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My sister wants to see our anal sex and oral sex session. Should I allow?

asked Apr 15, 2016 in Questions by anusha143talvar (1,675 points)
edited Apr 16, 2016 by longhands1

Hi to all.

As I already told you in my last question, my sister scolded me about having anal and oral sex with my hubby, since she does not have much knowledge about it.

I personally met her and explained to her that anal and oral are also pleasurable like vaginal sex and they are also part of love making. I showed her lots of ask anjali articles, questions, and answers about anal and oral sex.

Now she is ready for oral and anal fuck but she does not know how to tell her husband and how to proceed. So she asked me if she can be present when my husband and I are having anal and oral sex. I was shocked. She requested me a lot. I can't imagine what will happen when my husband sees her.

Can I allow my sister to watch us having anal and oral sex? Should I ask her to hide in the bedroom and watch us? What will happen if my husband finds her in our bedroom while having sex?

Please give me your Ideas.

Thank you.

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8 Answers

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Best answer

Hello Anusha,

What you really should be considering is how you feel about this. Are you happy to have your sister watching you and your husband in action? From what you have told us all, you and your husband get up to some quite kinky activities, and while there's nothing wrong with this, lots of people are very shy to expose such things to others.

The other thing you have to consider is how your husband would feel, knowing that you are even discussing the things that the two of you do together in bed (and anywhere else in the house). Again, as the two of you enjoying a kinkier side of sex, your husband might not want other people to know this.

It's an unfortunate fact of life that the things we enjoy as individuals or couples are not always acceptable to the "moral" majority. And just because you and your husband enjoy some pretty kinky pleasures, it doesn't mean that everyone else understands that. Consider this: the kind of people that actually come on the AA forum are at least open-minded about sex in all its different facets. The AA forum, popular though it may be, only represents the views of a tiny percentage of the world's population, and a huge number of straitlaced bigots would seek to deny us the pleasures that we wish to share with those we love. It's one of the main causes of friction in the world. Your sister herself tried to criticise you for the things that you and your husband are enjoying, and it is probably only her curiosity after you explaining how much fun you have that has piqued her inquisitiveness. You may have got her to think for herself, rather than listen to the nonsense spouted by those who would deny us pleasure, and now she wants to see for herself.

Where does this lead to? Let's assume that both you and your husband are okay with the idea of her watching. What happens if she gets really excited by seeing this, and wants to join in? Are you ready for that? You also have to consider that your husband might be hugely excited to have two sisters in bed together. How do you feel about that?

I'm not saying that you shouldn't do this, or that you should. Before anything else, you have to decide to what extent you are prepared to let your sister view your activities. You have already told us that you and your husband enjoy scat sex as part of your anal activities. You have to decide whether you would let your sister see this. Once you have determined what you are prepared to reveal, you then haves to think about possible consequences. If you find these acceptable in your own mind, then you can approach your husband with the suggestion. When you suggest it though, you have to make him think of possible consequences as well. And if he is still happy to do this, then you must talk to your sister, and make her think about the possible consequences. Don't put yourself in a position from which there is no going back.



answered Apr 15, 2016 by sexysalma (14,995 points)
selected Apr 17, 2016 by anusha143talvar
commented Apr 17, 2016 by anusha143talvar (1,675 points)
Thank you madam
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If she only wants to get skilled then you may ask her to see porn movies in which main part was anal sex and oral sex. She does not need to see it virtually how it can be done on woman, as it is something she can become skilled at through watching and reading.

However, if she does not have any resource to get that material then you may arrange for her and ask her to take the help of technology where she can get easily all kind of material.

Here it sounds that she wants to get into your sexual life by being present there when you both have anal sex so if you do not have any problem with her participating in threesome then you may invite her in your bedroom and I am sure your husband will have no problem to drill to pussies.

Therefore, make your mind up whether you are okay with her having sex with your husband or not. There is nothing wrong in threesome as these days many couples are into threesome and enjoying the act.

It would be bad idea to ask her to hide in the bathroom and see the act as it would make your husband resent on you if he found out and chances are high that he will come to know so better to discuss with your husband. It would be treat for your husband to get your sister under him and he will thank you for that and you can kill two birds with one stone.

answered Apr 15, 2016 by alpesh kapdi (27,390 points)
commented Apr 17, 2016 by anusha143talvar (1,675 points)
Thank you sir for your advice.
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No..that is bad idea hiding your sister in room...
she talk with you clearly, she want to see live,then you also say to her.what you want sister,i think you want Fucked by my hubby, say that to your sis
may be she want to feel.
its not possible she never ever seen any porn,about my thinking she wants to feel your husband
talk with her about that directly...
answered Apr 15, 2016 by Bhaiji987 (185 points)
commented Apr 17, 2016 by anusha143talvar (1,675 points)
Thank you for your answer.
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Hi anusha,
With the way u are considering as where to hide her I assume you are somewhat agreeing to have ur sister watch you both having sex. Now what I really wonder is why does she want specifically watch you and ur husband. May be she is indirectly wamting a threesome. If she wants to learn oral and anal much easier if she could watch porn and learn.
It is not wrong for her to watch you both but just think for urself whether you would enjoy ur sex with ur husband knowing that your sister is watching you doing it, you might feel slightly awkward. Also another important matter you have to rethink is if u agree to this, it also means she would watch ur husband stark naked doing things to u which her husband still doesnt do, so lets say she watches u and ur husband and then if her husband is not good in oral and anal like ur husband, then she will naturally feel jealous over ur sex life and develop a lust for ur husbands dick too. Will u not mind that? Ill be surprised if she already isnt jealous too.

Furthermore I dont think she has to tell her husband to do oral. Because if they have an active sex life just when they are doing foreplay she can just open her husbands pants and suck his dick. She could learn to suck well over the shaft and the balls watching porn. That way she could initiate oral. And anal she could turn over be naughty and show her butt inviting husband to bang his dick in there. Both these thinga dont need any words to be spoken for a man with a erect naked dick to understand. The husband also would only feel that ur sister is being very naughty and hornier today unlike other days and he definitely will not mind oral and anal unless he hates them. Which would be very unlikely. So that way she could start up.
Also u could suggest her watching movies with her husband. Not porn but movies which has spicy sex scenes of anal and oral would heat things up between them because thay way both would want to try out whats on screen.
answered Apr 15, 2016 by Lankan reaper (365 points)
commented Apr 17, 2016 by anusha143talvar (1,675 points)
Thank you for your answer
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Your sister desire may lead you in problem one day  because if your husband comes to know that your sister is hiding in their bedroom to see  sex he won't leave your sister at any cost and that is sure
Your sister will join three some act it will  create a problem in your married life because your husband may pay more attention towards your sister
Later one day your mom will say I want see your husband nude in bedroom then what will you do
Your husband will be happy to do three some or  may be foursome but what about you will you allow your husband to climb a different women in front of you and will you allow your husband lick other women in front of you
It's your decision take
answered Apr 15, 2016 by Rajan07 (690 points)
commented Apr 17, 2016 by anusha143talvar (1,675 points)
Thank you  for your advice
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Hi Anusha
My straight word to you no don,t give the opportunity to watch you live action this may lead big issues in you future life. Thing once everyone feel fantasy about others bedroom activities and you are asking about relationship between petrol and fire. Even me as human being feel fantasy about your performance how you do ATM and other things. Your sister is one of them. Every men and women's have different desires and drives about sex. May be possible your sister likes to way your hubby's rough activities and in future she will insisting for threesome. Apart from that if you feel fantasy to perform infront of your sister. I will suggest to make videos on your mobile and show her and after showing delete immediate. This is the easiest and safe way to show your encounters.
answered Apr 15, 2016 by kingmyaqueen (2,380 points)
commented Apr 17, 2016 by anusha143talvar (1,675 points)
Thank you sir for your advice
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Hi Anusha , I think it's simple you can do it by recording your session on cam and show her if you want to show her if you want to show her. If you want to give her live experience then you have to bear some risks also like they are mentioned in other answers like it could lead to threesome or later your sister may have an affair with your husband. If you are ready to you both sisters can have same room sex which would be more exciting for you both I think and it would be more open for you both as you are open to have sex with each other's hubby whenever you want.
answered Apr 16, 2016 by Jhonsm (1,215 points)
commented Apr 16, 2016 by PTP (525 points)
You can record the session and show it it your sister, can't you?
commented Apr 17, 2016 by anusha143talvar (1,675 points)
Thank you jhon
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I don't think you should allow her to watch. I'm sure your husband will start digging her too. So if you're ready for it you may permit her.
answered Jun 15 by John Ten (185 points)

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