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Does a person's sexual preference follow their family genes?

asked Apr 21, 2016 in Questions by Lankan reaper (365 points)
Recently, I came to know a few details about my parents childhood. I mean there ' had been' affairs and certain kinky incidents that were linked to them. I have verified them to be true.

Now, ever since I learnt about this, I have been thinking whether there is a possibility of inheritance of such sexual interests through genes. Because my current life and interests very well fall along the lines of my parent's past.

So is there in any way a connection to a person's sexual interests and family genes?

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1 Answer

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 I am not a scientist or doctor but i have studied biology. you inherit your parents traits  through genes. such traits may be influencing your preferences, even if preferences are not directly inherited through genes. further there is the influence of nurture too along with nature.
but my case is different. recently i came to know that my father used to have sex with many women, but i am living a life without sex due to my inability in seducing women, though i am a mature male..( just a case study.)
answered Apr 23, 2016 by sumitran9 (1,605 points)

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