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My friend wants a home massage for his wife. Are these safe?

asked Apr 1, 2016 in Questions by ilike2remainhidden (215 points)
edited Apr 3, 2016 by longhands1

I have a question on behalf of a good friend of mine who is my classmate.

They are a recently married couple and are very young. Both are 23 years old. My friend was frank with me. He said they were exploring new stuff in their sexual life and both of them were interested in full body massage from a third person.

The problem is they are not comfortable visiting a Massage parlor for this service. My friend made me an offer but it was strictly a no from me. I just wanted to help him, so I browsed the internet and found some @home massage services.

I would like to know the authenticity of those sites or is it safe?

Any contacts info for professional @home service  would be appreciated.


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featued question

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2 Answers

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Liketoremain hidden,

You are right. There are numerous Ads on the Net of Services for Home Massage. I am quoting one of them.  

Available Now - Daytime, Evening, Late Night or Full Nights. Only and Strictly Available for Females/Ladies & Women. Home Services or At My Place or at 5 Star Hotel Hosted/Booked by Myself. Open minded to all ideas & willing to try anything! I'll provide anything you want & everything you need. Satisfaction Guaranteed. Available 24/7. Don't Deny Yourself. Ladies unleash those inner fantasies, explore your secret desires and allow yourself the pleasure of a sensuous body massage with Fabulous Male Masseur. This Tantric Relaxation massage treat is very affectionate, gentle and profoundly mood enhancing. Fulfilling such fantasies will give you an enormous sense of euphoria. It will enhance your confidence and make you feel truly alive and revived. With utter precision and professionalism, I will work way along your body, massaging you from the tips of your toes, kneading your body, soothing your tension, stimulating your senses – the sensual flow building – a warmth flooding throughout your entire body.

So, it is obvious that Sex is implied. Since your friend wants to have a sexually erotic massage, it follows that sex will happen. Since you have said, both husband and wife want to have it, will they have a male masseur for the wife and a female masseur for the husband? Their reluctance to go to a Spa, signifies their wish to experience sex.

While it may be a good idea to have it at home as the situation and condition can be monitored, without the fear of spy cams as could be the case in cheap Hotels, the downside is you are bringing a stranger into your home.

It is best in such cases to go by word of mouth and find someone who has availed of these services and take their recommendations. In any case, they should always insist on use of condoms in case sex is on the Menu.

answered Apr 3, 2016 by longhands1 (83,785 points)
selected Apr 9, 2016 by ilike2remainhidden
commented Apr 4, 2016 by ilike2remainhidden (215 points)
Thanks you for your replies.
I have been receiving few contacts through private messages and i appreciate that.
A new question arises. Is this stuff totally safe in the legal point of view ?
I would like to hear more suggestions and view from people on legal point of view.
commented Apr 4, 2016 by longhands1 (83,785 points)

It is Legal.

It is covered under ‘health’ ‘social  services’ if Newspaper advertisement columns are to be believed till no illegal gratification activity caught or complained about.

 However, in 2009 a Division Bench of Madras HC cleared running of cross gender spa (massages) services in the city citing there was no Law regulating the field in a famous case by a local Spa owner complaining against local Police high handed actions stopping him to carry forward such cross gender massage services shop in the city.


commented Apr 9, 2016 by ilike2remainhidden (215 points)
Been receiving more and more contacts through private messages thank you for the response and  longhands1 thank you for letting know the law point of view.
commented Apr 9, 2016 by longhands1 (83,785 points)

Thank You for liking my Answer. Do take a carefully thought out decision.

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Body massage helps relieve pain by healing damaged muscle tissues. It smoothen the stiff muscles and improves blood circulation leading to increased supply of oxygen and other nutrients to the muscles.

You didn't elaborate that your friend's wife wants to take body massage for any therapeutic purpose or erotic pleasure. A masseur in Spa is used to be a trained person. If any website claims to give home massage service then first check that website has any physical address or not. If that website has no physical address then that may be a escort agency which concealed himself as a massage service provider. Online masseur can make video of your friend's wife with spy camera and can blackmail your friend for money and sex. It's a very perilous job to hire a online masseur.

Many spa give home service and they are genuine. Your friend's wife must take massage in presence of her husband otherwise anything could be happened.

answered Apr 1, 2016 by Rukhsana (735 points)
edited Apr 3, 2016 by longhands1

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