chitra at age of 15. In India recently has been trend that couple get married only after allowed age but a decade or two back it wasn't. Mostly girls where married after her schooling at age of 15 or 16 ....if extended maximum of 19 or 20. So is my own aunt who got married at 15 gave birth to daughter who Is 20years now. I hope I cleared all doubts and critics. Specially maya75 and madhusexy.

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5 Answers

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Best answer

If you do not want to have sex with her just because of your exam is going to appear soon then you can explain her that your exam is scheduled soon so you are not free but once exam is over you are all time free to entertain her.

If she does not want to understand it then ask her she is free to inform it to your mom, I am sure won’t do it as it would be also embarrassed moment for her to face your mom with such information.

Do not succumb to her pressure and do not lose focus from exam. She needs to understand that you have important assignment to complete and try to explain her that it is just temporary gap, which you both should abide. 

answered Apr 25, 2016 by alpesh kapdi (27,390 points)
selected May 9, 2016 by Dark Horse
commented Apr 25, 2016 by anusha143talvar (1,675 points)
nice reply sir.
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seems to be a fictitious question.Ur mom's frnd age is 35 and her daughter is means she got married when she was around 15 and then she got divorced too...moreover when she met ur mom 11 years ago,she was 24 and ur mom too would be around 24 or 25 and u were 11 years old,so hopefully or mom got married at 13 or 14 years of age....dude atleast use some sense while making a story
answered Apr 24, 2016 by jaspreets (290 points)
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Dark horse,
many users had asked questions regarding this topic refer those questions for a better view on your problem.

Better find her a new mate for some time(in your examtime) later if u wish u can continue with her,
But try some person whom she will just lobe for sex,

Good Day
answered Apr 25, 2016 by abhi14343 (1,850 points)
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To be honest, I can't see what your problem is. You obviously find this woman attractive, just from what you have said in your post.

I know exams can be a bit stressful, but sex is a really good way of relieving stress. You have a lady who is eager to enjoy as much sex as she can, and all you really have to do is satisfy her. It shouldn't get in the way of your studies, if you organise yourself properly. What's more, if you explain to her that you have to take the necessary time for your revision, she will understand. While she might want to enjoy as much sex as she can, she will also realise that you are taking care of your future, and she will not want to spoil the.

Her threat is empty, it's just that she is desperate to keep on enjoying a younger man, so you don't have to worry about her telling your mum. She would be in least as much trouble as you if she did.

Just enjoy yourself, but organise your time sharing abilities so that you make time for everything.

Good luck,

answered Apr 25, 2016 by sexysalma (14,995 points)
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I would request you to use some logic in numbers and ages before asking Fantasy question.
Your mom's age at the time of marriage would be 15 years and she got divorced soon after that! How?
If you had said that the woman is now 45 years old, I could have believed you. Better use logic next time.
answered Apr 26, 2016 by maya75n (655 points)
commented Apr 26, 2016 by madhusexy (100 points)
thats a great point maya