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My husband wants to share me with other men as he is unable to satisfy me.

asked Apr 10, 2016 in Questions by Rachna_Delhi (125 points)
edited Apr 11, 2016 by longhands1

I am a married woman from Delhi. My husband wants to share me with other men because he is not good in sex. He does not get a hard erection in his penis. He consulted the doctor for his condition and took medicine but there has been no result.

His dick is also small about 4 inches in size. However, I have not accepted his proposal yet. My husband is loyal to me and he has  promised me that it will be only once as he wants to see me satisfied

Please help me. Should I accept my husband's request and have sex with other men?


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12 Answers

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It is so hard to hear that and so sad about it,
Rachana as you are not completely satisfied by him, He him self given you a chance of getting satisfied, As he is okay and wanna try other man and you too want satisfaction so, Try once as you both aee okay for this, Its completely not wrong, Listen to me just go ahead.
Try some expert or callboy dont go for some relative or dont go for guy near to your location, That may effect you in future, If you want i had known a guy who is expert, I can refer him for you.

Good day
answered Apr 11, 2016 by abhi14343 (1,840 points)
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Why does he only want to see you satisfied once? If he is so concern on your sexual life then he has to allow you to have sex every day. I am unable to understand his mind for one time satisfaction.

There is no need to think on what he wants from you but what you want is more important so if you are not comfortable with his idea of sharing you with other men then straightaway refuse him and ask him not to ask anything like this in future.

He is trying to escape from the problem so communicate with him and ask him to put effort to resolve his problem. At the same time encourage him that you are with him in the process and do not pressurize him for sex.

However, if you want to taste another penis in your vagina then you have a good opportunity to enjoy as here your husband with you so you do not have anything to worry.

If you are emotionally strong-minded woman then you may think on this direction but set boundaries up to which you both want to go up.

Think all the pros and cons before entering in such thing. If you decide to have sex with other men to fulfill your husband’s wish then keep your emotion away from other man as it should be only physical act.

If you think that, you can handle all things in such act then go ahead and have sex with other men. It is entirely up to you whether to go ahead or not.


answered Apr 11, 2016 by alpesh kapdi (23,225 points)
commented Apr 19, 2016 by gk king (115 points)
I am agree with Alpesh's answer.
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say YES...! to your husband
and say to him the boy/man who are going to fuck me that one is of my choice,that give you more satisfaction :)
also confirm from your husband... is that boy/man can give you 100% satisfaction?

Go for it...!
you can also find someone on and your husband talk with him and enjoy... :)
answered Apr 11, 2016 by Bhaiji987 (175 points)
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Hi Rachna , you didn't mentioned how long you have  been married but it seems you and your husband tried enough to make your sex life working but it didn't work. Now as you said your husband want another men to make you feel satisfied but as Alpesh said in his answer why only once , if you have it once don't you feel the need of experiencing that fun again and again and I think if you feel that then their is nothing wrong as its your basic right as a women to have sexual pleasure. So I think you should proceed for your husband's offer as atlest once you experience what a good sex session means. But it's not easy in our conservative society to include another men or women in such cases and it had some risk also as in our country sex is still a taboo and a person's character is related to his sexual habit , I don't understand why.  Coming to your question I feel you should proceed but do analysis before proceeding like who will be the guy , he should be satisfy all the conditions of your and your hubby , he should be decent and well mannered so that he follow your instructions and later won't trouble you. You can also choose a guy of your choice so that if you want him again and again he should be available to your service and you may enjoy more as it will increase your comfort with him but take care that it should be no string relationship so that you may kick him whenever you want . you can try different guys also as I feel it may increase your fun and fantacy.

There are some more issues related to your questions you may discuss once you decided to enter in this. Hope you will feel the heaven soon and enjoy your sex life.  You can ask Me if you have any further doubts or queries.
answered Apr 12, 2016 by Jhonsm (1,200 points)
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Its upto to you whether you want a taste a new penis or satisfied with old one your husband think he has not satisfied you but what grantee the second men may satisfy more
You plz think and take a decision if you personally ask me I would say don't do it because a women is most respected in society
And one thing husband is still alive and he will  give pleasure as days process if your husband was not alive I would definitely suggest you to take second penis
 Good  Luck
answered Apr 12, 2016 by Rajan07 (690 points)
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Dear friend..I would reckon you to go for it. Your husband is not a cuckold instead he is a selfless individual. As you have mentioned he has a small penis with erectile problem therefore he wont be able to satisfy you physically. I can tell you one thing he loves you alot and wants to see you satisfied atleast once. One of our friends has asked a qkestion in his reply that why only he wanted you to be satisfied only once .I think the answer would be he wants to see you satisfied atleast once in his life time. I am sure that it will make him feel  happy . If your decision is no and you want to be a moral gem then you can lead your life as a bhartiy nari. If your decision is yes then ask him wat kind of a person he wants him as your lover. You can give him your ideas as well. Since you have nt mentioned your age and if you have a kid or not its very difficult to judge wheather he wants a kid or just some happiness from that guy. As one of our friends mentioned he shouldn't be from your city or from his friend circle instead he should be far away from where you live and should be a person who respects your body and your hubbys feelings.Please ask him to wear condom and you take pills to avoid pregnancy if it is just for fun. Some guys wont like his wife smooching that guy and sucking his pen. So make sure you are having the fun that wont make your husband feel humiliated. All the best regards vimo
answered Apr 12, 2016 by vimo (285 points)
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Suppose you accept your husband's request and get fucked by a stud, I am sure it will not be a one time thing. Once your pussy has tasted blood ( figure of speech), you will pine for more sex. And I am also sure your husband will not object to your continued sex with other men or the same aforementioned stud.Hopefully ou will keep only one single partner. It all depends upon you, whether you remain sex starved for the rest of your life or enjoy life to the fullest. I also feel you will opt for the latter, since you have a long life ahead of you. Sex is a human need, just like food and water. How exactly will you be searching for your male partner - fuck buddy? Do you have somebody in mind? If so three of you should sit down and have an open discussion. You should be frank at this moment and also show LOVE for your husband for being so considerate. Remember a single partner will ensure you will not have to worry about STDs/Aids. Maybe your hubby will also recover enough to give you a nice fuck. Your husband will not mind a single partner (maybe one of his friends?). You certainly must have given the matter some thought before posting on this forum. Anyway do keep us informed about your well being.
answered Apr 18, 2016 by oxheart707 (510 points)
commented Apr 19, 2016 by Rachna_Delhi (125 points)
Hi friends,

thanks for your valuable input. Yesterday I said to my husband yes for this but only for one time. So my husband is planning to introduce a guy to me this Saturday. The guy is one of his friend who is living in London and here in India for one month. I also Think this will be good as he is not from India. Well still nervous how it will happen with a strange.. Will keep u posted
commented Jul 20, 2016 by Ajayeaso (295 points)
Hai Rachana,

Can we get an update? Has it really happened?

Regards, Ajay
commented Oct 23, 2016 by Motilal (6,650 points)
Can you stop yourself,if he gives full satisfaction to you....
commented Dec 30, 2016 by Rachna_Delhi (125 points)
Hi Ajay,

I did with a guy he has a big was great experience and I will go for it again soon..
commented Apr 10, 2017 by Ajayeaso (295 points)
Great. Thts cool. Whats your husbands reaction?
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Hello Rachana,

The first thing I have to ask is: who is he really trying to please? You, or himself?

You are finding that sex with your husband does not satisfy, but it is his suggestion that you have sex with other men. This suggests to me that he may feel that watching you may give him the vigour he needs to accomplish successful act with you himself. So what happens if it works? It would probably lead to him requesting similar things again. You could find yourself in a situation where every time he wants sex, he will go out and bring back someone else to give him the necessary boost to his libido. Of course, it may not work anyway. He may watch you having sex, but still fail to get it up.

You mention that his penis is small, well, I agree that 4 inches is a bit disappointing, but if he can get erect, it should still be able give you an orgasm if he knows what he's doing with it. Apart from anything else, there are many ways to satisfy a girl, but it seems like he has never bothered to learn them. If you consider that lesbians easily achieve orgasms with no more than each other's fingers and tongues, then a penis is not really that important. Its main function is to inseminate you to have children, and as for the rest, it's a bonus if it is a good size, and can give you both visual and physical stimulation.

I have to say that this suggestion could lead to some unfortunate consequences. Consider this: what happens if your husband brings back some guy who is an extremely good lover, and a very pleasant person. As you are dissatisfied with your sex life, it's not beyond the realms of possibility that you will actually want to see this guy again, and perhaps it would drive you to embark on a clandestine affair. Alternatively, you could finish up having threesomes with all kinds of strangers, at your husband's insistence. I'm not telling you whether this is the right thing for you or not, but you must think carefully about what you really want. One thing I don't think is practical and that is that this would be a one-off experience. Like Eve in the Garden of Eden, once she bit into the Apple, she lost her innocence, and life was never the same afterwards. I know it's only a story from a religious book, but it illustrates what happens when we take a step beyond what we are prepared for.

I don't know whether that's helped you or not? But I hope it makes you think carefully before you make any decisions.


answered Apr 19, 2016 by sexysalma (14,995 points)
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Dear Rachna

It is sad to know that your husband is not sexually able to satisfy you and is ready to let another guy make love to you once. The big question here is YOU. What do you fell about this and how this might turn into. Wife sharing and cuckold fantasy is one thing but seeing your partner in reality have sex and relish sex with another causes diverse feelings in men, which range from jealousy to submission.

The possible outcomes of this relationship are bound to affect your relationship. You yourself may crave for another experience and may take some bold steps. Consequences range from loss of respect from husband or for husband, sexual longing, loss of reputation, and much more.

Go ahead only if YOU want to, not your husband and also be as discrete as possible
answered May 18, 2016 by sinistersam88 (435 points)
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Go for it. You will feel awesome.

Even my uncle and aunty used to do this and I used to take my Uncle's place. My Uncle used to stay abroad and whenever my aunty wanted sex she used to come to me.

Go for it. Nice idea.
answered Jul 22, 2016 by Jawadsaj (105 points)
commented Dec 30, 2016 by Rachna_Delhi (125 points)
Hi Sorry for delay reply,

I did this with a guy and really awesome experience of my life. Now May be I will do it again..thanks for all your suggestion.
commented Jan 31, 2017 by gr8gaur (1,900 points)
But didn't you said it will be for one time only ?
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you can accept this and as many people blackmail and spoil life, be safe choosing the right partner, and be careful with the society if a single person gets to know this your life will be in trouble, so as your husband can't satisfy you, you can do it with other man because he himself gave you permission for that, so don't worry it's ok have fun
answered Jan 31, 2017 by adityaarya (210 points)
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Congratulations for a successfull experience....We will be happy if u share your feelings and the emotions as how u took the huge pen and where were ur husband at that time ?was he watching you both?, wish if i could be that lucky man to enjoy with u....LOLS.... Keep enjoying stay happy....
answered Jan 31, 2017 by pawan boy (265 points)

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