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Women's Feature : Can you really boost your boobs with exercise and creams?

asked Mar 16, 2016 in Articles by longhands1 (80,240 points)

Can you really boost your boobs with exercise and bust creams?

We investigated whether you could boost your assets without going under the knife...


From expensive cream to exercises, we find out if there are any no-knife alternatives that work...

The boob cream

Does the £367 'miracle' cream really work?

When it comes to boob-boosting, we’re a nation of sceptics. Of the women interviewed, only 9% said they’d used bust-firming creams… And only a paltry 7% of them had seen any improvement afterwards.

In the name of science, beauty editor Lynne gave a new cream a go – not just any old stuff, it’s the da Vinci of the boob world. Say hello to Cellcosmet CellBust-XT-A, a ‘miracle’ for the ageing décolletage.

Find out what she thought after applying it to her right boob for a month.

Lynne says : "This promises to turn back the clock on ageing boobs using (and I quote) ‘an unprecedented high tech polyactive formula… for a spectacular redefining effect."

"The feel of it on my bust (well, 50% of it anyway) is gorgeous. It’s so silky I’m tempted to pop a bit on my face too. By the end of my experiment, Right Boob is undoubtedly smoother and silkier. (In the interests of fairness I’ve been using normal body lotion on unlucky Left Boob, so they’ve both had a bit of moisturiser love.)

Looking in the mirror, though, I can’t say I can see any difference between left and right. No magical lifting, no miraculous plumping.

Hand on breast, I’d say the cream is lovely to use, but you’d be better off putting the money into a boob job fund. After all, a year’s supply would probably cost you as much as surgery anyway."

Do non-surgical treatments work?

The Jill Zander Frozen Frontiere Cleavage Facial.

Unless you’re injecting fat, there’s no real treatment that can make your boobs bigger, but there are methods to tighten and improve skin tone.

Tester says: I didn’t expect to see a huge difference after my treatment, as it’s meant to give a ‘subtle’ tighten, but I was surprised. It took 30 mins in all, and 10 mins of that was rolling a ball of ice over my chest.

It was chilly, but my cleavage looked more youthful and glowing. I wouldn’t dish out £95 a month on a treatment, but if I had a special event I’d do it again.

Can you tone your boobs with exercise?


You can tone up the area around boobs with exercise.

If someone discovered an exercise that miraculously made boobs grow, we’d all be queuing up for gym memberships, or actually making use of the ones we currently have. Sadly, there isn’t, but there are ways to make them appear a bit more perky.

"Breasts are made up of body fat, and while you can’t use exercise to make them bigger, you CAN tone the muscles around them to give them a lift," says PhD Woman Ambassador, Sian Toal.

"Try a rowing machine, as this pulls shoulders back and improves posture, which in turn makes your boobs appear more lifted and pushed out."

A helping hand

Three simple things you can do at home to improve your cleavage…

  1. Always use a high SPF on your chest to avoid premature and wrinkly skin.
  2. Try to avoid always sleeping on your side, as this can encourage lines between your boobs.
  3. Give your décolletage a splash of cold water after your shower. This promotes collagen production and boosts circulation, so your skin will be the best it can be.


commented May 3, 2016 by Motilal (6,975 points)
Massage of Boobs with semen is beneficial.

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